“This is…” Following Yun Feng’s gaze, the ancestor in her spiritual space also saw the picture on the back of the jade pendant.
After observing it for a while, the ancestor finally frowned.
He didn’t remember having something like this when he was alive.
Perhaps he got it by accident and he just threw it inside, forgetting about it.


Yun Feng looked at it for quite a long time and smiled lightly in the end.
The jade pendant was the only thing she liked in that pile of stuff.
It must be an old jade pendant.
There was even a hint of spiritual aura in it.
Yun Feng then put the jade pendant on her neck, which made her ancestor startled.

“Kid, you put it on?”

Yun Feng blinked and looked at the jade pendant lying on her chest.
“Yes, this is the only thing I like.
Besides, you left it for me.
It shouldn’t be dangerous.”

The ancestor wanted to say something, but he couldn’t.
“Ah, fine, fine.
I’m glad you like it.
With me here, that thing can’t hurt you, even if it’s a bad thing.”

Hearing what the ancestor said, Yun Feng chuckled as she touched the cold jade pendant and put it under her shirt.
The moment it had contact with her skin, Yun Feng was so cold that she shivered.
This thing should be very useful during summer.


“These things of mine are treasures that other people can’t ask for, but you’re only interested in a jade pendant.
Seriously…” The ancestor’s discontent voice came and Yun Feng only smiled.
These things were truly useless for her at the moment.
She didn’t have the strength to use those things right now.
The most important thing now was that she wanted to become a summoner!

“Ancestor, how can I become a summoner?”

The ancestor chuckled.
“Are you in a hurry, kid?”

Yun Feng nodded hard.
She needed power, strong power, power that could protect the Yun family! The faster she became a summoner, the sooner the Yun family could get rid of other people’s humiliation and oppression! She had to take the Yun family back to their glorious past.
People said the Yun family had declined.
People said there wouldn’t be another summoner in the Yun family.
She must show these people who looked down on them that the Yun family would soar again!


There are still three months until you go to that Martial Arts Institute anyway.
This period of time is enough for you to master the basic elements of a summoner.
You may even be able to tame a Magic Beast.”

Yun Feng nodded.
With her ancestor here, she undoubtedly had the greatest help on the path to becoming a summoner.
She would go on less detours with the guidance of her ancestor and her journey would be much smoother.
However, Yun Feng also understood that you could lead a horse to water, but you couldn’t make it drink.
Her ancestor was only here to guide her and she must work hard to truly gain strength!

“The first important thing in order to become a summoner is to have mental strength, but different from mages, there are demanding and strict requirements for mental strength of summoners.
People with mental strength in their body can become mages after some hard work, even if their mental strength is weak.
And yet, summoners are different.
Not everyone with mental strength can become summoners.
This is the reason why there are so few summoners.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The mental strength in her body was unusually strong.
It looked like she had already got the first element.

“Kid, the mental strength in your body is astonishing.
In terms of qualities, you’re even better than me back then.” The ancestor said with a hint of sadness, but mostly with pride.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but blush slightly.

“Haha, there’s nothing to be embarrassed of.
This is your strength.
You don’t have to be shy about it.
The Yun family is lucky to have you.
Okay, let’s not talk about something else.
The second important element of becoming a summoner is sense.”

“Sense?” Yun Feng asked in curiosity.

“Sensing the power of elements in the world.
Summoners and mages fundamentally belong to the same element.
They all communicate with the elements of the world through their own senses.
Mages can only sense the elements in the world, but summoners can sense the power of elements on Magic Beasts.
This is also the basic difference between summoners and mages.”

“Alright, kid.
Close your eyes now to feel the power of the dimensional elements around you.
Remember, there are seven kinds of elements, including earth, thunder, wind, fire, water, light and darkness.
The first five elements are the most common ones, while light and darkness are special elements.
There are very few mages who can sense light and darkness.
Close your eyes.
The number of elements you feel will determine how many elements you’ll focus on when you become a mage in the future, and it’ll also determine which elements of Magic Beasts you can contract with.”


Yun Feng nodded.
She sat on her bed quietly and closed her eyes.

“Stabilize your body and mind.
Push the mental strength in your body out like waves in the ocean.
Fluctuate with the elements in the world.
Don’t mess around.” As Yun Feng listened to her ancestor, she slowly emitted the mental strength out of her body.
The mental strength gradually blended into the air like waves and the world also turned grey in Yun Feng’s mind.
Eventually, Yun Feng felt that her mental strength seemed to be resonating with the elements in the air.
The world wasn’t purely grey anymore.
Colors slowly formed in the air.

“Kid, what colors do you see?” The ancestor asked casually, but was extremely nervous in his mind.

Yun Feng paused for a while and said slowly afterwards, “Yellow…” When her ancestor heard that, he nodded in satisfaction.
It was the earth element and the color most people could see.
Yun Feng continued, “Red…” Surprise burst out of the ancestor’s black eyes once he heard that.
It was the fire element.
Fewer people could see this color.
Two colors? She was indeed pretty talented.
While the ancestor was pondering joyfully, Yun Feng spoke again, “Green…”


The ancestor was startled.
Green? The wind element! This kid could see three kinds of elements! Before the ancestor recovered from the shock, Yun Feng said again, “Blue.”

The ancestor was completely speechless! He felt like he was almost overwhelmed.
He only saw three colors back then, but this girl saw four! It was the water element!

Astonishment came wave after wave, Yun Feng continued to surprise him till the end.

Purple! This kid saw the thunder element, which was the most difficult for people to see! The ancestor was dumbfounded.
Five colors, God, five colors! Even the ancestor of the Yun family, who had been an influential person in the last thousand years, was so shocked that his jaw dropped.
When he was a summoner, he knew some talented people as well, but he had never met anyone who could see five kinds of elements, not to mention a summoner!

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