Chapter 117: First Battle (2)

There was a large square below the platform and crowds of people were all around the square.
Looking over, there were no fewer than dozens of thousands of people.
The areas around were marked with different colors and level signs.
Murong Yuntian counted carefully.
There were five levels.
Each level had quite a huge area and every mercenary group had their own spot in the area.

There were loud, sky-shaking noises down there right now, as if all the mercenaries were exerting themselves to shout at this moment.
The competitiveness in their blood was also activated, shouting and causing a clamor of voices that shook the sky.

Kasa looked at the packed mercenaries underneath her dumbfoundedly and her jaw couldn’t help dropping in shock.
Once Zheng Ran saw this, he chuckled.
“Please take a seat.”

Zheng Ran took a seat, while Fitch sat next to him.
Murong Yuntian then sat beside Fitch and Kasa next to Murong Yuntian.

“Yuntian, why are they so insane…” Kasa whispered in fear and looked a bit frightened, but Murong Yuntian seemed to agree with the sight in front of his eyes.

“It’s something in their heart of hearts.” Murong Yuntian replied indifferently as he gazed at the crowd below his feet.
His black eyes were glittering brightly.
This was a world he was totally unfamiliar with, the mercenary world!

“The level assessment this year won’t be as boring as last year’s, will it?” Fitch and Zheng Ran chatted with a soft voice.
Fitch remembered that when he came here last year, the level assessment was really a bit boring.
Everything seemed to follow the procedure and nothing new happened.

“Haha, this year will definitely be more exciting than last year.” Zheng Ran looked at the people on the ground with his curled eyes.
Among the crowd in the three-star area, a small number of seats that were still empty at the moment looked very conspicuous.
Those were seats for the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

“Seriously? Is there a sleeper this year?” Fitch pursed his lips disapprovingly.
Zheng Ran burst into laughter when he saw Fitch’s face.

“Your trip won’t be wasted this year.
This sleeper is so unexpected.”

“I rarely see you speak highly of a group.
What’s its name? I must watch carefully as well.”

Zheng Ran chuckled and turned his head to the side slightly, telling Fitch the name, “Red Maple.”

Murong Yuntian sitting next to them certainly heard the name as well and he pondered in his mind secretly.
Red Maple… Even the Vice President of the Mercenary Union spoke highly of this mercenary group? A sleeper that suddenly came out? Were they really that impressive? Murong Yuntian began to look forward to seeing this Red Maple Mercenary Team.

After a while, some members from each mercenary group arrived one after another.
Zheng Ran checked the time and unintentionally glanced at a particular position in the three-star area.
He saw that the mercenaries from the Red Maple Mercenary Team were already there, but Yun Feng was nowhere to be found.
Zheng Ran couldn’t help but frown slightly.
Why hadn’t that kid arrived yet?

However, it was already time.
Zheng Ran stood up.
When the mercenaries below saw Zheng Ran stand up, they all went silent and didn’t make any sound.
Zheng Ran glanced over the crowd of people down there and spoke with a deep voice.
A deep voice then sounded in everyone’s ears clearly, ignoring the barrier of distance.

“Everyone, the annual level assessment is about to begin.
The rules this year will be the same as last year’s.
The assessment will be divided into two days.
The one-star to three-star challenges will be held on the first day, while the four-star and five-star challenges will be held on the second.
I hope all the mercenary groups can get a good result and can record your honor in your annals this time!”

Zheng Ran said as the mercenaries below cheered as strongly as the tide.
Kasa couldn’t help but cover her ears when she heard this and she disdained these mercenaries even more.
This was definitely a mad world.
They were all mad!

Soon, the one-star challenges were in full swing.
Countless small rings were divided on the large square.
If the battles were held one by one, the level assessment would take at least six months.
Countless mercenaries on the stands around the square were watching the teams competing inside with excitement in their eyes and they shouted whenever the battles ended.
Some were frustrated, some were dispirited, some were emotional and some were thrilled!

Fitch and Zheng Ran were chatting with each other.
They weren’t interested in the one-star challenges at all, but Murong Yuntian and Kasa were watching out of curiosity.
And yet, Kasa got annoyed after a while and she even thought that it was a bit boring.
Seeing Murong Yuntian’s serious face, Kasa pouted.

“Yuntian, is it interesting?”

Murong Yuntian didn’t look away.

When Kasa heard this one-word reply, she was even more frustrated, but there was nothing she could do.
This was Murong Yuntian’s personality.
He was cold and stubborn.
She was doubting if this piece of solid ice would melt for her.

After the morning, the challenges issued by the one-star groups were coming to an end.
Next would be the two-star challenges where the two-star groups challenged the three-star groups!

The names of the teams were announced one after another and the teams went on the ring one by one.
Some were downgraded and some entered the next level.
It was really lively.

“The Sandstorm Mercenary Group is challenging the Red Maple Mercenary Team!” When this announcement echoed around the square, everyone couldn’t help but freeze for a second.
Zheng Ran and Fitch, who were chatting, also stopped talking.
Murong Yuntian narrowed his black eyes and glanced over to a small ring on the square.

“Both teams of the two mercenary groups get on stage!” After a shout, everyone in the venue was stirred.
Their eyes looked at one of the rings with enthusiasm, as if all of their gazes were sucked away.
The other teams that were fighting were a bit dumbfounded.

“Red Maple! Red Maple! Red Maple! Red Maple!” Mercenaries who weren’t from the Red Maple Mercenary Team shouted this name, as if it was a slogan that everyone knew.
Zheng Ran smiled and listened to the cheers, while Fitch frowned.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team seemed to be quite capable.

“That’s too much… Isn’t it just a three-star group…” Kasa mumbled disapprovingly, but she couldn’t repress the curiosity in her mind and looked over as well.

Under the cheers for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, a team went up to the ring.
The five of them all looked bad.
They were from the Sandstorm Mercenary Group that was challenging the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Everyone was cheering for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, which was undoubtedly like slapping their faces.
This was a fair challenge.
S9 why did it look like this was the home field of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

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