Chapter 115: Daylight Robbery (4)

“Master, I can come out?” Little Fire looked thrilled.
What made it most excited was the increase in its level to a level-7 Mutated Magic Beast.
It really wanted to roar into the air several times!

“That’s right.
You can come out now.
Go to Chunfeng Town.” Yun Feng pinched Little Fire’s ear with a smile.
After hearing that, Little Fire looked at Yun Feng with its black wolf eyes.
It immediately understood what Yun Feng meant and its face was full of reluctance.
“A bodyguard again.
Why can I only be a bodyguard every time…”

Yun Feng caressed Little Fire’s head.
“Protect my father.
If anyone dares to hurt him, kill that person!”

When Little Fire heard Yun Feng’s order, it growled a few times in excitement.
The viciousness and brutality of a Magic Beast immediately burst out.
This was its nature.
“Alright! Even though I don’t like being a bodyguard, I’ll reluctantly agree.”

Yun Feng smiled.
Don’t let anyone see you when you leave.”

Little Fire nodded.
It originally wanted to howl several times, but this was the Mercenary Union.
It was afraid that it would cause problems, so it could only go quietly.
Little Fire’s wolf body turned into a beam of shiny red light, disappearing before Yun Feng’s eyes at an astonishing speed.
Even if the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group sent a dozen level-8 masters there, they shouldn’t be able to deal with a level-7 Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf.


Finally, the most exciting level assessment was finally here.
The level assessment this year seemed to make people more enthusiastic than usual.
One of the reasons was because of the participation of a mage, while the other was the most anticipated group this year, the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

This morning, every place in the Mercenary Union seemed extraordinarily lively.
All mercenaries, whether they were participants or not, were flooding to the center of the Mercenary Union.
The largest square was located there and it was also the stage for the level assessment this time!

Yun Feng opened the door and went out early in the morning.
When she got out, Wang Ming, Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan were standing in front of her with a smile.
Yun Feng sensed their levels slightly and couldn’t help lifting the corners of her mouth slowly.

“My Lady, thanks to you, I’ve already reached level 6.” Zhao Mingqi said with a beaming smile.
He became more spirited because of the advancement of his level.

“Haha, I’ve also reached level 6!” Wang Ming burst into laughter and his rough face was full of joy.

“My Lady, I’ve reached the peak of level 4!” Zhao Yan looked at Yun Feng with a thrilled expression.
He now had even more respect for this little girl, who was six years younger than he was, in his mind.

Yun Feng looked at the three of them in satisfaction and said softly.
“Alright, do you have the confidence to take down the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group?”

“Haha, certainly!”

“With my Lady here, we’ll definitely be fine.”

“Yes! Let’s beat the pants off of them!”

Yun Feng smiled.
Her gorgeous little face glistened in the sun, like a beacon leading the way ahead.
It was so dazzling, so bright.
“Then, let’s go!”

Today was the most flourishing time of the Mercenary Union every year, the Mercenary Level Assessment Convention.
This was the most magnificent event in the mercenary world.
Mercenary Level Assessment Conventions were held at the same time every year in different countries in the four empires on the East Continent and Ge Yuan would be the most lively city in the Karan Empire during this time of the year.
People living in Ge Yuan were also curious about it and looked forward to it.
And yet, this was an event of the mercenary world.
Considering the relative independence of the Mercenary Union in the Karan Empire, they decided that civilians wouldn’t be allowed to participate, only the royal family of the Karan Empire was an exception.

Early in the morning, people in Ge Yuan were all ready to move.
Ge Yuan was the most lively during this time of the year.
More and more people stood on both sides of the area of the Mercenary Union and there was a row of mercenaries guarding the boundary of the Mercenary Union.
Usually there were only two.
So this showed how important this event was to the Mercenary Union.
Onlookers weren’t allowed to get in.
However, if they couldn’t get in, then why would so many of them gather around?

The answer would be revealed soon.

There was a continuous clamor of voices in the noisy crowds.
Everyone stuck their heads out curiously to look into the Mercenary Union.
Although they couldn’t see anything, they enjoyed doing it.
After a while, some thunderous rumbling sounds came from afar, as if the ground of Ge Yuan was about to crack.
People immediately split to both sides quickly, making an extremely wide path,

On the other side of the flat land, eight arrogant black horses were slowly walking over.
The hair of every horse was shiny and they looked majestic.
Their eyes were covered with a black blindfold, which gave them a mysterious momentum.
These eight lean and strong horses seemed to have been trained for orderliness.
Their hooves were lifted to the same height without any difference at all.
As they stepped on the road together, the ground shook slightly.

Behind the eight horses was an extremely luxurious carriage.
The window of the carriage was covered with a layer of red cloth, making it look noble and elegant with the overall black color.
People in Ge Yuan were all dumbfounded.
They were a bit shocked by this grand appearance and lineup in front of them and still couldn’t collect themselves.

The carriage kept going slowly and stopped outside the boundary of the Mercenary Union.
That row of mercenaries didn’t move aside because of the arrival of the carriage.
Although, clearly the people on the carriage weren’t in the same class as civilians.

The carriage stopped because it was blocked by the mercenaries.
After a while, the door of the carriage was gently opened.
A tall, handsome man with a wide back got out of the carriage.
His soft and shiny black, short hair fluttered in the wind gently and his charming black eyes were releasing the fierceness and majesty that only a soldier had.
His handsome face looked serious, indifferent, and he wasn’t smiling at all.

People watching saw the man and started discussing with a low voice.
The man stood aside after getting off the carriage and glanced over the onlookers in the surrounding with his fierce eyes.
The hustle and bustle just now immediately quieted down a lot.
Then, another man got out of the carriage.
He was a bit taller than the handsome young man, but his face was full of the colors of vicissitudes, and there were tiny wrinkles around the corners of his eyes and mouth.
His cold temperament was exactly the same as that of the handsome young man, or even stronger than him.

The middle-aged man got off the carriage and tidied up his collar.
He then stretched his arm out and said with a soft voice into the carriage, “Your Highness, please mind your steps.”

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