Chapter 113: Daylight Robbery (2)

After Yun Feng left, Wang Ming touched his head in awe.
“My Lady, you’re truly impressive.
You dealt with four mercenary groups right after you spoke.
That’s truly…”

Zhao Yan smiled happily.
“You’re awesome, my Lady! Those Commanders are going down!”

Zhao Mingqi smiled speechlessly as he looked in the direction where Yun Feng left.
Their Young Lady got treasures that were worth a sky-high price for the Red Maple Mercenary Team this time!


At the Mineral Vein Registry of the Mercenary Union, the staff members looked at the few people in front of him with the pen in his hand shaking slightly.
After hearing what these people wanted to do, he couldn’t hold the pen tight and even dropped it on the ground.

“Ma… Masters, what… what did you say you wanted to do?” The poor staff member asked with a tremor in his voice.
Tuoba Gang burst into laughter and came forward.

“Transfer the mid-level mineral veins under all four of our groups to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, and the four of us will share that mineral vein under the name of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

The staff member only felt a bit confused after hearing that.
“Sure, sure…” He was doubting if something was wrong with these heavy hitters.
Four mid-levels in exchange for one low-level? However, he still finished everything swiftly.

After completing the transfer procedures, Leng Siaose said to Yun Feng, “The mid-level mineral veins are located in the five-star area, but you can rest assured.
We’ll send someone to deliver the mined ores to your hands.”

“Haha, Leng Siaose is right.
We’ve already registered here, so it’s impossible that we won’t deliver them to you.”

Yun Feng nodded and she kept snickering in her mind.
Even the ancestor shook his head speechlessly.
He could only exclaim that his descendant was truly courageous, fooling the four Commanders of the five-star groups.

Yun Feng wasn’t afraid at all.
She was the one who was reasonable.
She wasn’t the one who spread the rumor and none of the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had admitted that they had discovered ultimate ores.
Only these people insisted on believing so.
Since they thought there were ultimate ores, she just followed their will and continued speaking.
they had already registered here.
Even if the four of them turned against her, she wasn’t scared.
If they really fell out with Yun Feng, nobody could be sure who the Mercenary Union would help.

After finishing everything, the four Commanders left with a joyful look, while Yun Feng also went to the headquarters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team at the Mercenary Union quickly.
Once she entered the door, Wang Ming, Zhao Mingqi, Zhao Yan and the remaining few masters had already returned.
Yun Feng pushed the door open and heard Zhao Yan’s exaggerated voice.

“You really don’t know.
The situation back then was very dangerous.
A three-star group was preying on the Red Maple Mercenary Team, then the four Commanders of the five-star groups suddenly came with the same dirty minds.
However, our Young Lady arrived in time.
In front of the four level-9 powerhouses, her expression didn’t change and her heart didn’t race…”

Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.
Zhao Yan’s talent would be wasted if he didn’t become a storyteller.
“Our Young Lady is back!” A mercenary, who was paying attention to Zhao Yan’s story, noticed Yun Feng with his sharp eyes.
The others also stopped listening to Zhao Yan and looked towards Yun Feng.

“Oh? My Lady, you’re back!” Zhao Yan touched his head embarrassedly when he saw Yun Feng.
He didn’t know if she heard what he said just now.

Yun Feng nodded.
Zhao Mingqi then came over.
“My Lady, how can we repay your kindness for the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

The other mercenaries also felt grateful when they heard this.
They got through the crisis this time safely, and according to Zhao Yan, their Young Lady even got four mid-level mineral veins for the Red Maple Mercenary Team! Mid-level mineral veins! This was something the Red Maple Mercenary Team dared not think about in the past!

“Uncle Zhao, what are you talking about? I’m also a member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
It’s my responsibility to do these things.”

Zhao Mingqi nodded in excitement.
He was truly glad that the Young Lady joined the Mercenary Union and that she met Wang Ming.
This was an opportunity, a huge opportunity, for the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

“What if the four Commanders go back on their words?” Zhao Yan thought of this question and the others were also a bit worried.
Imagining how furious the four Commanders would be after knowing the truth, everyone’s heart was covered with shadows.

“It’ll be alright.
None of us in the Red Maple Mercenary Team have admitted that it was true.
We’ve always said there aren’t any ultimate ores, but they believe there are instead.
So, what can we do? We’ve already clarified it, but they didn’t believe us.
They can only blame themselves.”

What Yun Feng said dispelled the thundercloud in everyone’s mind.
Right, they had never admitted it.
These people believed the rumor stubbornly.
What did the Red Maple Mercenary Team have to do with it?

“Things haven’t been smooth for the Red Maple Mercenary Team recently.
I guess someone is trying to set us up.
I already have some knowledge of those people in my mind right now.
We must get ourselves together during this period of time!” What Yun Feng said shook the hearts of every mercenary of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
No matter who tripped the Red Maple Mercenary Team up, their Young Lady would block them one by one and fight back fiercely in the same way!

Yun Feng, Wang Ming, Zhao Yan and Zhao Mingqi came to the room on the second floor.
The four of them all had their opinion on things that happened recently.

“The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group must be the one who set the Red Maple Mercenary Team up.” Zhao Yan said furiously with competitiveness on his young face.
Thinking of the four-star Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, Zhao Yan was extremely enraged.

“I think Young Master is right.
The brutal fight a while back and the rumor this time almost destroyed the Red Maple Mercenary Team.” Wang Ming frowned tightly and was a bit fearful.

“My Lady, will the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group do anything else in the coming days? Should we take some precautions?” Zhao Mingqi asked.
Yun Feng sat there and shook her head gently.

“The news about the Red Maple Mercenary Team getting four mid-level mineral veins will definitely spread out at the highest speed.
When the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group hears about this, they wouldn’t dare to act rashly.
The ores mined out of the four mid-level mineral veins will be able to increase the overall strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team at a large scale! Besides, there’s a mage here.
The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group failed to instigate a battle this time and it won’t work either when they do the same trick the second time.”

The other three also nodded after hearing this.
Yun Feng then continued, “The level assessment is less than ten days away.
It’s impossible for them to give the Red Maple Mercenary Team another destructive blow in such a short period of time.
The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group is probably so furious that they’re stomping their feet right now.”

The remaining three burst into laughter and felt delighted after hearing that.
Yun Feng’s two enemies this time were both from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group after all.
Watching her enemy be beaten, her mind felt really comfortable.

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