Chapter 112: Daylight Robbery (1)

Yun Feng’s mental strength surged out of her body slowly and formed a huge invisible hand, slapping Tuoba Gang’s fighting energy back fiercely! The rebounce of the fighting energy made Tuoba Gang a bit overwhelmed.
His body shook slightly as he stared at Yun Feng furiously while feeling stunned in his mind at the same time!

Could it be that the strength of this little girl had increased a lot again? It had just been one month.
How was that possible?

When the other three Commanders saw this, their hearts all tightened and they looked at Yun Feng much more seriously.
“Yun Feng, we’re all old friends.
Why did you have to attack him?” What Leng Siaose said made people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team so angry that they gritted their teeth.
Tuoba Gang was the one who made a move first just then.
And now, he put the blame on their Young Lady!

Zhao Yan opened his mouth and was about to speak, but was stopped by his father, Zhao Mingqi, with a gaze.
On such an occasion, their Young Lady, Yun Feng, was the only person who was on an equal footing with these few big shots!

“Haha, if that’s the case, we can have a chat.” Yun Feng smiled lightly and gave Leng Siaose an out.
The other three Commanders remained silent.
Leng Siaose was certainly better at negotiations and stuff.

“It’ll be much easier to handle this way.
What about the suggestion I made just now?”

Yun Feng’s face slightly darkened.
She then put a smile on her face again.
“The suggestion is fine, but it needs some changes.”

When Leng Siaose and the others heard that Yun Feng didn’t disagree, their hearts burst with joy.
They were afraid that Yun Feng would be as stubborn as those people of the Red Maple Mercenary Team after joining them.
If the only mage was injured by then, it would be difficult… to explain to Master Zheng Ran… However, the ultimate ores were truly too tempting, but it seemed that everything was very easy to deal with right now.

“Alright, how do you want to change it?” Leng Siaose said with a smile on his face and he kept scheming in his mind.
It wasn’t difficult for a five-star group to lend them a master.
They would only give the Red Maple Mercenary Team a level-6 master at most.
This wouldn’t affect their original strength at all, like they had never lent them anyone.

“You certainly can lend us a master, but we want a level-9 master.
We’ll not accept any other warriors, except for a level-9 master!”

The members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but laugh.
A level-9 master? Among the mercenary groups registered at the Mercenary Union, where could they find one, other than these four in front of them?

The cheeks of the four Commanders also twitched after hearing that.
“Yun Feng, are you saying that you want us, the Commanders, to fight for you?” Leng Siaose asked with an upset look.
He was indeed a bit enraged by what she said.

Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled.
“You’re quite right, Commander Leng.
It seems that we can’t agree on this condition.
What about I give you a suggestion?”

Leng Siaose had never thought that a kid like Yun Feng would have such a quick wit and a personality that didn’t want to suffer from any losses at all.
Negotiating with such a person, he would have to peel off his skin sooner or later!

“Tell me about it.” Leng Siaose said with a cold look.
He felt like he had been suppressed firmly so far, which was a feeling he had never experienced before!

“If the four of you want the mineral vein of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, of course you can.
For a fair trade, you certainly have to give us back in return.
If you don’t show some sincerity, how can we continue with the negotiation?”

Leng Siaose pondered.
Yun Feng wanted them to exchange their own mineral veins for the one of the Red Maple Mercenary Team? The other three Commanders were shaken in their minds after hearing that.
The lowest level of the ores mined from the five-star area was the mid-level… The mineral vein of the Red Maple Mercenary Team here was just a low-level mineral vein.
Even though it was very likely that ultimate ores would be found, this was just a possibility…

Yun Feng saw the hesitant look of the four of them and chuckled.
“If you aren’t willing to do so, just forget about it.
Please leave.” Yun Feng purposely acted like she was in a hurry to send them away.
Once the four of them saw this, they immediately knew there was something inside.
Leng Siaose quickly said, “We can talk about it.”

Yun Feng cheered in her mind.
Great! The four fat fish finally took the bait!

Yun Feng didn’t know if the Red Maple Mercenary Team had truly found ultimate ores or not.
She knew without thinking that someone must be behind the rumor that circulated around like it was true.
If someone wanted to set the Red Maple Mercenary Team up, she would take this rumor to earn something for the Red Maple Mercenary Team! If people were fighting over the low-level mineral vein in their hands, fine, they would give it to them! However, there was a condition.
These four big fish had taken the bait voluntarily.
It wouldn’t make sense if she didn’t tear their skin off harshly.

“So, do you agree, Commander Leng?”

Leng Siaose endured the pain and nodded.
Although it wasn’t quite worth it to exchange a mid-level mineral vein for the ultimate ores, Leng Siaose felt his blood boil in his heart when he thought about them.

“Alright, since Commander Leng has agreed, the mineral vein will belong to you alone.” Yun Feng emphasized the word “alone.” This awakened the other three Commanders.
The four of them came together.
Why did it belong to Leng Siaose alone now?

“Wait! I’ll exchange with you too!” Tuoba Gang grunted his teeth and shouted.
He couldn’t possibly let Leng Siaose have the mineral vein to himself! Then, wouldn’t he suffer a huge loss?

“I’ll exchange with you!” “Me too!”

The Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group also followed.
Even though they were heartbroken and thought it wasn’t worth it, the ultimate ores were truly too tempting, which made these four Commanders of the five-star groups lose their minds.

Commander Ye, who led them here, was already dumbfounded on the side.
They were all exchanging? What kind of a concept was that? Four mid-level mineral veins! The Red Maple Mercenary Team was too harsh!

Seeing how enthusiastic the four Commanders were, Yun Feng nodded and turned around to talk to Zhao Mingqi, “Commander Zhao, we should hand it over.
We’ll have the chance to get it again in the future, don’t you think?”

What Yun Feng said made the hearts of the four Commanders tickle, but when Yun Feng turned around, she gave Zhao Mingqi a signal.
Zhao Mingqi immediately understood and was trying hard to keep a straight face.
Their Young Lady would be returning fully loaded this time.

“We’ll follow your orders, my Lady, but…” Zhao Mingqi made a look of reluctance on purpose.
When Leng Siaose saw it, he immediately thought that the matter should be dealt with as soon as possible.

“Yun Feng, let’s go to the Mercenary Union to register for the transfer.”

Yun Feng nodded and she left with these four Commanders of the five-star groups with a slightly dim face.
Even though the four big shots looked calm, they were actually thrilled.
Watching the interaction between Yun Feng and the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, there were definitely ultimate ores!

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