Chapter 110: Yun Feng Arrived (2)

“How’s the situation here?” The one who asked was Leng Siaose from the five-star Cold Star Group.
Commander Ye replied right away, “Master, the situation on this side is starting to become uncontrollable.
A few three-star groups are already planning to form an alliance to take this piece of meat from the Red Maple Mercenary Team together.”

Leng Siaose’s face darkened right after he heard this, while Tuoba Gang scolded loudly, “Fuck! How dare a group of three-star bastards fight over things with me?”

The four Commanders of the four-star groups couldn’t help but smile wryly after hearing what he said.
If the three-star groups were a group of bastards, then what were they… Bastards who had already grown a little? Tuoba Gang just didn’t treat them as human beings.

“Alright, Tuoba, don’t get mad so easily.
Are you a powder keg?” Leng Siaose glared at Tuoba Gang.
He was probably the only person who dared to treat Tuoba Gang like this.

“Ye Qu, where exactly are the ores controlled by the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

After hearing what he said, Commander Ye immediately grabbed a map swiftly and pointed at the place where the mineral veins of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were located.
Leng Siaose and the other three Commanders looked carefully and didn’t think there was something special in the area.

“This isn’t really a good place.
Are there truly ultimate ores?” The two Commanders of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group still couldn’t believe it completely and were even more skeptical, especially after looking at the map.

Leng Siaose smiled coldly as he got up.
“Ye Qu, lead the way.
I want to see the treasure land where ultimate ores can be dug out!”

Commander Ye was quite stunned after hearing that.
Taking the Commanders of the five-star groups to the three-star area? This… “Master, isn’t that against the rules?”

Leng Siaose curled up his lips and smiled.
“Which rule stated that the Commanders of the five-star groups can’t go to the three-star area? As long as we don’t do anything, we’re not breaking the rules.”

Commander Ye instantly understood when he heard this.
Master Leng was going there to frighten the three-star groups this time.
If the Commanders of the five-star groups said they wanted this fat lamb themselves, those three-star groups wouldn’t dare to take it, no matter how courageous they were.

“Masters, please follow me!” Commander Ye immediately took the lead and walked outside.
Leng Siaose’s body also flashed and kept up with him.
When Tuoba Gang saw this, he followed them right away and didn’t fall behind at all, while the remaining two quickly made up their minds as well and followed along.
The four Commanders of the five-star groups were going to the three-star area!

“Red Maple Mercenary Team! Hand over the mineral veins in this place.
Can you really guard the land with your current strength?” The Commander of a three-star group was already standing there with a group of his subordinates, showing an evil smile.
Wang Ming, Zhao Mingqi and a few level-5 masters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were all looking at the group of people in front of them extremely furiously.
Robbers, they were all a group of robbers!

“I’m telling you one more time, there’s no ultimate ores here!” Wang Ming brandished his sword and shouted with the fierceness of a tiger.
The continuous brutal battles over the past few days hadn’t defeated him, but traces of exhaustion could still be seen.

“Haha, no? If there aren’t any ultimate ores, how did you recruit that level-5 mage?” The Commander of the three-star group who led the others yelled in jealousy.
Looking at the entrance to the ore mine behind the few members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, his eyes were full of excitement.

“Hand them over obediently! Don’t make me attack you.
If I make a move myself, I won’t show you any mercy! Why? Where’s your level-5 mage? Ask her to come out!”

The Commander of the three-star group gave a wild laugh and the others also burst into laughter.
At first, they dared not to make a move recklessly and were worried that the level-5 mage would come to help.
And yet, so many days had passed, but that level-5 mage was still nowhere to be seen.
Everyone became more courageous gradually.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team wouldn’t possibly ask their mage to come out at this time.
If the level-5 mage was hurt, they would be doomed in the level assessment!

“No matter what you think, that’s the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t give her anything!” Zhao Mingqi yelled loudly with his swords in his hands.
Everyone from the Red Maple Mercenary Team knew clearly in their minds the reason why Yun Feng stayed in Red Maple! She didn’t stay for benefits.
She didn’t stay for power.
She stayed for the righteousness that passed down from generation to generation in the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Yun family!

In the hearts of these people who were full of desire and greed, how would they understand the meaning of it?

“Hahahaha, you’ve talked my ear off with those words! Since you like the hard way instead of the easy way, don’t blame us for not showing mercy!”

“Do it if you have the guts! The Red Maple Mercenary Team isn’t afraid of despicable, shameless people like you!” Zhao Yan, who was holding a sword in his hand, shouted at the top of his lungs with a flushed face.
He finally realized the cruelty of the mercenary world these days and had also experienced many battles.
This rumor came out of nowhere, but he knew that someone set the Red Maple Mercenary Team up on purpose! If they handed over the mineral veins, the situation would certainly subside and it would be other people’s matters if they wanted to fight over them.
However, the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t have the word “surrender” in their bones! The mineral veins belonged to them.
Why did they have to give them to other people?

“What a courageous kid.
I’ll start with you first!” The expression of the Commander of the three-star group changed and a ferocious look immediately appeared on his face.
Zhao Yan also looked like he wasn’t scared at all, while Wang Ming and Zhao Mingqi’s fighting energy suddenly burst out.
Another battle, provocation again and again, the Red Maple Mercenary Team all took them bravely!

“Tut-tut, the three-star area is much more lively than I imagined.” A voice suddenly sounded in the air.
Everyone’s expression changed.
The Commander of the three-star group, who was shouting and wanted to start a fight, also looked tense abruptly.

“Which master is this?” The Commander of the three-star group shouted into the distance.
In just a few seconds, several people broke through the air and came here.
When they arrived in this chaotic three-star area, everyone in this place gasped loudly.

The four Commanders of the five-star groups?!

Commander Ye led the four of them to the place and immediately stood aside respectfully.
Leng Siaose looked at the chaotic scene in front of his eyes.
The eyes of these members of the three-star groups were full of greed and desire, which weren’t concealed at all, and this also showed how desperate they were.

“The Commanders of the five… five-star groups…” The Commander of the three-star group had lost his arrogance that he had had and there was a tremor in his voice when he spoke.
He dared not to look into Leng Siaose’s eyes at all.
He lowered his head and took a few steps back slightly.

The other three-star mercenary groups also understood at this moment that the few Commanders of the five-star groups had already had their eyes on this piece of meat in the three-star area.
Everyone dared to be angry in their minds, but they dared not speak.
This was the matter of the three-star area and the five-star groups came to interfere.
The fat lamb was in their mouths, but these people ran over to drag it away forcibly.

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