Chapter 108: The Fat Is in the Fire (5)

Yun Feng got up, then walked over and opened the door.
She saw a mercenary standing at the door with an anxious look.
He kept looking up and down, looking uneasy.
When he saw Yun Feng come out, his eyes immediately brightened, as if he was relieved, and he strode over.

“Thank God! My Lady, you’re finally out.
Something’s happening… to the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”


The Shiny Plains was busy and flourishing every day.
The plain was extremely vast and was covered with fine white sand.
The boundary of the plain couldn’t be seen.
This was the area with the most amount of ores and mineral veins in the Karan Empire.

On the vast Shiny Plains, there was one area where over a hundred tents gathered.
Designated areas were divided for groups of the three-star level or above on the Shiny Plains.

Each designated area had a strictly defined range, which couldn’t be crossed.
If any mercenary group refused to abide by the rules, they would be completely blacklisted by the Mercenary Union.
The area for the three-star groups was the widest and had the largest area, so there were certainly more personnel.

There were over a hundred three-star groups registered at the Mercenary Union.
Even though the area was large, each mercenary group could only get a small piece of land after dividing it.
In the designated area for the three-star groups, there weren’t any rules stating which area each mercenary group could occupy.
To be precise, this area was jointly developed by the hundred three-star groups.
You could develop any place in this area.
As long as you had enough strength to occupy it for a long time, it would be yours!

Other people certainly had the right to steal the mineral veins that had already been dug out.
As long as you didn’t cross the three-star area, you could do whatever you wanted.
Killing, robbing or taking things away by force were all allowed in the mercenary world.
Nobody would talk about “first come, first serve” in this world.
Everything depended on people’s strength.
Whoever had the strength would have the right to own it!

A dozen powerful mercenary groups among the three-star groups had control of the low-level mineral veins in the three-star area.
Even though only ores of the lowest level could be mined from these mineral veins, these three-star groups treated them as their treasures.
After all, it was better than nothing.
As for the other three-star groups which weren’t powerful enough, they could only find those relatively barren places, even if after a few years of mining, they still hadn’t even seen the shadows of ores.

Only a dozen groups among a hundred three-star groups found mineral veins.
This definitely made the other dozens of groups jealous.
Unfortunately, they weren’t strong enough to fight, so they could only watch, green with envy.
However, it was different now.
The strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, one of the dozen powerful groups, had greatly dropped.
They now had less than ten level-5 masters.
Such a Red Maple Mercenary Team wasn’t capable of guarding the mineral veins they discovered at all.

A while back, Wang Ming was on the Shiny Plains to deal with the watch and provocation from the other three-star groups.
Under Wang Ming’s strength in the final stage of level 5, the Red Maple Mercenary Team barely survived.
And yet, something the Red Maple Mercenary Team had never expected happened once again.

There had been news from somewhere lately, which made the heart of everyone who heard it hot.
Greed appeared in their minds and they wanted to make a move.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had actually mined ultimate ores!

The news flew to the ears of all mercenaries like wind and certainly started a heated discussion.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had mined ultimate ores? The news was unbelievable!

Everyone knew that the area for the three-star groups on the Shiny Plains was the place of the lowest quality.
They could find ultimate ores there? How lucky must they be?

Some people only scoffed at this idea, but some didn’t agree with the others and it happened that the four Commanders of the five-star groups were among “these people.”

In the headquarters of the Fierce Tiger Group of the Mercenary Union, the four Commanders of the five-star groups were gathering here.
All four of them looked skeptical.

“The news is too unreliable.
How would that piece of barren land have ultimate ores?” Tuoba Gang said with doubts in his tone.

“Right, our area should be the place where ultimate ores will most likely appear.” The Commander of the Waning Moon Group said as he looked at the Commander of the Raging Fire Group next to him.
The two were close in private among the four Commanders.
Even though Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang always opposed each other, the two of them would indeed be the toughest alliance when something really happened.

The Commander of the Raging Fire Group also nodded.
There weren’t any ultimate ores in the most abundant area where they would most likely appear, but they were found in that place instead? That didn’t make any sense!

Leng Siaose hadn’t spoken for a while.
He was the one who used his brain the best among the four Commanders.
After thinking for a long time, he certainly had a different opinion.

“Guys, the Red Maple Mercenary Team recruited the level-5 mage.
How do you think they did it?”

Once Leng Siaose said that, the remaining three Commanders immediately felt enlightened.
How did the Red Maple Mercenary Team, which had a huge loss of strength, make that level-5 mage so faithful that she wasn’t moved even facing the crazy conditions offered by the two Commanders of the five-star groups? They must have offered her something better than the two Commanders did and the only possibility was ultimate ores!

“Fuck! If the Red Maple Mercenary Team has truly found ultimate ores, is he thinking of keeping them to himself?” Tuoba Gang narrowed his eyes with fierceness on his face.

“Commander Leng, such a guess may be right, but that’s truly…” The Commander of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group was still skeptical.
When Leng Siaose saw this, he couldn’t help but grunt.

“Truly something that doesn’t make sense? Have things recently been making sense? Does it make sense that a three-star mercenary group made a level-5 mage stay faithfully? Things that don’t make sense the most have already happened.
What’s the use of making sense? We’ve already been mining mineral veins for at least a few decades.
Have you ever seen any ultimate ores?”

The other three Commanders shook their heads.
“Who said that ultimate ores must appear in certain places? And who stipulates that the ultimate ores can’t take root in barren lands?”

The other three pondered after hearing that.
“If you say so…”

“If the Red Maple Mercenary Team doesn’t have ultimate ores, how did that little girl withstand the temptation of me and Tuoba?”

The Commander of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group still couldn’t make up their minds after thinking over and over again.
Seeing this, Leng Siaose stood up with a cold smile at the corners of his mouth.
“I don’t have time to sit with you.
Excuse me!”

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