Chapter 107: The Fat Is in the Fire (4)

The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group had huge ambitions as well.
They wanted to have teams under them from the one-star to five-star level.
Even though the cost was very high, the benefits they would get in the future would be extremely magnificent if they truly succeeded.
The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would even have a huge amount of ores mined from the Shiny Plains to themselves.

“Someone from the two-star group also came to ask us to send a master there.”

Hearing this, the Commander frowned slightly.
“Send a level-6 warrior there.
It’ll be enough for them.”

The man with a scar sat aside and seemed to have something on his mind.
The other two men also knew what he was thinking when they saw him.
“Why? Greedy Wolf, are you still thinking about that girl of the Murong family?”

The man with a scar cursed and said furiously, “Who do those old people in the Murong family think they are? If it wasn’t that we still need them, I would have already killed them all! That girl even thinks she’s better than everyone else.
When we get rid of the Murong family in the future, I must torture her harshly and sell her to a brothel!”

The other two burst into laughter after hearing that.
The man with faded scars said, “Why are you in a hurry? The Murong family will be a piece of meat in our wolf mouths sooner or later.
They can’t run away from us.
By then, that girl will be all yours.”

The man with a scar felt a bit better after hearing this.
Then, a thought came to his mind again and he pondered for a second.
“Should we make some trouble before the assessment to give the Red Maple Mercenary Team a huge present?”

The Commander in the main seat laughed when he heard that.
A glint of evilness flashed through his eyes.
The man with faded scars found it funny and he glanced at the man with a scar.
“Greedy Wolf, Commander has already thought about this.
Just wait.
I can guarantee you this huge present will make the Red Maple Mercenary Team overwhelmed and they’ll run away from it!”


The Mercenary Level Assessment Convention was only one month away.
All the mercenary groups had already submitted their lists of lineups.
Of course, the participation of Yun Feng in the convention this time caused quite a huge furor and the Red Maple Mercenary Team, which had a level-5 mage, was also the focus of this convention, receiving unprecedented attention.

Yun Feng calculated the time.
Her strength had already been steady at the peak of level 6 for a long time, so it shouldn’t be difficult for her to break through level 7 in the coming month.
The signs of breakthrough also became more obvious.
So, in the following period of time, Yun Feng shut herself in for practice.

Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming purposely asked the others not to disturb her, but Yun Feng certainly knew that the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would take the opportunity to make a move, which was why she asked Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming to notify her when something unusual happened.
The two of them smiled and agreed.
After that, Yun Feng started focusing on reaching level 7 at ease.

In a small house, Yun Feng sat in her bed and gazed forward.
Ripples appeared in the air around her.
That was the movement of Yun Feng’s mental strength as she engaged in close communication with the elemental force in the world.
The mental strength, which was as clear as water at the beginning, had become denser and denser these days, even having a tendency to merge together gradually.

The ancestor felt the changes in Yun Feng’s mental strength and was a bit excited.
“Kid, this is the sign of breaking through level 7.
Hold your breath, gather your mind and focus on communicating!”

Yun Feng immediately focused more on communicating with the elements in the world.
Elements of five colors went through Yun Feng’s mental strength joyfully, while Yun Feng felt that the concentration of her mental strength was changing more and more, growing higher and higher!

Suddenly, there was a violent shock around Yun Feng’s body.
Then, halo-like waves slowly radiated.
“Hah!” Yun Feng opened her eyes abruptly and the waves retracted back one by one, entering Yun Feng’s body.

A glint of light flashed through her beautiful black eyes, making them more fierce.
Her mental strength which was like the tides had a drastic change at this moment.
It kept spreading in Yun Feng’s mind like some sticky liquid.
Even though it shrunk a bit, its concentration was incomparable to the past.

Coolness flowed out of every blood vessel in Yun Feng’s body, and her body seemed to be changing as well at this moment.
The black jade pendant around her neck was exuding star-like glitters.
That familiar warm current ran inside her, nourishing every part of her body.
Yun Feng immersed herself in the warmth with a relaxed mind as the genes of her body changed forcefully again.

“Hm?” Yun Feng felt that there were also waves of energy inside the Ring of Contract in the dimension of the bracelet.
She gave it a thought and held the dark red Ring of Contract in her palm.
It was scorching hot.
There used to be six flame marks on the ring, and now, there was already one more, making seven flame marks!

“Little Fire also leveled up.” Yun Feng looked at the Ring of Contract in her hand.
When summoners got to a higher level, their Magic Beasts would also level up with them.
Little Fire’s excitement was directly transmitted to Yun Feng’s head through the connection between the two of them.
Yun Feng threw the Ring of Contract back again and took Meatball out.

Since Yun Feng had to focus on breaking through level 7, she threw Meatball back in again, but this time, Meatball didn’t seem as angry as it would be before when it came out.
Its fluffy body rubbed against Yun Feng’s face, as if it was also happy for her.

“Kid, you’ve entered the advanced level now.” The ancestor’s words of pleasure came.
His heart was full of pride.
Yun Feng was still nine right now, but she had already reached level 7.
A nine-year-old level-7 mage, who else would dare to claim themselves a genius before Yun Feng?! Such a genius kid was a member of the Yun family.
Thinking of this, the ancestor couldn’t stop smiling.

Yun Feng reached out and poked Meatball’s fluffy, chubby body with a smile at the corners of her mouth.
It was time to think about how she should equip her wand.
Weapons were certainly necessary for the participants this time.
She didn’t know how long she had been practicing, but Commander Zhao and Wang Ming had never sent anyone to disturb her.
Did the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group truly do nothing?

As Yun Feng pondered, she suddenly felt that someone was walking towards her room at a high speed and the footsteps sounded a bit hurried.
Ever since Yun Feng entered level 7, her perception was better than it used to be as well.

“My Lady, my Lady!” That person came to the door, but didn’t break in.
He just called Yun Feng twice tentatively with a relatively soft voice.
Perhaps he didn’t want to disturb Yun Feng’s practice.

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