Chapter 106: The Fat Is in the Fire (3)

Seeing the expressions of Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming, Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
There was a kind of radiant confidence on her innocent face.
“The two-star mercenary group must have a level-6 master if they want to beat us during the challenge and the challenging strategy of this level-6 master will probably be fighting all five rounds by himself.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team in the past would definitely lose this battle.”

Although what Yun Feng said was a bit mean, it was true.
However, the Red Maple Mercenary Team had Yun Feng now and the situation would be totally different.
“We have my Lady here now.
We can rest assured!” Wang Ming chuckled as the other two also smiled and nodded.

“My Lady, how should we arrange the lineup and order of appearance for the challenge from the two-star group?”

In the level assessment, every mercenary group had to be prepared to be challenged, so they must also submit a list of lineups for the battle when they were being challenged.
The rule was the same.
Once they submitted it, they couldn’t change anything.

“The list of lineups will be the same as that we use for challenging the four-star group.
As for the order of appearance…”

“My Lady will be the first one, of course.
Hit them over their heads! Kick that level-6 master’s ass!” Wang Ming burst into laughter, while Zhao Yan also said “yes” next to him.
Zhao Mingqi looked at Yun Feng and waited for their Young Lady to make a decision.

Yun Feng shook her head.
“No, I can’t be the first.
If I beat that reinforcement master in the first round, the two-star group will soon change their challenging strategy.
They can immediately start taking turns after they lose the first round.
This is unfavorable to us.
What we have to do is to let that master fight with all of us.
Let him win two rounds, then give him a head-on blow.”

After Yun Feng said so, the three of them instantly understood and admired Yun Feng’s meticulous thoughts.
They could induce the enemy to adopt the one-man-challenge strategy.
Then, when he lost one round, he would lose the whole game.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say, my Lady.” Zhao Mingqi nodded.
The reinforcement master Evil Wolf Mercenary Group could send out would only be at level 6 at most.
If they sent a level-7 warrior there, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would be heartbroken.
After all, they had to be prepared for every aspect.
A level-6 warrior fighting with a level-5 mage.
With their Young Lady’s ability to withstand level-9 fighting energy, how would she be afraid of him? The Red Maple Mercenary Team had already won before this challenge from the two-star group began!

“What about the order of appearance for challenging the four-star Evil Wolf Mercenary Group…” Zhao Yan looked at Yun Feng on the side.
Zhao Mingqi then said, “The overall strength of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group is between level 5 and level 6.
They also have a few level-7 masters and even a level-8 master! However, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group seems to be planning to challenge a five-star group this time, so they should be putting the masters in the lineup for challenging the five-star group.
There will only be a maximum of one level-7 warrior in the lineup for accepting the challenge from the three-star group.”

Yun Feng nodded.
They would definitely use all their elites to challenge the five-star group and they would have to maintain the best condition of their elite forces, ensuring 100% performance.
There would only be level-5 and level-6 warriors, with at most a level-7 master, in the lineup the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group prepared for facing the challenges.

“For the order of appearance of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group when they’re being challenged, the most powerful person will very likely be up in the third round.
If we win the first two rounds, we’ll be able to secure our victory in the third round.
If we lose the first two rounds, we can reverse the situation in the third round.
I’ll be the third and fight directly with him.
The arrangement of the other personnel needs some strategies as well.”

Yun Feng paused after saying this as she glanced at the three of them.
“Do you trust me?”

The other three nodded firmly.
After seeing this, Yun Feng smiled and said, “If that’s the case, let us go crazy! We’ll let them win the first two rounds to make them underestimate us and we’ll turn the tide in the third round!”

If the Red Maple Mercenary Team won the first two rounds, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would definitely exert themselves in the next three rounds and it would be very hard for them to win again.
If they lost the first two rounds, the powerhouse in the third round would let down his guard.
And if the supreme powerhouse lost, the spirit of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would be gone.
The spirit of a team had a very important influence on their combat strength.
A defeated rooster could no longer crow.

The list of lineups of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had already been decided.
Yun Feng certainly knew in her mind that even though Wang Ming and Commander Zhao were both at the final stage of level 5, it would still be strenuous for them to fight with the four-star Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.
If their strengths couldn’t be improved further, they could only put in more effort on their weapons.

Yun Feng thought about everything.
The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would certainly be prepared.
She must win! With her current strength, it would be fine for her to face a level-7 warrior.
If the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group ruthlessly sent out a level-8 powerhouse, it would be something.
She would also have to improve her strength and she must reach level 7 in this period of time!

As Yun Feng expected, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group also guessed that the team that was going to challenge them would be the Red Maple Mercenary Team and they did a detailed investigation on the Red Maple as well.
In the house of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, their Commander and two Deputy Commanders were sitting together to talk about the level assessment this time.

The man with a scar who showed up at the Murong family last time was sitting next to them.
His entire face looked evil and cunning, and his scar was even a bit more ferocious.

“Fuck, how did the Red Maple Mercenary Team get so lucky to be able to recruit a level-5 mage? I thought the brutal fight we started last time would exterminate them completely.
They’re truly cockroaches that can’t be killed…” The mage said fiercely with anger in his eyes.

“What should we do now? Although we don’t have to be afraid of the level-5 mage, if she improves the power of the weapons of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, we’ll be at a disadvantage.” Another man sitting on the side frowned.
There were also many faded scars on his face.
It could be seen that he was a desperado.

“Perhaps we should just kill that level-5 mage completely! Isn’t this a trick we always use?” The man gave an evil smile as he licked his lips.
He thought that this would work.

“Greedy Wolf, do you want the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group to be blacklisted by the Mercenary Union completely?” The Commander sitting in the main seat finally spoke.
He looked like a normal person, but he didn’t seem likable no matter what.

The man with a scar didn’t say anything again, while the man with faded scars on the other side pondered for a moment.
“Commander, we better put a level-7 master in the lineup for the battle when we’re being challenged this time.
Then, we can suppress the momentum of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

The Commander nodded.
They would be exerting themselves to reach the five-star level this time.
Once the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group became a five-star group, their status would become much higher.
There would be teams under the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group from one-star to five-star level.
By then…

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