Chapter 104: The Fat Is in the Fire (1)

Leng Siaose’s face became cold.
He and Tuoba Gang offered such favorable conditions, but this little girl rejected the two of them so quickly and decisively.
This was undoubtedly a slap on their faces! They were Commanders of five-star groups! When had they been rejected before? They even came here to poach her in person!

Yun Feng’s faint smile remained at the corners of her mouth and her innocent little face was dazzling.
In a blink, this smile attracted everyone’s eyes.
“Why? Must I choose between the two of you?”

“Yun Feng! We came here for you because we think highly of you!” Tuoba Gang shouted.
He beared his soul to try to poach Yun Feng, but it ended up like this.
They lost to a three-star group, no, a mercenary group that was about to become a two-star group.
How could they save their face?

“That’s enough, Commanders.
Everyone has their own ambitions.
If Yun Feng doesn’t want to leave, why do you have to force her?” The Vice President coughed gently and quelled the anger of the two Commanders.
He smiled slightly at Yun Feng as he walked over.

Yun Feng looked at Zheng Ran, who came up to her, and also gave him a smile.
This old guy is extremely clever.
No matter which mercenary group she was in, she was a member of his Mercenary Union after all, so he certainly didn’t care about it.

“KId, welcome to the Mercenary Union.”

Zheng Ran reached a hand out kindly and stopped in front of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled as she stretched her little hand out to shake Zheng Ran’s hand.
Seeing this scene, everyone knew that Yun Feng would never leave the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Vice President of the Mercenary Union was also certain about it.

Seeing this scene, the two Commanders flicked their sleeves and left.
This was probably the first time they looked so furious.
The two hadn’t gone far before they saw two old friends again.
It was the Commander of the Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group, who received the news a bit later and immediately rushed here to poach the mage.
When they saw Tuoba Gang and Leng Siaose leaving with anger on their faces, they couldn’t help but feel thrilled.
It seemed that these two failed.
They even ran over with a delighted look.

“There’s no need to go inside! Even if you go there, it’s useless! That mage doesn’t yield to both soft approaches or force.
She has already chosen to stay in the Red Maple Mercenary Team!” Tuoba Gang yelled, which made the other two people glance at her a few times in confusion.
He must be saying this only because he failed to poach the mage, to make them believe that they wouldn’t succeed either?

Leng Siaose smiled coldly after seeing the expressions of the two of them.
“Hm, if you don’t believe us, you can try.
I’ll wait for good news from you both!” After saying this, Leng Siaose’s body immediately flashed and he disappeared.
Tuoba Gang also grunted coldly and curiously, flashing away.

The two Commanders of the five-star groups stayed where they were and their hearts couldn’t help but pound.
Was what they said true or not? The Waning Moon Group and the Raging Fire Group were both echelons among the four five-star mercenary groups.
If those two people from the echelons failed to recruit the mage, how would the offers they made be any better? How would they possibly be able to get the mage?

The two Commanders pondered in their minds and decided to give up.
They just couldn’t help wondering in their minds, what did the Red Maple Mercenary Team do to recruit that mage and even make the mage stay there so faithfully? That was truly unbelievable.

The Vice President chatted with Yun Feng for a while.
The gap between identities of the two of them didn’t become larger due to their age difference.
However, Yun Feng was also humble and cautious when facing the Vice President.
After all, the Vice President was a powerhouse and powerhouses deserved respect from others.

The Vice President was very satisfied with Yun Feng’s unarrogant and humble attitude.
No matter which mercenary group this talented child was in, she belonged to the Mercenary Union.
Thinking of this, the Vice President couldn’t help but feel pleased.
Those mages at the Magic Union were always arrogant.
They acted cocky whenever the Vice President asked them to insert crystals for him.
What about now? The Mercenary Union had a mage as well, one that was extremely talented.
If those of the Magic Union knew about this, wouldn’t they be so enraged that smoke would come out of their heads?

The Vice President’s mood became much happier when he thought of the scene where smoke billowed out of those people’s heads.
He was more and more satisfied with Yun Feng.
“Yun Feng, work hard.
I have high expectations on the Red Maple Mercenary Team for the level assessment this time.”

Yun Feng nodded.
Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming stood behind Yun Feng.
It wasn’t even Zhao Mingqi’s place to speak on such an occasion, as a Commander.
Other than Yun Feng, nobody else had the confidence and this guarantee.

“I won’t let you down.”

“Good, good! Work hard then.
I’ll go back first.” The Vice President turned around and left with a smile.
The crowd of onlookers outside the Red Maple Mercenary Team also dispersed gradually.
However, when they looked at the Red Maple Mercenary Team right now, they all felt a hint of jealousy and envy.

The strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was originally reduced and they were already destined to be downgraded to the two-star level, but a mage suddenly came out of nowhere.
Not only did they get a level-5 mage, but they were also favored by the Vice President of the Mercenary Union.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team would probably go straight up on their future road…

Ah, when could their mercenary groups have such luck? How wonderful would it be if they could also find a mage…

Once the crowd of onlookers left and the three big shots were gone, the Red Maple Mercenary Team gently shut their door.
Then, everyone raised their arms and yelled, letting out an enthusiastic cheer.
Every one of their faces were full of excitement and pride!

“Yun Feng belongs to the Red Maple Mercenary Team! Our Young Lady belongs to the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”

“This time, we’ll definitely win! With my Lady here, what do we have to be afraid of?”

All the mercenaries cheered loudly.
Every pair of their eyes looked at Yun Feng with the greatest trust and hope.
Seeing such a scene, Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming couldn’t help but tear up a little.
Ever since the Red Maple Mercenary Team suffered from the blow that time, the spirit of the members had dropped quite a lot, even though nobody talked about it.
A lot of them were listless and unmotivated.
However, Yun Feng’s arrival changed everything.
She gave the Red Maple Mercenary Team hope.
She gave the Red Maple Mercenary Team a new life!

Zhao Yan came down from the second floor with a hint of embarrassment on his face.
He witnessed everything that happened just then.
Those two supreme powerhouses tried to poach Yun Feng like crazy and even made those kinds of conditions.
To be honest, if it was him, he wouldn’t be able to stand the temptation and would join their groups instead.
And yet, Yun Feng didn’t.
She rejected the two powerhouses firmly and said that she was Yun Feng from the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

Yun Feng felt the passion as pride rose in her heart.
Everyone shouted out “Young Lady.” Everyone shouted out her name.
Yun Feng gently waved her hand as all the voices quieted down and they all looked at her with enthusiasm.
Right now, she was their backbone.
She was their motivation!

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