Chapter 103: Poaching Her with Their Lives (3)

“Yun Feng, we’re a five-star mercenary group.
What do you want? Just tell us!” Tuoba Gang spoke first and gave Yun Feng the most favorable condition.
After seeing this, Leng Siaose glanced at Tuoba Gang in disdain and also said.

“Yun Feng, we’re also a five-star group.
We can give you what you want.”

Tuoba Gang immediately continued with a smile after seeing that, “Yun Feng, if you come to our group, you’ll be the Deputy Commander.”

When the others heard what he said, they couldn’t help but gasp again.
The Commander of the Fierce Tiger Group was offering too much.
She would be the Deputy Commander once she joined them?!

“Tuoba Gang, you’re truly willing to do everything.
So, which of your two Deputy Commanders are you planning to take down?” Leng Siaose sneered.
Tuoba Gang burst into laughter.
“Leng Siaose, who said that there must be two Deputy Commanders? When Yun Feng comes, there will naturally be three!”

Leng Siaose’s expression changed slightly.
He had never thought Tuoba Gang would use such a shameless tactic on this.
However, if Tuoba Gang could do so, he could as well!

“Yun Feng, if you come to Cold Star Group, you’ll certainly be the Deputy Commander as well.”

“Hey! Leng Siaose, can you not copy what I did?” Tuoba Gang was enraged.
The two of them had disliked each other for many years, but they couldn’t challenge the other party because they were both from a five-star mercenary group.
They were hoping that a four-star group would come to challenge the other party so one of them would go down a level.”

“Copy what you did? Alright, I’ll not copy you this time.
Yun Feng, if you come to Cold Star Group, you’ll not only become our Deputy Commander, we’ll also give you one-tenth of each level of the ores we mine from the Shiny Plains!”

Tuoba Gang couldn’t help but feel enraged.
“Fuck! Leng Siaose, you always want to go against me! One-tenth of each level of the ores? I don’t believe that you would truly sacrifice this much!”

Onlookers watching outside and those listening inside all froze into a stone statue.
One-tenth of each level of the ores.
Everyone knew that the area divided for the five-star mercenary groups on the Shiny Plains was the best.
The quality of the ores there was the highest and the worst ones were also mid-level ores.
One-tenth of the mid-level ores, one-tenth of the high-level ores, and also one-tenth of the ultimate ores if they truly found some… If this was the case, who else in the world could be richer than Yun Feng?

Countless pairs of extremely intent eyes gazed over to Yun Feng, so hot, so eager, even with a little bit of admiration!

“I’ll keep my promise and will never go back on my words!” Leng Siaose looked at Tuoba Gang coldly.
He wasn’t someone who didn’t think.
He was indeed sacrificing quite a lot this time, but it was worth it! If this mage in front of his eyes was an adult, he wouldn’t have spent so much effort.
However, the level-5 mage was a kid! The kid had reached level 5 at such an age.
She was such a talented genius.
So, how much potential was there in her body? Nobody knew! Perhaps… Perhaps… She could become a commander-level mage.
By then…

Thinking about the Cold Star Mercenary Group having Yun Feng, Leng Siaose couldn’t help but look even more fierce and he was a bit relieved in his mind.
Tuoba Gang didn’t have a quick wit like he did and wasn’t as far-sighted as he was.
How would Tuoba Gang think of such a long future? He would definitely be able to get this little girl!

Seeing Leng Siaose’s look, Tuoba Gang wasn’t sure if Leng Siaose said this only to anger him by making the same offer as his or if he had other purposes… Tuoba Gang pondered in his mind.
Fuck, Leng Siaose was also a shrewd person.
It wouldn’t be wrong to do the same thing as him!

“I can give you the same condition! Yun Feng, all five-star mercenary groups are comparable in strength and the areas we own are also the same! I can give you whatever he offers you!”

Leng Siaose’s expression changed drastically after hearing that.
Tuoba Gang had also learnt to use his brain! If that was the case… he could only sacrifice a little more!

The two of them talked one after another, sounding a bit like stand-up comedy.
The heart of everyone else here, except for Yun Feng and the Vice President, was pounding constantly because of the conditions the two of them offered.
Even Zhao Mingqi’s originally unwavering belief was somewhat shakened.
The others of the Red Maple Mercenary Team looked anxious as well.
They had never thought these two Commanders would try to poach Yun Feng with their lives!

Anyone who had a brain would be moved in front of such a huge temptation.
Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang truly gave it all out.
They certainly had to keep their words and could never break their promises.
After all, they still had to keep the face of their five-star groups.

While everyone was holding their breath, Yun Feng, who hadn’t been talking, glanced at the two Commanders, who argued so fiercely that their faces blushed and their necks became thick, and she asked coldly, “Are you done talking?”

Tuoba Gang and Leng Siaose immediately stopped talking when they heard that.
After what Yun Feng said, the two Commanders of the five-star groups instantly obediently went silent like children.

The Vice President chuckled at this moment.
“You’re both someone superior.
How can you just keep talking by yourself? Why aren’t you asking Yun Feng if she agrees?”

When Leng Siaose and Tuoba Gang heard that, they both looked at Yun Feng with anticipation.
The two of them were very confident.
First, their mercenary groups were five-star groups! The treatment they could give Yun Feng wasn’t something a three-star group could compare with.
Second, which of the conditions they offered wasn’t tempting? Those who weren’t tempted must truly be out of their minds! They just had to wait to see which of them the little girl would choose.

Yun Feng slowly gave a smile, then looked at Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming.
Seeing the anxious look on Zhao Mingqi’s face and the expressions of the other members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, Yun Feng shook her head slightly.
“Thank you, Commanders.
Since I’ve already joined the Red Maple Mercenary Team, I won’t change it anymore.
Thank you both for being so kind.”

“Gasp…” Another round of gasping came.
The crowd of onlookers outside couldn’t help but feel their hearts tighten.
The most unbelievable thing happened! She rejected the invitation from the two Commanders of the five-star groups and rejected conditions that would make anyone crazy!

Was the Red Maple Mercenary Team that good? Or did the Red Maple Mercenary Team give her a condition or a promise that other people couldn’t?

“Yun Feng, don’t you want to think about it first? The Red Maple Mercenary Team is just a three-star group and they’ll definitely drop to the two-star level after the level assessment this time! Don’t you think it’s a waste of your talent, developing in such a mercenary group? We only came here because we treasure talented people.
Don’t be too arrogant!”

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