Chapter 101: Poaching Her with Their Lives (1)

Yun Feng belonged to the Red Maple Mercenary Team! This was something Zhao Mingqi had always believed since the beginning.
Wang Ming, who was standing next to him and hadn’t been saying anything, had already scolded Old Deng in his mind thousands of times.
Damn it, Old Deng! He can’t keep his mouth shut.
How long has it been? And these three heavy hitters have already heard about it!

And yet, Wang Ming didn’t know that even though Old Deng was one of the big mouths, who reported the news to the senior personnel of the Mercenary Union right after Yun Feng left, it just so happened that these two Commanders of the five-star groups were there with this Vice President that time.
The news surprised the Vice President a lot.
The two Commanders of the five-star groups rarely saw the Vice President like this, so they couldn’t help teasing him.

“Looking at your face, did a mage come to the Mercenary Union?”

It was supposed to be just a joke.
He had never thought that the Vice President would nod with a smile.
“That’s actually right.
A mage came, a level-5 mage!”

The two Commanders of the five-star groups felt like they were being struck by lightning and couldn’t collect themselves.
They immediately looked at each other quickly and yelled at the same time, “Fair competition!”

The two Commanders, who were originally thrilled about this level-5 mage, almost crushed their teeth out of anger after hearing the next bit of news.
“The two of you are a bit late.
That mage has already joined a mercenary group.”

After hearing that, the two of them were so enraged that smoke almost came out of their bodies.
The man with a piercing asked as he gritted his teeth, “Which of the five-star groups, Waning Moon or Raging Fire?”

There were only four five-star mercenary groups.
The Vice President only smiled and remained silent after hearing what he said, while the other Commander couldn’t just stand there anymore either.
“Perhaps a four-star mercenary group? That’s not good.
Such a talent will be wasted! The mage wouldn’t have a future at all!”

The Vice President was still smiling.
He looked at the two Commanders whose faces were full of anxiousness, with a smile.
“The mage is neither with a five-star group nor a four-star group.
Commanders, do you know about the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team?” The man with a piercing thought for a while, but he still didn’t understand it.
Instead, the other Commander also frowned tightly as he pondered.

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team is a three-star group.
I heard that they had a brutal fight with another three-star mercenary group in the Shiny Plains a while ago and they suffered huge casualties.
Their level will probably be lowered in the level assessment this time.”

The Vice President nodded and looked at this Commander with an agreeing look after hearing that.
Seeing the expression of the Vice President, the Commander who spoke was startled.

The Vice President nodded, while the Commander with a piercing was confused.
“Perhaps what?”

The Vice President got up and added as he smiled at the two Commanders, “Let’s go and meet this level-5 mage recruited by the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”

The Commander with the earring immediately widened his eyes.
He saw that the Vice President wouldn’t say a word for a long time, while the other Commander didn’t look good either.
They could kind of accept it if the other two five-star mercenary groups recruited the mage.
After all, the other two five-star groups were also powerful.
It was still acceptable if the mage was recruited by a four-star group, but they could never accept it if a three-star group, a mercenary group that was definitely going to be downgraded, recruited the mage!

The two Commanders came to the Red Maple Mercenary Team with the Vice President with their own thoughts.
Commanders of the five-star groups usually wouldn’t condescend to visit the area of the three-star groups.
So, when the three of them showed up in this area, they caused quite a huge furor.
When the other three-star groups saw that the three of them were going straight to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, they were more certain about the news spreading crazily around right now.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team recruited a level-5 mage!

Apart from Old Deng, all the other examinees in that cabin were also big mouths.
The news spread everywhere and everyone knew about it.
They just had no idea if it was just a rumor or news released by the Red Maple Mercenary Team themselves, but now, it seemed that this was indeed true!

Many people gradually gathered in front of the building of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Everyone came with the thought of seeing the real face of that mage.
After all, the mage was already something, being able to attract these three heavy hitters of such a level here.
Besides, they could come to see the three big shots as well.
After all, they wouldn’t be able to meet the three of them even if they wanted to.

Yun Feng’s net worth also doubled in a heartbeat.
Everyone came here for her.
Why did such a mysterious level-5 mage join the Mercenary Union? Why did the mage join the Red Maple Mercenary Team? These were questions in countless people’s minds, but they couldn’t resist the eagerness of knowing what Yun Feng looked like.


Yun Feng came down slowly from the second floor as she felt the anticipating gazes that came from all directions.
She was curious, simply curious.
When these people saw that she was a kid, how would they look? It should be quite exciting to watch their expressions.

In fact, exciting wasn’t enough of a word.
The moment when the three superior big shots of the Mercenary Union saw Yun Feng, they were all a little unsteady on their feet.
The Commander with the earring on the left even staggered.
If he didn’t steady himself, he would have fallen on the ground.

Everyone watching outside the Red Maple Mercenary Team also went silent.
At this moment, even the sound of a pin dropping on the ground could be heard clearly.
Fuck, seriously? This is just a little girl.
A level-5 mage? Are you kidding me?

“Commander Zhao! Are you joking with us?” The Commander, who had been standing on the side peacefully, was also a bit furious at this moment.
Zhao Mingqi was clearly messing around with them! How dare him use a child to fool them!

The Vice President didn’t show more fluctuations in his expression.
Those who were in superior positions usually had some unusual qualities.
During a time when everyone was so surprised that their jaws dropped, he could still remain calm, so he couldn’t be regarded as an ordinary person anymore.

“Zhao Mingqi, if you want to deceive us, you should find someone more fitting for it! Who would believe you when you show them this?” After the Commander with a piercing steadied his body, he couldn’t help shouting with a rough voice.
Seeing Yun Feng’s small body and that too innocent face, he was truly enraged.

Zhao Mingqi smiled wryly and speechlessly on the side.
Their Young Lady was truly a level-5 mage.
Even though he didn’t believe it either at the beginning, this was the truth.
The result of the mercenary level assessment wouldn’t be fake.
Besides, Wang Ming was a witness back there.

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