Chapter 100: Someone’s Here (4)

Zhao Yan couldn’t accept such a huge gap, so he took the opportunity to make trouble with Yun Feng.
He, who was usually peaceful, was quite mean when he spoke to Yun Feng.

“It’s my business whether I’ve overrated myself.
Facts can prove everything.
As for the commander position of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, I don’t have any interest in it at all.
Replying with what you said, have you overrated yourselves?”

“You…” Zhao Yan’s face flushed slightly after Yun Feng refuted him.
He only felt like the smile at the corners of this girl’s mouth was full of ridicule!

“Why did you ask my father to sign up and challenge a four-star mercenary group? If the Red Maple Mercenary Team suffers more losses, can you bear it?”

“Young Master Zhao, let me say something.
With me here, the Red Maple Mercenary Team will be fine!”

Zhao Yan was slightly startled.
He couldn’t say anything to Yun Feng anymore and the anger in his mind seemed to have been put out by what she said.
Right at this moment, a few people entered the hall on the first floor.
The moment they came in, everyone became extremely anxious.
Even Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming on the second floor rushed out and ran downstairs right away.

Yun Feng and Zhao Yan stood at the stairs on the second floor and looked down at the same time.
Three men came in.
Yun Feng immediately narrowed his black eyes.
The three of them all had a higher level than her!

Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming ran straight downstairs.
When they saw the three of them, they both looked a bit nervous.
Wang Ming stood next to Zhao Mingqi with a slightly solemn look on his rough face at this moment.
These three were superior big shots in the Mercenary Union.
Why did they come to the Red Maple Mercenary Team together?

This was also a question in everyone else’s mind.
Zhao Mingqi first bowed to the three of them respectfully with a smile on his face.
“What brings you here, masters?”

The three people were all middle-aged men at the age of around 50.
The body figure of middle one was a bit more well-proportioned, while the other two were comparable to Wang Ming.
Hearing Zhao Mingqi’s question, the man in the middle smiled gently with faint laugh lines at the corners of his lips, making him look very easy-going.

“Commander Zhao, we’re here to meet the mage who has already been recruited by the Red Maple Mercenary Team right after joining the union,” the man said with a smile, which made everyone here gasp.
These three people came for Yun Feng? Zhao Yan, who was standing at the stairs on the second floor, couldn’t help but glance at Yun Feng a few times with great confusion flashing deep in his black eyes, while the person concerned, Yun Feng, kept looking at the three of them with her black eyes and an indifferent expression.

All the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were surprised.
These three people were important figures in the Mercenary Union! The one in the middle was the Vice President of the Mercenary Union! And the two men next to him were the commanders of the two most powerful five-star mercenary groups!

These three people came to the three-star Red Maple Mercenary Team in person just to meet the new mage, Yun Feng!

Thinking of this, the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team couldn’t help but feel like there was light on their faces.
This was something that was worth bragging about when they went outside.
After all, how many people could make these three big shots come here at the same time? Even the Emperor of the Karan Empire didn’t receive such treatment!

Besides, Yun Feng was a member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
If Zhao Mingqi was right, the other two commanders of the five-star groups were here to poach her!

Zhao Mingqi chuckled after hearing that.
When he was about to say something, the stout man on the left interrupted him.
There was a conspicuous piercing on the man’s ear and he was wearing a huge, extremely shiny sapphire.

“Zhao Mingqi, are you trying to hide the mage? You can’t even let us have a look?”

Zhao Mingqi smiled wryly.
Before he could talk, the man on the right spoke.
Although this man didn’t sound as domineering as the left one did, he also talked with a sarcastic tone.

“Commander Zhao, I’m truly curious.
How exactly did the Red Maple Mercenary Team recruit such a person?”

Zhao Mingqi gave a wry smile constantly.
How? Everyone knew that the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t have anything they could show right now with their strength.
They just relied on the inseparable relationship between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Yun family, if that really counted.

“Masters, why do you have to torment us? You all know the current situation of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
I can only say that the master has put a high value on the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

The man on the left chuckled in disdain after hearing that, “Hm, the Mercenary Union only encounters a mage once every century.
I can’t believe we let you take this advantage.”

“Commander Zhao, we just want to meet this mage today.
You won’t mind, will you?” The man in the middle said.
Even though there were laugh lines at the corners of his mouth, his eyes were obviously delivering a message, “You’re not allowed to reject me.”

Zhao Mingqi certainly understood what that meant.
He heaved a few sighs in frustration and looked towards the corner on the second floor, where Yun Feng was standing.
“My Lady, please come down for a second.”

The three of them couldn’t help but feel shocked.
It was a woman? Even though men and women were equal in this world, women were no match for men in terms of physiques after all.
Thinking that the level-5 mage was a woman, the three of them were more anticipated and their eyes all gazed towards the second floor.

Yun Feng stood in the corner as her red lips rose slightly.
After these three old things came, they first gave the Red Maple Mercenary Team a dig.
They were obviously saying that the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t deserve to have a level-5 mage and also regretted that they were too slow.
Only five-star groups could have a level-5 mage? How ridiculous! She could go anywhere she wanted.
These few old people couldn’t decide where she went or stayed!

Yun Feng came down step by step, making a gentle sound as she stepped on the wooden stairs.
Everyone immediately looked towards the place where the sound came from, including the three powerhouses.

Zhao Mingqi watched Yun Feng walk down slowly and an inexplicable excitement surged in his mind.
The Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team attracted three supreme powerhouses here in person.
Those two commanders of the five-star groups must be here to poach her.
If this was someone else, Zhao Mingqi would probably be worrying that this level-5 mage would leave for the others after hearing the favorable conditions offered by those two commanders of five-star groups, but this was Yun Feng.
If it was Yun Feng, he didn’t have to worry about that at all!

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