Chapter 99: Someone’s Here (3)

Level-5 mages could fight with warriors that had a higher level.
So, if a level-5 mage was proficient in using magic, he could fight with a level-6 warrior!

Zhao Mingqi made plans in his mind.
A two-star mercenary group wouldn’t possibly have a level-6 master! So, they could keep their three-star level safely this time!

“No, it’s not enough to keep our three stars.
We have to issue a challenge to the four-star Evil Wolf Mercenary Group!” What Yun Feng said made Zhao Mingqi freeze for a long time.
“Challenge a four-star…”

“Commander, are you freaking out right now? If our Young Lady said we have to challenge a four-star group, we should issue a challenge! What are we afraid of?” Wang Ming hit Zhao Mingqi’s shoulder hard, making this middle-aged man collect himself.

“Even though my Lady is strong enough, wouldn’t it be too much… to challenge a four-star group?” Zhao Mingqi wasn’t worried that Yun Feng might fail the challenge.
He was worried that Yun Feng would be injured if she couldn’t beat the other party, which would be bad.

“Hahaha, Commander, pluck up your courage.
With my Lady here, what do we have to be afraid of?” What Wang Ming said swept away the worries in Zhao Mingqi’s mind.
That faint smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth seemed to have infinite power and gave him a strong confidence.
With Yun Feng here, with their Young Lady here, what did they have to be scared of?

“Alright, I’ll follow your arrangement, my Lady!” Zhao Mingqi’s long-lost enthusiasm also boiled slightly.
That brutal fight originally made him dispirited, thinking that they wouldn’t even be able to keep their three-star level, but now, not only would their three-star level be safe, they were even going for the four-star level! Zhao Mingqi looked at Yun Feng deeply.
Because of the arrival of the Young Lady, the Red Maple Mercenary Team could finally change their fate.
Their Young Lady was the savior of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, a well-deserved leader!

Then, the door was knocked gently.
Zhao Mingqi looked at the door.
“Father, it’s me!” Zhao Mingqi walked over and heard that it was Zhao Yan’s voice.
Even though he was wondering why Zhao Yan came upstairs, he still opened the door.

“Father.” Zhao Yan said softly as his eyes uncontrollable gazed at Yun Feng sitting inside.
“What’s wrong?” Zhao Mingqi asked.
He moved his body and let his son enter.

Zhao Yan was fifteen years old this year.
He had been next to Zhao Mingqi since he was small and was also quite a talented young boy.
He had reached level 3 at the age of 15.
Although this wasn’t a big deal in the entire mercenary group, his identity wasn’t simple.

The Zhao family had taken the Red Maple Mercenary Team over for more than a decade and Zhao Mingqi’s generation had also been in charge for a few decades.
In Zhao Yan’s mind, the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was his father.
To put it bluntly, the Red Maple Mercenary Team belonged to the Zhao family!

And yet, a Young Lady suddenly showed up inexplicably today and she immediately wanted to take his father’s place! There was anger in Zhao Yan’s mind.
What made him more furious was that Yun Feng was a little girl who was even younger than he was, but she had much higher strength.
Not only that, this girl wanted to take the commander position right after she came.
Compared to her, he seemed a bit too shameful to look up!

Besides, the commander position would be his in the future.
Putting this aside, what made Zhao Yan the most furious was the strength gap between him and Yun Feng.
To be honest, it was pure jealousy.

“Father, we’ll have to submit the application form in a few days.
Are we cancelling the plan to challenge a four-star mercenary group?” Zhao Yan asked with a soft voice.
Even though he didn’t want Yun Feng to hear him, his father had already declared his stance so he shouldn’t act too obviously.

“No, we’ll keep our original plan to challenge a four-star mercenary group!” What Zhao Mingqi said was immediately opposed by Zhao Yan.
Although he was still young, he also had a relatively mature mind as he could be said to have grown up in the mercenary world ever since he was small.

“Father! We’ve already lost all our elites.
If we challenge a four-star mercenary group, we won’t even be able to survive the challenge from a two-star group!”

Zhao Yan said a bit anxiously and his tone also rose a bit higher.
His eyes gazed at Yun Feng unconsciously.
How would his conservative father possibly take such a huge risk? That new girl must have egged him on!

“Yan, you don’t have to worry about it this time.
I’ve already made up my mind.
Go out.” Zhao Mingqi said indifferently and was a bit upset with his son’s attitude.
He had indulged his son since he was a child, so his son might be a bit spoiled and didn’t know his place clearly.

“Yes.” Zhao Yan lowered his head and left, but with a hint of anger in his eyes.
Yun Feng certainly received that obvious gaze.
She immediately stood up.
“Commander Zhao, I’ll go out first.
With me here to deal with this matter, the Red Maple Mercenary Team will be fine.”

Zhao Mingqi bowed to Yun Feng respectfully.
“With my Lady here, I’ll definitely be a hundred times more confident!”

Yun Feng walked out of the room with a faint smile, while Wang Ming stayed and continued to talk about something with Zhao Mingqi.
It should be about the Shiny Plains.
Yun Feng walked to the stairs and saw someone who had been waiting for her there as expected, Zhao Yan.

“Are you really Yun Feng?” Zhao Yan stood at the stairs and sized up Yun Feng with his eyes.
Yun Feng wasn’t enraged at such a rule gaze.
She just nodded.
“You can’t fake things like your identity.”

Zhao Yan seemed to be completely angered by her words.
He slightly straightened his body and took a few steps forward with the “clomp, clomp” sound.

Yun Feng looked at the angry Zhao Yan.
She understood his anger.
She only smiled faintly.
She had put Meatball away from her shoulder when she entered the Mercenary Union.
Although Wang Ming was a bit curious where Meatball went, he didn’t ask anything.
In the Mercenary Union, a Magic Beast could cause a great furor.

Without Meatball’s fluffy body, Yun Feng seemed to be a bit uncomfortable.
Seeing how absent-minded she was, Zhao Yan was even more enraged.
“You’re at level 5? Do you have extraordinary strength? Can you defeat level-6 and level-7 warriors? You want to turn the tide by yourself? Haven’t you overrated yourself?” Zhao Yan said as he looked at that level badge on Yun Feng’s chest with a bit of bitterness in his mouth.
He regarded himself as a genius and his talent had also been recognized by many seniors.
However, he had never thought the strength he was so proud of was useless in front of such a little girl!

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