Cut the soul? Yun Feng thought in her mind how powerful exactly was a summoner.
He could even cut his soul!

The ancestor seemed to have guessed what Yun Feng was thinking and he smiled.
“Kid, summoners are really powerful.
They’re a thousand times, ten thousand times more powerful than you think they are.
When you reach that height, you’ll experience it yourself.”

Yun Feng nodded.
There was almost no experience to learn from on the road of summoners.
It had been over two centuries since the last summoner appeared on the East Continent.
It was impossible for her to find a tutor.
Luckily, she had her ancestor now and this undoubtedly saved her a lot of detours!

“Kid, once the news that you’re a summoner spread, the East Continent will probably be stirred.”

Yun Feng smiled slightly.
“To be honest, ancestor, I don’t want the news to spread.”

“Oh? Why? Don’t you want the Yun family to rise to the highest point we were once at?”

“No, I want to, I really want to.
As a member of the Yun family, I certainly have to bring honor to my ancestors.
This is something I should and must do!”

“Then, why…”

“I don’t just want to become a summoner.
I want to be a warrior as well!”

What Yun Feng said made her ancestor speechless.
He opened his mouth slightly and looked dumbfounded, standing there like he had seen a ghost.
After quite a while, he burst into laughter with endless appreciation in his eyes.

“You’re indeed different, kid.
The mental strength in your body is astonishing and your mind is also… amazing.
Do you know a summoner is also a mage?”

Yun Feng nodded.
Summoners and mages both belonged to the area of mental strength and they used their own mental strength to use and communicate with the elements in the world.
However, summoners could control Magic Beasts and mages could only use the elements.

“You said that you want to become a warrior too.
Do you know it means that you have to practice three professions at the same time? If those old people who are still alive in the world know about it, they’ll be scared to death.”

Yun Feng smiled slightly.
“I don’t want to be a weak powerhouse and I don’t want to become a fool who can easily be killed by my opponents at any time! As a powerhouse, I’ll not give my opponents any chance to kill me and I’ll not give people the idea that they can beat me!”

There was a smile in the ancestor’s black eyes after he heard this.
The girl’s idea might be a bit earth-shattering, but it won his heart.
Her arrogance was somewhat similar to his.
She was indeed the child of the Yun family!

“Great! Now that you have the idea, do it with determination and don’t give up.”

Yun Feng smiled.
She felt like she immediately had a supporter behind her back.
This supporter was huge and tall.
For Yun Feng, her ancestor’s words could give her endless courage and motivation to move forward.

“Right, kid, did you almost die?”

What the ancestor said surprised Yun Feng.
The ancestor smiled.
“I went into your spiritual space, so I saw your memory.
What are you going to do about it?”

What should she do? A chill came out of Yun Feng’s body.
It was so cold that it could almost freeze breaths.
The eldest son of the Lin family beat Yun Feng to death.
If it wasn’t for her, Yun Feng would really have died.
Such a debt certainly needed to be paid.
It wasn’t just a couple days that the Lin family preyed on the property of the Yun family.
The Lin family also had something to do with the miserable death of her second brother.
She must make the Lin family pay for all these things!

“Of course I’ll take revenge, but not now.
I’m too weak right now and I don’t have any power to fight back even when facing the eldest son of the Lin family, let alone the others of the Lin family!”

“Hm, those people will die sooner or later.
Whoever provokes the Yun family won’t live long…” The ancestor’s smiley face immediately turned dark.
The warm smile at the corners of his mouth also became evil.
Yun Feng only felt warmth flowing in her heart.

“Three months! Three months later will be the day I enter the Martial Arts Institute.
When I get there, I’ll kill him myself.”

“Three months?” The ancestor was a bit shocked.
He then burst into laughter arrogantly.
Glitters flashed in those eyes as deep as the night sky.
“Kid, aren’t you underestimating yourself?”

Underestimating herself? Yun Feng was confused.
Did she have great strength right now? She had never had any practice at all and this body had just gotten a new soul.
The only thing she did during this period of time was probably merging her soul and the body.

“If you contract with a Magic Beast of the same level right now, you’ll be able to level even the entire Chunfeng Town easily if you want, not to mention that bastard of the Lin family.”

Yun Feng’s breath immediately tightened.
She felt that she had just heard something very unbelievable.
She dared not believe it, but she also had to.
If this was said by someone else, she would be a bit skeptical even if it was a high-level powerhouse, but the person who said that just now was her ancestor, the great summoner!

“Am I… that impressive?” This might be a foolish and naive question, but it was something Yun Feng really wanted to know.
How powerful she was right now? Which level was she at? Why did her ancestor say that she could easily level Chunfeng Town? Destroying a town was something warriors or mages of at least the intermediate level could do.
Had she… reached the intermediate level already? How was that possible?

“Kid, even though you don’t really have great strength right now, you’re invincible among your peers.
Even those who call themselves a talent can’t compare to you at all.” The ancestor said with a content and proud tone when he spoke and there were smiles in his black eyes.
“No matter how strong you are, you should experience it yourself when you have the chance.”

Hearing what her ancestor said, Yun Feng couldn’t stop her heart from beating rapidly.
She was invincible among her peers and even the talented people couldn’t compare to her.
If even the talents were no match for her, then what was she? Someone who was more talented than the talented?

Noticing the slight astonishment in Yun Feng’s mind, her ancestor also smiled gently, as if he wanted her to digest the news.
Since he was in the spiritual space inside Yun Feng’s body, he could touch Yun Feng’s mental strength more directly.
In fact, the moment her ancestor entered Yun Feng’s body, he was already stunned.

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