CHAPTER 4 Car Accident Rescue

Shen Biqin felt that her son had changed a lot, but she didn ask much.

She had been in the hospital for almost a year, and it was normal for Ye Fan to change due to suffering.

She didn inquire about Ye Wujius situation, lest Ye Fans heart be hurt more.

Back at the rental house, Ye Fan made up the landlords rent, and then moved out with his mother overnight.

In addition to avoiding harassment by online loan companies, there is also avoiding retaliation by Huang Dongqiang and the others.

Ye Fan has the strength and confidence to protect himself, but his mother can be blown down by a gust of wind.

Ye Fan rented a single room in Baishazhou Urban Village to temporarily support his mother.

Shen Biqin is in good health, and the pressure on medical expenses is less, but Ye Fan is not relieved because he still owes a lot of online loans.

Moreover, Ye Fan was still thinking about finding his adoptive father Ye Wujiu. Whether he was alive or dead, he always needed a conclusion.

”Ding—— ”

On the morning of the fifth day after being discharged from the hospital, Shen Biqins health was much better and she could take care of herself.

Ye Fan turned on his cell phone for five days, and dozens of text messages flooded into his cell phone.

Then, a call came in.

Ye Fan put on earplugs to answer, and soon, a womans cold voice came:

”Its finally turned on? I thought you were missing. ”

”These days, the phone has not been turned on, the information has not been returned, and no one has been seen at home. , what are you doing? ”

”If you don want to stay at Tangs house, get out of here. ”

Tang Ruoxue.

Ye Fan hurriedly explained: ”Im sorry, Ive stayed with my mother these days. She has just been discharged from the hospital and needs someone to take care of her. ”

”The phone is turned off because the debt collection agency is screaming 24 hours a day. Im worried about her old mans worries. , it was temporarily turned off. ”

He asked softly, ”What do you have to do to find me? ”

Although he had been scorned by the Tang family this year, Ye Fan knew that he was not qualified to be angry. After all, it was the Tang family who gave 500,000 life-saving money.

Hearing that Ye Fan was taking care of Shen Biqin, Tang Ruoxues voice softened a little:

”Send me the location and Ill drive to pick you up. ”

Ye Fan was slightly surprised: ”Have you come back from your trip? ”

A week ago, the Tang family of five went on a trip abroad together , leaving Ye Fan alone to guard the door of the Tang family.

”Can understand what I said? Send your location. ”

Tang Ruoxue hung up the phone impatiently.

Ye Fan can only send the location.

”Woo- ”

Half an hour later, a red BMW stopped in front of Ye Fan.

The door opened, revealing a dazzling beauty.

The woman is dressed in black, with delicate facial features, snow-white skin, and a cool temperament, but there is no lack of sexy.

Especially a pair of snow-white legs, slender, round, walking, full of temptation.

Many passers-by suddenly widened their eyes, and even their breathing was invisibly short.

Tang Ruoxue.

The most beautiful woman in Zhonghai is also Ye Fans wife.

”Rent such a bad place for your mother, you are really a dutiful son. ”

Tang Ruoxue sneered at Ye Fan as always, but still took out a few bags of birds nest and ginseng and handed it over:

”This is a supplement for your mother, let her take good care of her. Make up your body. ”

”Didn your mother want surgery? Why did you return the money? ”

She threw a bank card over: ”The Tang family has already spent 600,000 to 700,000 yuan on you, and they don care about the 100,000 yuan. already. ”

Ye Fan waved his hand hurriedly: ”No, shes in much better shape and doesn need surgery… ”

”If you want to take it, take it, and keep it for her if you have anything. ”

Tang Ruoxue interrupted Ye Fan rudely: ” In order not to You are embarrassing to borrow money everywhere. ”

”Don give me any guts, you won join the Tang family if you have guts, and you take me 10,000 yuan every month for medical expenses. ”

She said with a touch of contempt, Ye Fan The rejection at this time, maintaining the so-called dignity, is nothing but pretence.

Tang Ruoxues words shocked Ye Fan, but when she wanted to throw the bank card back, Tang Ruoxue got into the car.

Ye Fan could only hold the supplements and the bank card and say, ”Thank you, have your parents come back? ”

Tang Ruoxues voice was always cold:

”What does it have to do with you if you don come back? ”

”Give it to your mother, I have something to tell you. ”

Ye Fan didn speak any more, took the things to his mothers rental house, and then said hello and left.

”Woo- ” As soon as

Ye Fan got into the passenger seat, Tang Ruoxue stepped on the accelerator and left.

Ye Fan couldn stop shaking, and his left hand accidentally touched Tang Ruoxues thigh.

Smooth and delicate.

At the same time, a message appeared in Ye Fans mind.

Status: evil spirits, bad luck, disasters to relatives and friends, death threats…

Cause: The amulets obtained from overseas travel have been dropped…

repaired or destroyed?

Ye Fan wanted to talk about repair, but before he even thought about it, Tang Ruoxues eyes were already cold.

Ye Fan hurriedly moved his hand from eating tofu.

He wanted to help Tang Ruoxue resolve the evil spirit, but the repair required physical contact, and Tang Ruoxue would never let him touch it.

So he could only remind him kindly:

”Ruoxue, your Yintang is dark, your aura is weak, and you have a bloody disaster. You need to find a master to resolve it… ”

Tang Ruoxue sneered: ”I haven seen you for a few days, youve been able to endure, learn to show pictures to others. Ye Fan said embarrassedly, ”

No, you are really haunted by evil spirits, because you were dropped while traveling… ”

”Do you have an amulet on your body? ”

He said Tang Ruoxues situation in one breath.

”Shut up! You are full of suffocation, and you are the only one with bloodshed. ”

Tang Ruoxue was ashamed and angry: ”Im fine, if you curse me again, Ill get out of here. ”

Ye Fan said helplessly, ”I really didn curse you… ” If

its not you, just shut up for me. ”

Tang Ruoxues eyes were sharp: ”If you don understand anything, just be silly, you only know how to cook, and you know how to show people? ”

Ye Fan shut up.

Seeing that Ye Fan didn make a sound, Tang Ruoxue became even more angry. Ye Fan was not only incompetent, but also cowardly. Whats the use?

However, a doubt flashed in her heart, how did Ye Fan know that he had an amulet?

You know, she took it to her heart. Could it be that this bastard peeped and used it to fool himself?

It must be so.

Tang Ruoxue made a judgment, and then the pretty face was even more disappointed.

Ye Fan is not only incompetent, but also a pervert.

”Ye Fan, this month, when Im done with my work, I want to divorce you. ” Tang

Ruoxues eyes were firmer than ever before:

”Whether you object or not, I will divorce you. ”

He was also seriously ill, and he needed to recruit Ye Fan into the family for the sake of happiness.

In the past year, the bad luck of the Tang family has dissipated, and Tang Ruxues health has recovered, so the Tang family thought about discarding Ye Fans dog-skin plaster.

The Tang family all looked at Ye Fan as disapproving.

Tang Ruoxue also changed from pity to Ye Fan, she didn see any value in this man.

Hearing the divorce, Ye Fan still didn make a sound, but his eyes became sad.

He really is a street rat.

”Do you know why your parents and brother-in-law are all disappointed in you? ”

”Its not because you have no money, or because you come to the door, but because you are too cowardly and wasteful. ”

”This year, apart from doing some housework, you You are so useless and incompetent. ”

”I really don want to spend my life with a man like you, even if you are just a tool used by the Tang family to celebrate happiness. ”

”Don worry, when I get divorced, I will do it again. Ill give you 500,000 yuan. ”

”This way you don have to worry, your mother has no medical bills. ”

Tang Ruoxues voice was emotionless: ”Lets get together and leave, don let me look down on you completely.

A trace of pain flashed across Ye Fans eyes.

He vaguely remembered that snowy evening, the little girl with pigtails and a red dress, the little girl who saved herself with a bag of barbecued pork buns.

Although eighteen years have passed, Ye Fan still remembers the girls face and her kindness.

This is also the biggest reason why he is willing to come to the door.

500,000 is important, but more importantly, Ye Fan wants to repay the kindness that year.

Otherwise, he would have sold himself more than 500,000 casually.

Ye Fan sighed in his heart: Maybe its time to let go…

”Did you hear that? ”

Seeing Ye Fans dazed expression, Tang Ruoxue hated Tie Bucheng and said, ”I want to divorce you… ”


” He didn fall down completely, only to see Ye Fan, who was originally silent, his ears moved, and he sat up straight.

He leaned against Tang Ruoxue, and his huge force suppressed Tang Ruoxues movements.

The next second, she turned the steering wheel with her left hand and pressed her slender thigh with her right hand.

The BMW, which was about to stop at the intersection and waited for the red light, slammed the accelerator and sped out like a sharp arrow.

”Ye Fan! ”

Tang Ruoxue screamed, ”Are you crazy? ”

”Boom! ”

As soon as the car rushed to the opposite side, a dump truck swept across, hitting six cars in a row, and the road was broken.


Tang Ruoxue pushed Ye Fan away, stepped on the brakes, and turned to look.

Bloody all over the place.

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