CHAPTER 10 Resurrection

e was also heartbroken: ”No, it must be Call the police, call the police, and let the police arrest this bastard. ”

Many of them are parents, and they really can see Ye Fan treating Qian Qian like this. …

Practice Sissi.

The medical staff stepped back and blocked the door to prevent Ye Fan from making trouble and escaping.

Tang Ruoxue also looked at Song Hongyan: ”President Song, Ye Fan is my husband. He really doesn know how to use medicine. Don let him mess around. ”

Song Hongyans pretty face was fiery: ”I believe him.

Tang Ruoxue was speechless, how could this Song Hongyan be so ignorant?

She couldn understand why Ye Fan, who was considered a waste by the Tang family, was so trusted by Song Hongyan?

This made her feel ridiculous, but also a little more uncomfortable in her heart.

The fact that my husband is so valued by other women is still a stunning beauty like Song Hongyan…

The patients and family members who joined in the fun at the door also scolded Ye Fan incessantly.

When a person dies, let her go in peace, tossing the corpse, won the undead rest in peace?

As for saving people, its just a joke. Even the heartbeat stopped, how could it be possible to save people?

No one believed Ye Fan, and they all shouted to the police to arrest him, and it was best to shoot him directly.

Sun Shengshou didn shout anymore, just stared at Ye Fans silver needle.

”Nine Palaces Returns Yang? ”

He recognized it completely, and was very excited: ”Is it really Jiugong Returns Yang? ”

He remembered that this was a long-lost magical acupuncture method, the first style of ”Tai Chi Divine Needle ”, which closed the door to hell. People have the effect of bringing back the dead.

As long as the patient has a breath, it can keep the breath alive.

Sun Shengshou did not expect that the acupuncture method mentioned in the ancient medical books appeared in front of him.

Heaven has eyes, Heaven has eyes.

Trembling, he took out his phone and took a picture.

”Di- ”

Just as the big-waisted security guard rushed in, a crisp sound came from the instrument, making the ward unable to stop silent.

Then, there was a ”beep beep ” sound.

Song Hongyan looked up and immediately became dumbfounded.

The few doctors in front were even more dumbfounded and full of fear.

A straight line has undulations on the instrument.

Heartbeat, pulse and breathing resume at the same time.

It was slow at first, reaching ten beats per minute in less than five seconds.

Although it is still dangerous compared to normal people, it represents a possibility:

Qian Qian, really alive!

The eyes of everyone in the audience are straight, and the patient who has been rescued ineffective, now has his heartbeat restored?

See the hell!

how can that be possible!

People with no brain waves can still recover their heartbeats?

How exactly is this done?

”Ding Ding Ding— ”

Just whether they believed it or not, Qian Qians heartbeat gradually recovered.

ten times!

Twenty times!

Thirty times!

Sixty times!

Reach the normal band!


Sun Sheng knelt down with a thud of his hand, it was really the nine palaces returning to the sun.

”Qian Qian is alive, take over the treatment! ”

Ye Fan roared: ”Hurry up and help! ”

It was the first time that acupuncture was used to save a person. Many things needed to be handled, and the energy was particularly exhausted.

Several people in Sun Shengshou were shocked by his roar, and without saying a word, they hurriedly stepped forward to treat Qian Qian.

Everyones faces were full of surprise.

While examining, many doctors couldn help but look at Ye Fan.

This kid is so amazing, he really saved the dead…

Tang Ruoxue was also stunned, looking at Ye Fan with a calm expression, feeling a little dazed for a while.

Is this still the king of soft rice in his memory?

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