CHAPTER 10 Resurrection

After leaving the villa area, Ye Fan came to the bus station.

What Lin Qiuling did gave him chills, but his innocence was not important anymore. As long as he recovered the two million debts, he could stay away from the Tang family.

However, instead of going straight to the Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, he waited for the bus to the hospital.

He couldn worry about Sissi.

”Gah— ”

Ye Fan waited for less than five minutes when a red BMW stopped beside him.

The car window fell, revealing Tang Ruoxues cold and pretty face: ”Where are you going? ”

Ye Fan said lightly: ”Go to the hospital. ”

Tang Ruoxue exhaled a long breath: ”Get in the car, Ill take you for a ride. ”

”No need, you and me . It s different. ”

Ye Fan refused without hesitation: ”You should go to work. ”

He knew that Tang Ruoxue knew the truth, otherwise he wouldn think about taking him for a ride, but he didn say sorry, how could he lower himself?

This years experience has made him realize that unprincipled humility and compromise will only make everyone look down on it.

Tang Ruoxues mouth twitched, and then she tried her best to be calm: ”I have enough time today to take you to the hospital. ”

She asked, ”Are you going to see Qian Qian? ”

”Thats right. ”

Ye Fan replied aloud: ”She is in an unstable condition, and it is estimated that she has not passed the critical period. I want to see if I can help. ”

Of course, I would also like to thank Song Hongyan for the ginseng fruit.

After eating the ginseng fruit, Ye Fan felt that his spirit and energy had improved a lot, which at least saved him from struggling for three or five years.

You can even read medical books, how can you help?

Tang Ruoxue shook her head in disapproval, but still said coldly, ”Get in the car, lets go together. ”

Ye Fan didn speak, just stared at Tang Ruoxue, as long as she said sorry, he would compromise.

Tang Ruoxue shouted forcefully, ”Is there any end? Big man, is it interesting to be preoccupied? ”

Ye Fan still didn speak.

”If you can fall in love, who do you think you are? ”

Seeing Ye Fans silence, Tang Ruoxue felt agitated. She was so kind and cheerful, what else could Ye Fan do?

She threw a paper bag at Ye Fan, then stepped on the accelerator and left.

”Pa- ”

Ye Fan grabbed the paper bag and opened it, only to find a bag of milk and a cage of barbecued pork buns.

He was slightly in a trance, and seemed to have returned to the time when he was exposed on the streets…

”Woo- ”

At nine oclock in the morning, Ye Fan came to Zhonghai Hospital.

He bought a box of silver needles in the Chinese medicine department, inquired about it, and came to the ward on the fourth floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he saw Tang Ruoxue appear with a bag of fruit.

She turned a blind eye and walked in front of Ye Fan.

Ye Fan knew that she had a big temper and was too lazy to care about her, so he went straight to the door of Qian Qians ward, and happened to see Song Hongyan sitting on the bench in a daze.

Pretty face is desperate, she seems to have lost ten pounds overnight.

Its just that although the woman is haggard, she does not lose the slightest beauty, and her sad eyes give people a poignant beauty.

There were more than a dozen men and women in Chinese clothes around her, but no one made a sound.

The atmosphere was dull.

Seeing this, Tang Ruoxue subconsciously stopped and thought about how to comfort Song Hongyan.

”Miss Song. ”

Ye Fan walked over directly: ”How is Qian Qians situation? ”

Song Hongyan was stunned for a moment, raised her head, and saw Ye Fan immediately became excited:

”Benefactor, benefactor, are you here? ”

The strong woman with a net worth of tens of billions has no air at the moment.

”You can just call me Ye Fan. ”

Ye Fan pressed her shoulders: ”The word benefactor is too heavy to bear. ”

”You saved Qian Qian, and you are my benefactor. ”

Song Hongyans eyes were stubborn: ”I will use it in the future. Feel free to open your mouth where you have the beauty. ”

”I slapped you yesterday, Im sorry. ” The

next second, she raised her hand and was about to slap herself.


Ye Fan quickly grabbed her wrist: ”Miss Song, I don blame you, I can understand you. ” ”

No matter how guilty you are, you will return it to me when Qian Qian wakes up. ”

Where ever forget to release.

”Brother Ye, you are really a good person. ”

Song Hongyan didn break free and let Ye Fan hold her: ”I will remember you forever. ”

Seeing Ye Fan holding Song Hongyans hand, Song Hongyan turned to Ye Fan again. So gentle, Tang Ruoxue, who came up, pulled the corner of her mouth and coughed softly.

Ye Fan reacted and hurriedly released his grasping hand.

Song Hongyan looked up at Tang Ruoxue with a warm smile: ”Miss Tang, thank you for organizing your rescue yesterday. ”

Tang Ruoxue replied softly, ”Mr. Song is very polite. ”

”Miss Song, how is Qian Qians situation? ” ”

Ye Fan laughed and said, ”Have you passed the dangerous period? ”

”Very optimistic. ”

Song Hongyans eyes dimmed:

”The injury is too serious. I rescued him several times yesterday, but it has not yet passed the dangerous period. ” ”

” Sun Lao is also difficult to reverse the disease .

She bit her red lips slightly, very worried, and people felt pity.

Ye Fan comforted softly: ”Don worry, Qian Qianji is a natural person, and she will be fine . ”

Song Hongyans eyes suddenly lit up:

”Brother Ye, if you could save Qian Qian yesterday, your medical skills are definitely not easy, why don you help me see? ”

She is also desperate. ”

Im sorry, Miss Song, Ye Fan is not good at medicine at all. It was just luck that he bumped into it yesterday.

Tang Ruoxue had to tell the truth, although she also hoped that Ye Fan could save the little girl, but it was impossible. ”

Miss Song, she is right, I am not a doctor.

Ye Fan answered honestly, ”I have never treated anyone. ” Hearing this ,

Song Hongyan was stunned for a moment, then her eyes hurt, and her peerless face suddenly filled with a hint of sadness.

Although Qian Qian was adopted by her, she was raised for seven years like her own daughter. , Song Hongyan doesn want to live anymore.

”Miss Song, although I have never studied medicine, I have read a lot of medical books. ”

Ye Fan changed his words: ”If you trust me, Im willing to try. ” ”

”Of course I would, of course I would. ” ”

Song Hongyans eyes lit up again, for some reason, she had an inexplicable trust in Ye Fan.

”Brother Ye, come with me. ”

Song Hongyan simply pulled Ye Fan to the ward neatly.

”Ye Fan! ”

Tang Ruoxue stared at Ye Fan and shouted anxiously: ”Don mess around, you will kill people. ”

Ye Fan smiled lightly: ”Don worry, I can definitely save Qian Qian. ”

Tang Ruoxue stomped her feet angrily: ”What kind of heart do I have? If I mess up, things will happen! ”

Luck will not come to Ye Fan every time.

”Are you angry with me? Annoyed that I refuse to tell you Im sorry? ”

Tang Ruoxue suddenly remembered something:

”Okay, Im sorry to tell you now, I was reckless in the morning, and I shouldn be framed by your mother. ”

”As long as you If you can breathe out, be rational, I slap you in the face, you can call back at any time. ”

She thought that Ye Fan was deliberately fighting against her to save Qian Qian.

Ye Fan said lightly: ”You didn believe me… ”

”Its not good! The patient has stopped breathing, hurry up… ”

At this moment, the alarm in the intensive care unit was loud, and then a dozen doctors rushed over .

In addition to the experts from the hospital, there are many Chinese medicine practitioners invited by Song Hongyan for consultation.

Walking in the front is a white-haired old man in his sixties, full of energy and luxurious.

Chinese sea doctor, Sun Shengshou.

He is the founder of Zhonghai Huichuntang. He is very famous in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. He has been a doctor for more than 40 years, and has received thousands of doctors. He has won numerous honors.

He devoted half of his life to Chinese medicine, so he was welcomed and respected by all parties in China.

The patient was in a hurry, and he rushed the fastest.

Song Hongyan and Ye Fan followed.

I saw that Qian Qian was no longer breathing, and all kinds of equipment alarms made peoples heart skip a beat.

The attending doctor was nervous and pumping adrenaline, and he even tried his best to rescue him with a defibrillator.

However, Qian Qians situation was really bad, and there was almost no reaction.

”Qian Qian! ”

Song Hongyan was about to cry.

When the electrocardiogram slowly changed to a straight line, the faces of the attending doctor and others showed sadness.

”Im coming! ”

At this moment, Sun Sheng asked the doctors to walk away. He picked up six silver needles with his fingers and dropped them on Qian Qian.

Rejuvenation six needles.

He wanted to condense the last sliver of life in Qian Qian.

In the two rescues last night and in the morning, Sun Sheng was brought back to life.

Its a pity that Qian Qian didn react at all this time.

”Hey— ”

Sun Shengs hand dropped another six needles, but Qian Qian remained motionless.

The old man sighed.

Close hand!


Seeing Sun Shengshou shaking his head, the audience was full of sorrow, and Song Hongyans face turned even paler.

Ye Fan looked over from the crowd and saw Qian Qians phantom appearing again.

Without thinking, he rushed into the ward and slapped Qian Qian on the forehead:

”Let me come! ”

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