[Another Viewpoint] With the Knights of Panamera

“Hold the line!”


“There!  You’re half a step behind!”

“Sorry, sir!”

The voices were like angry shouts, and Borra and the others marching with ballista and catapults at the tail end of the line were walking frantically with cramped faces.

When Van gave marching orders, they took turns resting on the wagons, pausing for a short rest after an hour’s walk, and a long rest after three hours’ walk.

The Knights of Panamera, however, walked for an hour and rested for five minutes, repeating the same cycle for a day, and were fed only in the morning and evening.

This is common for a knight order in the Kingdom of Scuderia, but for a knight order formed by Van, it was quite severe.

In fact, except for the continuous-fire mechanical bow unit, the other units fighting with swords and spears had undergone a certain amount of special training.
Many of them had experience as knights, mercenaries, or adventurers, and others were physically fit or had confidence in their physical strength.

However, the continuous-fire mechanical bow unit is different.
They are recruited without regard for the qualities required of a soldier.

Even Dee’s training is usually weighted toward target practice for defending the village of Seat.

“Hey, captain.
I think it’s time to take a big break…”

“No, we don’t have to… support your leg with a stick and continue if you have to.”

“That stick is going to break, though…”

And so, they marched on, and continued to walk for five days.

At the encampment that day, the advance troops who had gone ahead to scout the situation in Scudetto had returned, and a meeting was held with the commanders of the various units.

The Knights of Panamera are a small elite group, but even so, there are more than ten unit commanders alone.
All of them had fought many battles in the past, and some of them were in a deadly mood before the battle.

Borra was forced to join them.

“You are the captain of an important reinforcement force and the key to this battle.
Come on, let’s move to the middle.”

“Ye, yes…!  Excuse me!”

Surrounded by large men in armor, Borra sat stiffly in her chair and looked up.

With one simple table in the middle, everyone sat up straight in their chairs in a circle.
Panamera’s eyes narrowed sharply as he met everyone’s gaze.

“First, let’s share some information: it appears that Scudetto is in the process of accepting material support while reinforcing the city walls and gates.
In the previous Scudetto retreat, the Border Knights and the Marquisate of Fertio Knights were defeated by wyverns, fiery flaming balls, and other peculiar attacks.
However, there was a story that several wyverns were killed by Baron Van’s knights, who entered the battle en route.”

Breaking off there, Panamera looks around at everyone.

“In other words, it is highly likely that they will not leave Scudetto until the Kingdom of Jiernetta replenishes its wyverns and other forces.”

Everyone nodded shallowly at Panamera’s words, and Borra followed suit, nodding her head in delay.

Confirming this, Panamera continued.

“Considering the location of Scudetto, we have no way to cut off the supply from the Kingdom of Jiernetta.
Then it would be most efficient to strike them before they are fully replenished.”

When Panamera mentioned so, a Knight requested permission to speak.

“My Lord, may I?”


With Panamera’s permission, the knight looks sideways at Borra.

“Just as before when Baron Van attacked a wyvern that have been shown to us, I have heard that the archery unit led by Captain Borra here possessed similar technology and weapons.
If that is the case, even if the number of attacking wyverns increases, wouldn’t it be possible to deal with them?”

Asked the Knight, which made Panamera raise one eyebrow.

“Hmm…if we can defeat the wyverns, our country will have an advantage over Jiernetta, since we can concentrate our forces more easily.”

She muttered and cowered her shoulders.

“I believe that with the defeat of the Marquis of Fertio, the conventional battle strategy is no longer applicable.”

Using this opportunity, Panamera drew her sword.

“To put it bluntly, my knights are weaker than the Marquis of Fertio’s knights.
It is not their skill or quality, but simply their strength in numbers.
The number of magicians is the same, but not the difference in troop strength.”

Saying this, she thrust her sword into the ground.
Everyone’s eyes turned to the sword.

“The border knights are fighting a defensive battle in the iron fortress city, and the Marquis of Fertio has joined the battle with his direct knight corps as reinforcements.
Despite all this, Jiernetta easily captured Scudetto.”

When she told them this, everyone shook with grim faces.

Confirming this, Panamera raised her sword.

“The era of breaking through head-on with the power of the four elemental magicians came to an end ten years ago.
And the tactic of intermittently introducing sorcerers from different fields, which is now the mainstream, has now also come to an end.”

At Panamera’s words, the knight who asked her earlier also had an astonished look on his face.

“So now will Jiernetta have the upper hand in this battle…”

Panamera laughed and put her sword back in its scabbard.

“Or, will it be Baron Van’s ballista and catapult for long-range attacks…well, I’m thinking the latter?”

She said this with amusement, and everyone looked at Borra again.
Borra was momentarily dismayed by the look, but quickly straightened to show her determination and spoke.

“…I, too, have no doubt that Van-sama’s weapons are the strongest.
I will prove it from now on.”

Everyone’s eyes widened slightly at Borra’s clear assurance.

Panamera then looked at Borra’s face in amusement and muttered.

“I thought you were unreliable, but you seem to have a surprisingly strong core.”


Five days later, Panamera and her men arrived in front of Scudetto.
The knights under the king’s direct command, the Marquis de Fertio, Count de Venturi, and Count de Ferdinand, arrived a short time later and began to move according to their plan.

“Do not break ranks.
Guide the wyvern’s movement.
Proceed with caution.”

All the knights moved with similar instructions, except for the Knights of Panamera.

“Do not attack at all.
Our only role is to protect the archers.”


Panamera commanded, to which the knights responded by raising their drawn swords in front of their faces.

Panamera then looks at Borra and the others.
After taking a moment to look at Borra and the others, who had formed up in such a neat formation in just ten days or so, Panamera addressed to them.

“As you know, you are the key to this battle.
We will risk our lives to guide the wyverns and protect you.
That is why we need you to do everything in your power to defeat the wyverns.”

Upon being told, Borra and the others nodded deeply, their expressions filled with tension.

“Leave it to me.”

Panamera smiled back at Borra, who answered on behalf of the others, and looked at the people lined up behind Borra.

“…Baron Van will be allocating half of his archers to the defense of his territory.
In other words, you who have been dispatched here as part of the elite archers whom the baron trusted to survive in the battle against the Kingdom of Jiernetta.
Shall we return home victorious so as not to betray the baron’s trust?”

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