Souvenirs from Van

Well, let’s start with the foundation.
Just as I was thinking that, a yell echoed from behind me.

“Here he comes…!  Baron Van!  You have been disrespectful to His Majesty…!”

He’s really angry, isn’t he?

While breaking out in a cold sweat at the sound of yelling footsteps approaching, I quickly set to work.

First, a huge base on wheels.
Since I had already made several of these for Seat Village, I was able to complete one of the foundations in the blink of an eye.

Magic is something you get used to if you do it a lot.

And just as he had planned, the footsteps and yelling stopped as soon as the foundation was completed.

With a sigh of relief, we continued to build the upper catapult section.

A pillar stood up, a large shaft was formed, and a core rod sprouted.
It was an interesting sight, even for me.
It was almost like watching a well-done clay animation.

Another huge axis appeared on both sides, as if to wrap around the core rod, and from there the rod grew back and forth.
At first glance, it looks like a big seesaw, but what is inside is evil.

Mithril alloys and other materials are used for the spring, shaft, bearings, core rod, and other parts that are subjected to strong loads.

The resulting Van’s super-strong catapult was worthy of being a stunner to the public.

A single carriage can carry enough material for one catapult.
The size of the completed catapult was also impressive.

While everyone else was frozen in place with their eyes wide open, I made a second catapult.

Then Count Venturi, who had finally finished rebooting the catapult, shouted out.

“Hey, hey, what the hell is this!?”

When I turned around at the sound of that voice, I saw not only Count Venturi, but also My Daddy, Arte Daddy, and Panamera in front of the pavilion.

Then, after a delay, His Majesty comes out accompanied by several knights.

“Oh!  So, this is Baron Van’s new weapon!”

His Majesty was the first to approach the catapult saying so, followed from behind by Panamera with a wry smile on her face.

“You’ve built up something quite fancy again.”

Panamera commented in an exasperated manner.

“No, no.
The really fancy part is when it actually works.

With that lighthearted reply, I went on to make more catapults and a lightweight ballista.

After everything was complete, I looked back at His Majesty.

I entrust this catapult, the ballista set, and my prized knighthood to Viscount Panamera.”

When I said this, His Majesty and Panamera nodded silently.

Then, the senior nobles, who had remained motionless and stunned until then, opened their mouths.

“Wait a minute!”

“None of you have any doubts about this? What is this magic?”

Camsin, who was standing next to the carriage, unconsciously reached for the hilt of his sword as Count Venturi came in shouting at him.

Count Venturi as well as the surrounding knights change the atmosphere as Camsin turns to face him with a slight bow of the hips.

In the midst of the rapid tension, I dare to grab Camsin by the scruff of the neck and pull him back.

“I am sorry, my boy.
In the presence of my father, let us leave without further ado.
If you wish to hear more, ask Viscount Panamera.
Good day.”

He bowed and took another step back, and Camsin hurriedly bowed and stepped back as well.

Then, instead of Count Venturi, His Majesty opens his mouth.

With all these weapons, you are sure to win?”

His Majesty asked such a question with a fearless smile on his face.
I stop, turn my body to His Majesty, and answer.

“I won’t say that we will surely win.
But I did everything I could.
If the enemy does not exceed my prediction, I will win with a probability of more than 90%.”

When I told him this, His Majesty nodded with the corners of his mouth lifted.

“Then that’s good.
Then, we will meet again sometime.”

“Yes, then.”

After that conversation, I bowed deeply and turned on my heel.

All right, I’m ready to go home now, right? I can go home now, right?  I’m going home, right?  I’m leaving, aren’t I? 

With these thoughts in my head, I was on my way home.

It sure looks great, but is it really useful? What do you think, Sir Fertio?”

“Even I have never seen it before…but His Majesty and Viscount Panamera have seen it before and know its abilities.”


While Count Venturi and Marquis Fertio were having such a conversation while looking at the catapult, the King and Panamera were making their final confirmation.

In front of the continuous-fire mechanical bow unit left by Van, they call out to Borra, who is in the front row, stretching his back.

Are you the captain of this unit?”

“Ye, ye, yes!  My name is Borra!”

The King approached him and when Borra nervously said his name, the King laughed and nodded.

“I remember seeing you before.
I’m counting on you, my friend.”

“…!  Oh, thankful happiness!”

The king remembered her and he thanked Borra.
Borra widened her eyes in surprise when she received the thanks.

Then Panamera, who had been entrusted with the troops, spoke.

“Captain Borra.
You are an extremely important group entrusted to me by Baron Van.
We will take the utmost care not to cause any damage.”

“Ha!  Thank you!”

Borra responded to Panamera’s words with an acknowledgment, but Panamera continued as if to cover Borra’s words as she replied.

“However, since I have entrusted you to my care, I will treat you as members of my knighthood.
You will not only obey our orders, but you will also learn the pride and manners of knighthood as a member of our Knight Order.”

Borra’s face tightened slightly as she replied in a loud voice.

“Ha, Yes!  I’ll keep that in mind!”

Perhaps in response to Panamera’s words and Borra’s reply, the members of the firing squad, who had been a little loose until then, became tense.

The king looked at them slowly and nodded.

“The Viscount is the best.
In just a short time, you have changed the look of the soldiers in your custody.”

Said in a small voice, Panamera pulls her chin without changing her expression.

“Baron Van’s knights will certainly have high combat ability.
However, that simply depends on the many weapons that the baron has created.
To put it bluntly, I believe that the knights’ skill and ability are low.”

It’s that Baron Van.
He probably just teaches them how to handle weapons, form up, and fight without much scolding.
Even if there is a knight commander for dragon slaying, he cannot watch every detail by himself.
Good or bad, he seems to be somewhat loose on the battlefield as well.”

It is a good experience to train with other Knights.
It’s a good opportunity, so let them learn a lot, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks.

Panamera and the king smile at such an exchange.

Borra and the others unconsciously broke out in a cold sweat when they saw the conversation, even though they had not heard the conversation.

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