“Van-sama, how many of these rock throwers are you going to make?”

“Twenty of the installed ones, from east to west, north to south, and south to north, and five mobile ones for the time being.
I’m thinking of five mobile ones for the time being.
Ah, but it’s okay if they are only on the flat roads, but it might be difficult to transport them to Scudetto…?” “Ah, it’s true that it would be very difficult.

“Oh, some of the roads were indeed quite tough.
If it’s this big, it might fall down on the hill…”

After exchanging such comments with Till, Camsin, and Arte, it suddenly occurred to me.

“That’s right.
I can make it on site.
If I only need to transport the ingredients, I can handle it.”

When I said this, everyone exclaimed, “I see!” They all exclaimed.

I feel that everyone is becoming numb to their own territory, even if it is their own people.

With this thought in mind, I looked up at the 15-meter-high stone thrower.

And so it went for a week.
We quickly set up a new wall and a stone thrower on the outside of the castle wall.
In addition, we prepared five additional horse-drawn wagons and loaded the materials for the catapults into them.
The armored wagons used last time are also being used again, so the team is larger this time.

“I wanted to do a little more training on how to operate the projectiles, but it couldn’t be helped.
I’m going to go to the site, build the pitchforks quickly, and then go home.

I bid farewell to the remaining Espada in the village and head off to war again.

“Oh no.
If it were true, I would have never gone to war again.”

Arte raised an eyebrow at me as I muttered this.

“That’s right.
I think providing that ballista will be enough.
We even went to the trouble of getting a new stone thrower…”

Till nodded in agreement at Arte’s somewhat disgruntled words, and Camsin looked as if he wanted to say something, but kept his mouth shut when he saw me.

I chuckle and shake my head from side to side.

“To be honest, I don’t want to leave my village either.
But if the Kingdom of Jiernetta continues its invasion and takes the towns around Seat Village, I’ll be in trouble.
I dread to think what would happen if we could no longer get sugar.
So, in this neighborhood, we have Scudetto and Fort Salz, the defense base of Count Ferdinand.
I don’t think we should let these two places fall.”

As he said this, Camsin’s eyebrows furrowed in a troubled c.

“But I think Scudetto has already been taken…”

He pointed out anxiously.
But I nodded deeply, waiting for him to say that.

“So we’ll take the pitching machine with us, and after we recapture Scudetto, we can loan Scudetto the pitching machine and the ballista.
That way, I think, they won’t be so easily taken from us.”

“I see your point!  If we have Van-sama’s weapons, we’ll be fine!”

Camsin replied with a smile.

I nodded and smiled.

“Ballista, I’ll lend you the stone thrower free of charge.
But you’ll have to pay for the arrows and shurikens and stuff to use with them.
If we can get adventurers from Seat Village to peddle them on a regular basis, we’ll make a lot of money.”

The long awaited, regular income from Seat Village.

I can’t stop laughing.

“…Van-sama has a wicked laugh…”

“Scudetto and Salz…you mean Van-sama’s father and my father will pay for it.”

Till and Arte were slightly taken back, but what they are doing is no different than wholesaling swords and armor.
It is a legitimate business.

Well, it’s a business that probably no one but me can enter.

“I should give him about one gold coin for each arrow.
One shuriken is worth five silver coins.
For a box of shurikens, I’ll give you two large gold coins as a service.”

Considering the materials, this was a rip-off.

But Arte nodded at that with a radiant smile.

“It’s Van-sama, after all.
Selling at such a low price…are you thinking of the people who live there?”

“Huh?  Oh, yes, yes, yes.  Cheap, right?

Yes, considering how powerful and valuable it is, I think it’s too cheap.

Arte clearly stated.
Apparently, it was too cheap.

Looking at Arte’s smile, I felt uncomfortable raising the price.
I should have thought a little more about the price.

With some regret, I set out for Scudetto again.

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