Chapter 8: To The Nameless Frontier Village

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“Excuse me, Master Van.
Your meal has been prepared.”

 In the middle of my journey, I finally got to camp out for the first time.
Well, not counting that time where I slept in my car at Earth.

 But this is the first time I’ve ever camped in a dangerous world where there are magical beasts and the like.

 When I stepped out of the carriage with some trepidation, the leader of the adventurer group, who had a large scar on his cheek, gave me some roasted meat on a stick.

 We have hired two adventuring parties to be our escorts, and they both seem to be quite strong.
Half of them are combat magicians, and two of the ten adventurers are women.
One is a large, warrior-type woman, muscular and strong.
The other is a thin, robed sorcerer who doesn’t look like an adventurer at all.

 And the older man in front of me is a competent adventurer named Orto Seat.
He’s a tough guy and has been an adventurer for more than twenty years, so he’s used to dealing with a variety of clients.

 That’s why he can talk to them in a professional manner, even if they’re dealing with an 8-year-old kid like me.
However, there are some parts of the honorific speech that are a little lacking.

“Good work.
Thank you for guarding the perimeter.
Remember to rest in shifts.”

 As I reply and accept the meat, Orto looks at me confusedly, blinking his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

 When he hears that, Orto lightly chuckles with a wry smile.

”Oh, no no … nothing at all.
Well then, I’ll come back later to report back.”

 Orto replied as he set off.

“What’s going on?”

 When I hear that, Till laughs proudly, “Ehehe.”

”Even a crude adventurer can see the talent of Van-sama.
Well, if you’re as experienced as I am, Master Van, I can name more than a hundred amazing things about you! Hmph!”

 I reaffirmed that Till’s funny in the head, and all I could do was laugh dryly instead of replying.

 After about two weeks of traveling, I arrived at the frontier village that I was given lordship of.
I’ve been in four towns, large and small, since leaving the city, and after the second town, I was forced to spend many nights camping.

 We moved slowly due to the weight of our luggage.
Assuming we traveled fifty to a hundred kilometers a day, we can estimate that we traveled around five hundred to a thousand kilometers.(T.N.
Note: 310-621 miles when converted)

 It really shows how vast the marquis’s territory is.
If it were Japan, we would have traversed three or four prefectures, but I’m unsure as to many prefectures it would be exactly.

 And as I was thinking about this, the carriage was stopped before it reached the village.

”What’s the matter?”

 Till calls out to Orto, and he replies in a panic.

”It’s not good! It looks like the village is being attacked!”

 Hearing those words, I looked out the window.
In front of the carriage, Dee and the other three were already lined up in front of the carriage, on alert.

 Beyond that, there were a few dozen figures surrounding the village.
Their attire was mixed, but all of them were in possession of some form of armor.

“It’s either a bandit gang or a disgraced mercenary group.
Our intel on the enemy is almost non-existent.
But I can tell, just from a glance, that they know how to fight.”

 Orto, who had his face by the window, told me that with a frown.
I see.
The men surrounding the village are firing their bows from the edge of their effective range, ensuring that take only negligible risks to their lives.

 The village is surrounded by a thick, sturdy-looking wood fence, but it is not very effective against arrows, as they fly in an arc and bypass it.
You can see some eyes peeking out at the attackers through the fence, but those defenders can’t afford to launch a counterattack.
In front of the village gate, there is a line of the tough-looking armor-clad men standing in a disciplined line.
And behind them, there are figures which look like magicians.

 If the villagers succumb to the pressure and jump out, they will be showered with bows and arrows and magic.
There is no ordinary villager who is able to take initiative and break the stalemate.
The villager’s only option is to defend the village, withdrawing into its walls like a turtle.

“Master Van.
I request permission to enter the fight! If we attack them together, we can achieve victory!”

 They are an armed group with forty or fifty combatants.
Even if we launch a surprise attack, do we have to the ability to fight against an opponent of unknown ability when we are outnumbered?

 No, I have to take into account Dee and the adventurers whose martial ability is much higher than average.
Can we manage it?


 I opened my mouth to answer, but then Orto interrupted me.

“Please wait.
It’s too dangerous.”

 Orto cautioned me, and Dee stared back at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I understand.
It will be hard, but not impossible.
We will sustain some casualties and deaths.
However, we do have the power to eventually fight them off.”

 Orto shakes his head quietly from side to side as Dee utters this in a heavy voice.

”This my rule.
I don’t take requests that will cause the death of a party member.
To earn money as an adventurer, you constantly get in situations where you must gamble with your life even if you don’t want to.
That’s why I always act to minimize risks.
If I didn’t, I’d have died long ago.”

 Dee’s eyes sharpened as Orto replied.

“The time must come for everyone to risk their lives.
That time is now.
This village is my lord’s first estate.
And the villagers are his first citizens.
When my lord’s people are in danger, we must draw our swords! Who else will pledge their swords to the defense of my lord’s fiefdom?!”

 Dee draws his sword and says so, but Orto doesn’t draw his.

“That’s fine chivalry, though, and it’s none of our business.
Even if you paid us extra money, we’d still die.
If you travel, you’ll see war-torn villages and travelers being attacked by magical beasts.
I’m sorry, but the situation in this village is not some unusual sight.”

“…Alright, I won’t ask you to fight on the frontline.
Please, at least ensure Lord Van’s safety.”

 When Dee told him that, Orto begrudgingly agreed.
Though he would retreat at the first sign of any life-threatening danger.
The plan was set.

 At least, until he Espada’s voiced his disagreement.

”I disagree.
Aside from Lord Dee, the remaining two knights will definitely die.
In other words, Lord Dee alone will have to deal with a little over thirty people, including the magicians.
As far as I’m concerned, we have odds at around 50-50.
If  Lord Dee also dies in this, then there is no way we would be able to cement our rule in the village even if we do succeed.”

 Espada refused in a tone that was so cold it could be considered ruthless.
He was strictly against the adventurers staying out of the fight on the frontline.
Orto’s eyes became cold at such an opinion.

“I’ve already stated that we won’t fight in such a risky battle.
Moreover, our caravan is not in a position to fight in the first place.
We will be disadvantaged because we need to protect the kids and our carriages.”

 Espada gave a cold glance at Orto and reminded him.

”Despite my ancient appearance, I am also a four-elements magician of the earth aptitude.
There is a large amount of exposed ground in the area, so you can expect a lot of assistance from me”(T.N.
Note: I assumed that his aptitude was “earth” due to context clues, but it was never explicitly said.
I couldn’t think of any other reason why any exposed earth would be important.)

“What? You can right? No, even if you can fight….”

 Espada stared shallowly at Orto’s contemplative appearance.

“We will not expose ourselves to many risks as long as we follow my plan.
First of all, I will build a protective earthen wall.
Then, all adventurers should launch ranged attacks from the safety of the wall.
When the enemy’s attention is focused on us, Dee and his team will make a flanking charge from the side.
With this multi-step strategy, we will have a good chance of winning with minimal casualties.”

“… Can the wall protect us from enemy ranged attacks? If an arrow bypasses the wall from above, it’s over.”

“This carriage is lined in all key areas with steel plates.
Arrows will not be an issue.
Our only objective is to draw the enemy’s attention with our first strike, you may retreat behind the safety of the walls immediately afterward.
It is only a supporting role after all.”

 I feel uncomfortable a little uncomfortable with Espada’s strategy.
I don’t know how effective the first attack will be, but it will still be dangerous for those involved in the flanking charge.
The probability of death is still high.

 However, I believe that Espada will do something about it.

“Espada, do you plan to stay and fight?”

 He nodded as if it was obvious when I asked him that.

“Of course.
If I don’t continue the attack from behind the barrier as a decoy, Dee and his knights will die a dog’s death.”

“Surrounding the enemy is the most effective battlefield tactic.
I’ve studied it myself.
But is the plan fails, you will certainly die as you are the decoy.”

 When I said this in a strong voice, Espada laughed, worryingly naturally.

”Finally, I will be able to put on a show with these old bones.
Master Van, I only ask that you acknowledge my selfish request.”

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