and set out for Scudetto on a single journey.


Having fought on similar routes many times, it took only about three weeks to reach Scudetto.


We were fast horses by all reports, and it would have been the fastest time we had ever made it to Scudetto.


However, part of Scudetto’s walls had already been destroyed, and the city was surrounded by the enemy.


“Nonsense…the solid walls of Scudetto…”


Just as he muttered this unintentionally, something small and black fell from the sky onto the ramparts.


Immediately after, the earth shook with flames and black smoke rose.


“From the sky, what kind of magic…!?”


“I don’t know, I don’t know!  There are countless wyverns in the sky, but I don’t think it’s a magician…?”


The captain answered my question, confused.


Then, Stradare, the dark blue-haired man next to me, narrowed his eyes sharply.


“It seems that the castle walls received a fatal impact from the current attack.
Collapse will be imminent.
There is no doubt that the attack just now was done in such a way as to drop something from the wyvern.
I think it would be effective to destroy it while it is still in the air with your fire magic, or to keep it constantly moving on the ground to repel the enemy soldiers on the ground.”


I nodded shallowly at his advice.


“I understand.
But the destruction of that object by mages is highly dangerous.
On the other hand, aiming at it from an angle from below is too far away.
The same goes for hitting the wyvern itself.”


“Then, I’ll retreat the soldiers on the ground.”




Stradare replied, and quickly took command and began to deploy his troops.


I smile quietly at his back as he moves without hesitation.
He is a dependable man.
The resourceful Stradare is truly the right man to lead our Order.


“Watch out for attacks from wyverns!  Keep your feet on the ground and move quickly!”


With brief instructions, Stradare led his men to their horses.


The enemy did not have a formation, but if they charged straight at us, they would be surrounded from both sides.
To prevent this, we must also spread out to the left and right, and head for the half of the fortress city in a shape that would envelop it.


However, as long as we were aware of this, we could simply drive away the opponents who were heading for the city walls as usual.


In other words, it is the wyverns that we should be most conscious of.


With this in mind, I watched the situation from the temporary main camp, but the war situation was not as I had expected.


From various locations, shocks and earth tremors were felt through the atmosphere, and our soldiers were being blown away.


I thought it was a new kind of magic, but there was no atmosphere like that.
However, it was a situation that could not be ignored.


“Have the soldiers in front of you split to the left and right.
I’ll get out.”


“…!  Get away…!  Immediately!”


The young soldier chief replied to my words and started his horse.


A moment later, the message was passed on to the soldiers, leaving a gaping hole in the front.
All that remained were the soldiers of the Jiernetta Kingdom, who were looking at me against the ramparts.


After confirming this, I chanted.




With those words, I cast a spell.


The baskets made of fire dragon skin and mithril were engulfed in flames and wriggled like living creatures.


The flames then gained momentum as they roared and flared, heading toward the soldiers of the Jiernetta Kingdom.


A belt of flames licking the ground consumed the living and the dead, creating more than a hundred human-shaped cinders that crashed against the city walls.
The band of flames that lost its target burned the sides of the walls as if in a fury, creating a scene that resembled a wall of flames.


The enemy soldiers who were close to me stopped moving in fear at my blow, and only my knights, who had been expecting it, swung their swords without a pause.


In the blink of an eye, the battle situation changed, and my Knights pursued the fleeing enemy soldiers and retook half of Scudetto’s perimeter.


Will we be able to manage with this?


Just as I thought so, I saw something black pouring down from the sky.


“This is not good.”


Immediately after I muttered this, the earth rumbled in various places, shaking the formation of my knighthood, which spread out on both sides.


“…This battle doesn’t seem to be going as well as before.”


Mouthing this with a sigh, I began chanting my magic.

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