t thing.”

He pointed to a wyvern resting its wings on a scaffold on a section of the castle wall.

And not just one or two.
More than 20 wyverns filled a corner with the wall.

It was an extraordinary sight.
Normally, the town would be judged to have been destroyed by magical beasts.

And inside the city walls, flames and winds are still raging, and angry shouts are still echoing.

“It looks like they’re still fighting.”

I mouth this, and Dee nods, biting her teeth.

“That’s right.
Perhaps the Border Knights are acting as a lord and the Marquise Knights are leading the evacuation.”

“That place is both a fortress and a city.
There will be many civilians…”

“The Marquis Knights have deployed around the citadel and are returning fire.
They are not being pursued properly, but they have completely missed the time to retreat.”

I folded my arms and groaned as the three of them gave me a serious battle report.

We were so distracted by the loss of the citadel and the pursuit of the enemy in front of us that the enemy had yet to notice us.

I didn’t want to overreach, but this would give us some cover.

Thinking this, I looked up.

“…It’s early, but I’ll get out my secret weapon.
Be ready to run away at any time, but be prepared.”

I gave the order, and Dee and the others responded and began to move.

I look back at Arte as I watch Dee and the others quickly get ready.

“The secret weapon, are you okay?”

I ask, and Arte nods, intertwining the fingers of her hands in front of her chest.

“…I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

I respond with a laugh to Arte, who shakes his shoulders and speaks of his determination.

“Till and Camsin, protect Arte since she might be unprotected.”



Till and Camsin nodded with their huge shields at the ready and got into position.

Only about five minutes.

The armored carriages were placed side by side on either side, the roofs rising to face the commander’s seat.

The chariot was made mainly of light and strong wood blocks, so it could be easily moved by a few strong men.

In no time at all, the carriage transformed into a huge wall.
A sliding window in the middle was opened, through which the tip of the ballista protruded, and the preparations were complete.

Behind the giant wall made of ten armored carriages and ballistas, the ballista operator and his assistants are standing.
Further back were the continuous-firing mechanical bow troops and the large shield troops protecting them.

It was an iron-clad formation.

Then, let’s start the attack!  It would help the citizens to escape if we were flashy, so let’s take the plunge!  Then, as per the plan, Arte first.”

As he announced this, Arte nodded and looked at the smoking citadel through a gap in the wall.

“Launching, automaton, Uno!”

The moment Arte shouted, the wood block dolls on each carriage raised their upper bodies.

It was Arte’s own personal puppets, completed after half a day of repeated adjustments.
Each doll wears slightly different clothes, but they all look like they were wearing a dress with armor attached.
They are three meters tall and slender.
Their weapons are a large sword over two meters long and a large shield.

The body and weapons are made of wood blocks as much as possible, so there is little burden on Arte to move them.

After standing up on the carriage, automaton leaps lightly and floats up in the air.

The Seat Knights, who were watching, were amazed at his natural movement and physical ability.

The automaton landed on the other side of the wall and, just as Arte had imagined, began running toward the fortress city at wind-like speed.

Some of the enemies noticed the automaton, but it was too late.

The automaton leapt up using the enemy carriage as a springboard, and cut off the wyvern’s head without resistance, as if cutting through the air.

“Okay!  Now!  Shoot as many wyverns as you can while they’re confused!”

At the moment he shouted, ballista, who had been aiming at him before, released a flurry of arrows.

“Wyverns controlled by puppet magic make slow initial movements!  Slowly!  Aim surely!”

Dee’s yell was answered by the soldiers’ shouts.

Now, let the war begin.
It’s so like me to start my first war with a big surprise attack.

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