“Go! Teach them how to feel fear of the dragons!”


Just as I exclaimed with a high laugh, a voice was heard from the top of the ramparts.




With that voice, a black rain fell from the sky.


That black rain spread out in a fan shape, as if it was enveloping the wyvern.


The sound of the wind breaking and the wyvern grunting could be heard as the wyvern lost power and lost altitude.
The wyvern slams headfirst into a spot about halfway up the castle wall and falls directly to the ground.


Belatedly, the black rain slowed its speed and eventually came down on us, over our heads.


“Shi-shields! Raise your shields!”


Someone shouted, and I hurriedly ducked behind the heavily armored soldiers.
The next thing I knew, there was a heavy metallic clang, a wet crash, and a lot of screaming coming from all directions.


I shrank back and crouched down, unsure of what was going on.


The rain, which had been pouring down for several seconds, stopped, and I opened my eyes with trepidation.


Then what I saw could not be described by mere words, it was hell.


“I-Imposible!! Wha… this?”


All around me, my soldiers were lying on the ground.
They were groaning and screaming, and some may have died.


However, even if many were alive, they were in no condition to fight.


“Wha-what happened… what kind of magic…?”


I shouted to no one, but no reply came.
Like me, many were unscathed, but seemed unaware of what had happened.


I checked the fallen soldiers and found that there was no serious damage to their armor.
What kind of magic was that? 


That’s what I thought, but suddenly, I noticed something strange on the ground and knelt down.


There was a flat piece of metal with sharp knife-like tips on all four sides.
It was about the size of my palm and thin, so it was not heavy.


If you look around carefully, you will see countless such sheets of metal that were stuck on the ground.


“…this, what is this…!? Is this the identity of the attack just now??”


When I shouted, a child’s voice answered my question.


“Four-tipped star shuriken.
It’s a type of throwing weapon.
They’re thin and light, so I can pack a lot of them together in a single shot.
I’m happy that quite a few of them hit the mark.
Well, I still only have two dedicated ballistas that can fire one shot at a time.
I can’t deal with too many of the opponents yet.”


After hearing that voice, I turned around.


When I noticed, the bridge had already come down soundlessly and the gate was halfway open.
Through the door’s gap, I could see a child, way younger than I expected.


“The experiment was a success.
However, the range of the attack was narrower than I expected.
Also, it was dangerous that some of the shurikens were thrown in the air back to us.
It’s a little disappointing that I can’t use it next time until it’s improved.”


The child said this like evaluating a toy, chuckled and walked as if taking a stroll through the city.


On his left, right, and rear, men in armor lined up, swords and shields at the ready.
I can’t find any gap in their formation, but at this distance, I wonder if I could succeed…


As fast as I could, I moved.


“Burn to death! Oh flames…!”


I start chanting magic.
The fastest magic takes less than ten seconds.
Soldiers moved to guard with their shields, but they were too slow.




But there was someone faster than me.
Along with that man’s deep voice, a large amount of water flooded my surroundings.




And with the next word, all the water froze.
I was frozen to my ankles, unable to move, and due to my agitation, the magic I was chanting was dispelled.


“Clay wall.”


“Wind Blade Wall.”


Immediately after, I heard the voice of an older man and a middle-aged man, and a huge wall of earth and a tornado-like wall of wind appeared in front of me.


“Wahaha! As expected, I’m the fastest.
You can beat the experience! you hear?”


Saying so, a flashy man with a beautiful yet bewitching beauty appeared from the other side of the wall.


The child followed him, but my eyes could not leave the man’s face.


“Yo-you are…! Don’t tell me you’re Scuderia Kingdom’s…!”


Hearing my words, the man’s brows wrinkled and looked down at me…

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