ook at Kamsin and open my mouth as I listen to her.

“It’s okay for Kamsin too.
If you don’t want to come, you can stay with the Marquis family.
It seems that the slave contract can be changed or cancelled, so if you ask brother Murcia to take care of it, he’ll take care of it for you.”

 When he heard that, Kamsin looked at me as if he was angry.

”Master Van.
I have decided to dedicate my entire life to Master Van.
At all times, I will serve Master Van with my life.”

“What are you saying? Kamsin, do you like me that much?”

 I was embarrassed, so I faked it, and Kamsin nodded vigorously.

“Yes, I adore and respect you.”(T.N.
Note: That’s cute… so I’m going to take this as evidence for Kamsin being a girl.
Edit: This is from future me, I was wrong.
Kamsin is a guy.)

 The result was more than embarrassing.
Kamsin has grown up, too.
I nodded emotionally.

 However, I thought I would be left alone in some frontier, but now I had four people to travel with on the road.
I’m thankful for that.

”All right, let’s get going.”

 As I said this, the carriages began to move.

 I keep the windows closed as much as possible, and I don’t make much noise.
I need to erase my presence as much as possible.

 That’s why this carriage doesn’t even have the coat of arms of the Marquis family.
Father wishes for me to leave town without anyone being the wiser.

”I used to come to town a lot for the last two years or so to visit, so it is saddening to leave.”

 He muttered, thinly opening the window to look out.
Then he noticed that there was a child near the advancing carriage.

“Ah, Master Van!”

“Oh, Viza.

 The child was Viza, the daughter of a guard I had met many times in the city.
Viza opens her mouth with a sad face.

”Van-sama, you’re going somewhere, aren’t you? Why?”

“What!? Hey, who told you that?”

 When he asked that, Viza pointed to the back of the carriage.
When I looked out of the carriage and checked the rear, Dee’s carriage, one of the two carriages lined up behind her, was holding up a banner of sorts.

 The banner read, “Van-sama arrives” in large letters.

“What the-? It’s super embarrassing.”

 As I said this, Dee’s men, who were guarding the carriage, came up to me and replied.

“That was at Master Dee’s direction! Master Dee was saddened by Master Van’s situation as he left the city as if he were running away in the night, and he tried to make his departure as dignified as possible…”

“My father told me to keep it to myself, though?”

 When I questioned him, the knightly youth laughed with a prankster’s face.

”Is that so! I’ve never heard of it before! Perhaps Master Dee didn’t even know there was such an order.
I’d take the banner down, but now Master Dee has fallen asleep in the carriage… sorry! As soon as Master Dee wakes up, I’ll tell him about the banner!”

 Behind the young man who was snickering, Dee, who peeked out of the window, was shouting loudly.

”Fourth son of the Marquess family! The Noble Van Ney Fertio is here! He wishes to bid you farewell.
And if anyone offers to serve….”

 I look at Dee, who is giving a speech in a well-passed voice, with a squinted eye, and then I look at the young man.

“Isn’t he up?”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Must go make my rounds! Don’t worry, we’ll handle the patrol around the carriage!”

 And with a nervous laugh, the young man rode his horse off.

 A crowd of people gradually formed around me, and some of them who knew me well and called out to me.

”Master Van! Where are you going?!”

“Please come back soon!”

“Are you going to King’s Landing Academy?”

 I was conflicted at first as I was being called out by the crowd, but then I started to open up.

“Everyone! I’m going to set off now!”

 When you show up and say hello, even those you’ve only met once will reply back.


 I shouted my own goodbyes, but the next thing I knew I was tearing up.

 Some of my acquaintances in town cried when I said goodbye, and their tears made my eyes water again.
I thought I didn’t care about them at all, but I was wrong.

 I wiped the tears from my hands and sat back in my chair.
Till brought me a handkerchief, but I was sobbing so hard that I had to replace it with a new one.

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