“Can we call this a village?”

“Your Majesty, I am very sorry, but this village has already exceeded the Royal Capital’s defenses…no, it was nothing.”

What are you talking about while were out here? But we should send our architects to this village once to learn from an eight-year-old child as a mentor.”

After such conversation, the visitors quietly resumed their tour.

Meanwhile, Van-kun, who promised to show them everything, started building the castle walls in a manner unbecoming of a nobleman.

“Yes, pull the string! Is it straight? What about the angle?”

“A little to the right.”

“Right! To the right! Okay, perfect!”

More of a foreman than a baron, he directs the work and prepares to build the wall.

“Are the lines drawn? Okay, everybody off! Okay, Espada.”

“Yes, Master.”

At my signal, Espada activates his magic and builds a wall of earth.

It was about 10 meters high and 5 meters wide.

Espada must have gotten the hang of it.

It was easier to build a wall than before.

I touched the clay wall and changed its properties.

If possible, I would like to add rocks and ores, but for now, improvised ones are fine.

I can reinforce it later.

“Now, it would be bad to make you wait too long.
We’ll do the walls some other time, but what shall I show you next?”

I said and turned around behind me.

I looked behind me and saw the visitors stiffening again.

King Dino, who looked beyond surprised and stunned, pinched his fingers around his eyes and shook his head from side to side.

“…I’m tired of being surprised.
We need to take a little rest.
Is there somewhere we can rest?”

“How about the pavilion there? It’s a nice place to rest by the water.”


The King Dino and his men moved to the pavilion and the villagers prepared chairs for them.

Seeing this, the Apkallu people looked at each other and then came over to us.

“Are you the chiefs of the other lands?”

I corrected with a wry smile when asked that.

“Hmmm… they are like big chiefs who organize various chieftains.
Like a great chief above a hundred or two hundred other chiefs.”

Lada Vesta’s face tightened as she replied.

“My word…that is something to which I would have to pay the utmost respect.
We pay respect to those who lead our clan.”

With that, Lada Vesta proceeded along the water’s edge and moved close to King Dino.

He watched the king sip a drink made from strained fruit, and then speak.

“Great Chief.
I am Lada Vesta, chief of the Lada tribe.”

I am Dino En Zola Berlinetta, King of this kingdom… Today is a memorable day for me.
It is the day I first exchanged words with Lada Vesta.
If possible, I would like it to be the day of our first friendship.”

“I have no objection.
Please take care of us.”

Lada Vesta responded to the king’s surprisingly respectful greeting with a confident nod.

This didn’t tell me who was in a better position.

No, it’s Apkallu and human, so there was neither one higher than the other.

“Lada Vesta-san.
Do you have anything interesting to give us as a souvenir?”

Lada Vesta placed his hand on his chin and looked down, then quickly looked up.

“Yes, then, I will present you with a stone that is rare even for us.”

Saying this, Lada Vesta pulled out two large, fist-sized rocks from somewhere.

Then he placed them haphazardly on the edge of the lake.

The lumps were dull gold.

No, they were ores with a strange luster, as if gold had a reddish tinge.

As I held one of the ores in my hands and looked at it, thinking it was interesting, the King and his men, who looked incredibly surprised, exclaimed.

“This is…!”


I was also surprised by their words and looked at the ore again.


Orihalcum was a fantasy metal that was also referred to as the metal of the gods.

The conductivity of magic power was higher than that of Mithril, but its performance as a metal, such as pure hardness, elasticity, and tensile strength, was said to be far superior.

And perhaps because of its higher conductivity of magic, it was also more resistant to magic attacks.

There was even an anecdote that a warrior with a shield of Orihalcum was able to defend himself against all magic attacks and cut through an entire army by himself.

The ore from which the fabled metal was made is in my hand.

“Orihalcum…this is amazing.”

I muttered to myself, and the King Dino and the others joined the discussion with the ore in their hands.

“Orihalcum…I never thought I would come across something so rare.”

“But only Dwarven Nations can process Orihalcum.
Our country doesn’t have much contact with them.

“We should send an envoy to the Volks Confederacy.
We could at least make a request.
The dwarves have a natural talent for blacksmithing.If they know there was Orihalcum ore, I believe they would accept the request.”

“However, if we use this Orihalcum to make a sword, it will cost more than a hundred platinum coins.”

“Why should you be concerned about that level of expenditure? It will definitely become a national treasure.
I would rather pay for it.”

While listening to the heated discussion, I put magic power into the Orihalcum.

Because the Orihalcum was impervious to magic, it took considerable power for me to use it.

It changed only slowly and gradually, no matter how much I tried to adjust it.

Like wood, stone, iron, Mithril, etc., I was able to process them relatively as I wanted, but it was quite difficult to process Orihalcum.

I think it would be a little easier if I could make it thinner by stretching it once.

Orihalcum ore was spread and stretched to remove impurities.

Then, Orihalcum, which was an ore, became a shining beautiful metal.

It was beautiful in appearance when it was an ore, but I feel that it became more difficult to process due to the removal of the impurities.


I added more magic power and continued to process the Orihalcum.

I wondered if I should make a knife, since the amount was small.

No, it would be interesting to make in the form of a long blade, or even a spear.

Anyway, let’s first try to shape it and then think about it after.

With these thoughts in mind, I made a sword blade about 60 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide.

I tried to make a little glamorous by making a narrow part in the middle.

I also drew a pattern from the base to the middle of the blade.

In the center, I engraved “Yaku-ken” in Kanji characters.

It’s just for fun.

“That, that’s…?”

As I was grinning to myself looking at the finished sword, I heard a surprised voice from behind me.

Oh, I remembered that they were talking about the Dwarves’ country earlier.


I hid the sword behind my back and tilted my head, but I couldn’t fool them.

“It looked to me as if you had just made a sword from the Orihalcum ore?”

“Baron Van.
You said you would not lie to me.”

Aperta, along with King Dino approached me with bloodshot eyes.

“You can make a sword, can’t you?”

“You made it from the ore of Orihalcum, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Not wanting to get into trouble, I unconsciously tried to deceive them.

Then, King Dino uttered with a frown.

“…If you have a request, I will listen.
I promise to pay you as much as I can afford to have you be honest with me.”

And with some luck, the king said the words I most wanted to hear.

Even the stubborn Van had to be honest.

“Then, please give me permanent residency in this village.
Please promise me that no matter what happens, I will not be asked to go to another place…please.”

When I said this, not only King Dino and Aperta, but also the people around us, blinked at me.

“…Why? If you were to come to the Royal Capital, I promise to give you preferential treatment in many ways, regardless of your rank.”

King Dino said this with a raised eyebrow.

It was a close call.

I almost got invited to the Royal Capital and was about to be treated like a servant.

I was going to make this place habitable and comfortable, to live a life of leisure.

Long live Slow Life.

I thought so and rejected King Dino’s offer.

“If I leave this land, who will protect these people? The people here should be able to spend their days in peace, without being deprived of food, clothing, and shelter.
That was the mission of a Lord.
Therefore, I am obligated to make this land prosperous.”

King Dino looked stunned when I assured him of this.


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