em stay?

“Yes, the lake is still big enough for them.”

As we were exchanging these words, a fat Apkallu swam up from behind Lada Vesta.

“So you are Lord Van, son-in-law to Lada Priora and chief of this place.
I am Avtovaz, chief of the Avto tribe, and Lada Vesta has told me of the splendor of this land.
We too would like to live here.”

“Yes, yes.
Good, but bring me some fish or underwater ore once in a while, will you? Then we’ll build you an extra boathouse.”

“Oh, yes.
That’s no problem.
I’ll get some ore right away.”

Avtovaz said and swam away.

Hmmm…if Apkallu is going to increase, we might as well build an island in the center of the lake.
The lake is flooded so that when the water level increases, it returns to the river downstream, but it is possible to make the lake bigger.

In some cases, we should consider making it a larger lake.

“…Baron Van.”


I turned around when I heard my name called, and King Dino’s cheeks twitched as he opened his mouth.

“You are friends with Apkallu…or are the Apkallu a resident here as well?”

“Well, things just happened.”

Aperta nodded as if he had seen something interesting.

“I see.
So were you married to the daughter of Apkallu by chance…”

“No, I am not.”

I clearly deny Aperta’s misunderstanding.
I am afraid that if I mince words here, there will be rumors in the royal capital.

“I’ve never seen Apkallu living in such a defenseless state… even I have never seen such a scene.”

King Dino is stunned, but as I don’t know what a normal Apkallu looks like, I would rather see such a modest Apkallu.

Well, anyway, let’s continue with the expansion of the lake and the addition of the city walls.

“Espada, let’s expand the lake a bit and build another higher wall at the back.
The shape of the wall will be another star-shaped layer, so it will probably take another month or two to complete.”

“One more level, my lord? I am sorry.
My imagination has not caught up with what you are imagining…”

Espada raises his eyebrows and says so, so I work a nearby piece of wood into a wood block on the ground and make a simple model.

“Now it looks like this.
So, we can expand the lake on the outside and surround it with…”

Indeed, it looks like an overlapping star shape.
The corners…I see.
By being able to aim in three directions from this corner and three directions from that corner…wouldn’t it be better to build more walls on the remaining corners as well?”

“Yes, that’s right.
We’re going to make it the strongest and most invincible huge fortified city in the end.
But we don’t have enough materials to go that far.
If we had the materials, we would be able to complete the project within a year.”

As they discussed, they added to the model and finally formed a giant star-shaped citadel with seven stars stacked on top of each other.

King Dino and Aperta, who were watching from the side, joined the discussion.

“Hmm, the more I look at it, the more I see a strange architecture, but it is beautiful and sophisticated…”

“If they advance on us, won’t it be hard for us to defend it because of the horns?”

“The ballista has a long range, so even if they target the horns, you can shoot from three directions.
Besides, even if you destroy one of the corners, you still have to breach the walls afterwards.

I use the model to explain the defensive capabilities of the star-shaped citadel.
It’s an empty theory on the table, but the two of them seem to understand it.

“…With that ballista’s range, even a first-rate four-elemental mage can’t attack?”

“Rather, a chanting mage would be the first to be targeted.
And there is no way to prevent that ballista’s arrows.
This… can be called an impregnable fortress.”

The two of them looked at me together after such an exchange.
I nodded back at their gazes and opened my mouth.

“Of course, this form is our goal until next year, but the final form will be different.
If I were to attack this fortress city, I would definitely be able to bring it down.
Therefore, the final form of Seat Village will only be complete when it becomes a fortified city that even I cannot conquer.”

When I mentioned this, their eyes and mouths fell open, and they stiffened.

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