“What else?”

I asked him.

That’s about the defense of the village.
There is nothing else.

When I was puzzled, Aperta coughed lightly and pointed to the ground.

“For example, from our point of view, that star-shaped wall is strange, isn’t it?”

“Ah, the star-shaped citadel.
That one was conceived to make the most of the ballista.
The six triangular walls protruding outward are wide and cover the left and right sides to increase the defense.
If you ignore the triangular sections and try to attack the thin walled areas, you will be targeted intensively from a total of three directions.
In other words, you will not be able to reach the real castle wall unless you first attack that triangular area.”

When I answered that, King Dino and Aperta looked at each other, then looked at the castle wall section from above again.

“…I see.
It’s frightening to see those arrows coming down from three directions.”

“The triangular castle wall would also be more difficult to destroy than a single side of a normal castle wall.
Also, even if you are out of the shadow of the triangle, arrows will come flying at you from other directions.”

“Mm…this is certainly a useful shape.
No, isn’t it a perfect defense for now, except from the sky?”

I cross my arms and growl at the two of them as they exchange such thoughts.

“The sky, huh? Meanwhile, we’ve made a few prototypes, but we won’t know until we actually use them.
Eventually, I’d like to show off my anti-aircraft weapons.”

When he answered appropriately, they both wrinkled their brows together.

“…You sounded as if Baron Van were making them.”

“It sounded that way, didn’t it?”

I nodded honestly at the words that were quizzically muttered to me.

“That’s what I said, sir.”

When I affirmed, Aperta snickered and King Dino coughed with a grim look on his face.

“I told you.
I will not tolerate lies, falsehoods.”

“I swear, I have not lied.”

I answered him because he asked me to tell him everything honestly.
Van is angry.

I was so angry that they both looked back at Panamera as if they were in trouble.
Then Panamera nodded deeply.

“I understand your doubt, but please listen to us first.
You’ll be more surprised.”

Panamera’s unintelligible follow-up makes not only the two of us nod our heads, but also mine.

I had already shown them the walls and the barista, so there was nothing to surprise them.

With that in mind, we all climbed down from the tower and headed for the village.

“Who designed the walls? They were of a very particular construction and shape…”

“I did.”

“Well, how about this cityscape? It was a city development of a scale that would have taken several years to complete, but how did you accomplish it?

“I did my best to build it.
I had the villagers and Viscount Panamera’s men help me gather the materials.”

With each answer, King Dino and Aperta’s faces cloud over, and Pista becomes very excited.

This does not seem to be believed.

I had no choice but to have the wood block brought to the front of the Seat, Village.

“What is this material?”

“I don’t think it’s a new material for the dungeon…”

While the two of them were puzzled, I settled on an image.

That mechanical bow that can fire ten shots in a row.
The objective is a weapon with even greater offensive power, but for now, this is the most powerful weapon.

The only problem that remains is the reduced durability caused by the larger size of the bow.

The arrows are heavier, and the load on the body is incomparable because the firing speed has been increased.

To solve this problem, the design was changed.
The strings, which used to stop when they hit the main body, and the mechanism for loading the next arrow were made as shockproof as possible inside the body, and the thickness of each part was increased.

However, it is impossible to know which parts will be loaded without actually moving them.
Furthermore, we do not know how the reinforced parts will affect the surrounding parts.

Making things is a process of trial and error.
You just have to try and think about it.

With such a light heart, I made a ten-shot ballista.

By the way, I have not loaded any arrows yet.

“Yeah, I guess that’s about right.”

I muttered and turned around.

Then I saw Till and the others smiling bitterly, while King Dino and the others were dumbfounded.

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