[Another Perspective] The King Visits 2


We passed through the gate and proceeded by carriage through the orderly town.
The soldiers were lined up in four rows so as not to get in the way.


The town was divided into sections, and the buildings were built in a way that reminded me of the culture of some other country.
It is hard to believe that this was designed by a child.
Do they have an exotic designer under their command?


The other thing that bothered me was that the town’s inhabitants seemed to be in a very stuffy mood.


They are all dressed in uniforms, and their weapons look like they have been used for a long time.
I get the impression that they are a hodgepodge of ruffians.
In other words, they must be mercenaries or adventurers.


I have seen towns full of adventurers before, but it is rare to see a town with so few ordinary people.


Some of them were sitting awkwardly on the road, while others were in a half-sitting posture.


This is an interesting sight, perhaps because we have seen so many people kneeling on their knees, their faces to the ground.
Some of the soldiers are giving off a swarthy vibe, but the ruffians, perhaps having a lot of nerve, don’t pay any attention.


The town was small, and we soon arrived at the edge, but it seemed large enough for the hundred or so people we had heard the village had.


In a remote village like this, a couple of dozen huts the size of horse stalls would be more than enough.
In that sense, it could be called a fortified town.


However, Panamera passed through the town and left without leaving it.


The gate opened, and we took the lead and went back out onto the street.


Then he came back next to the carriage we were riding in and opened his mouth.


“The village seems to be that way.
Well, like the town earlier, the landscape is again not as I remember it.”


Panamera said this with a chuckle, and then pointed to where the carriage was going.


I put my face to the window and look ahead.


“…Hmm? Is that…a fortress?”


“Wow…! How big!”


Pista exclaims, unable to hide his childish excitement.
Indeed, much to my chagrin, I was overwhelmed as well.


Just when you think you’ve passed through a reasonably respectable town, a huge, oddly shaped wall and tower appear.
Anyone would be speechless.


“…This is quite a thing.
To put it bluntly, it is definitely more splendid than the fortress of Personum, which is the key to the defense of this area.”


“Don’t say it, Prime Minister.
Even though it is not an official statement, I cannot have it rumored that the fortress of Personum, one of the great achievements of the previous king, is inferior to the villages on the frontier.”


When I told him this, Aperta shook his shoulders, even though I was not joking.
When I glared at him with half-lidded eyes, Aperta, who covered his mouth with his hand and laughed quietly, replied.


“Your majesty is so unusually sensible, I couldn’t help but think.”


“He’s rude.”


I cross my arms and complain.
This guy doesn’t know how to respect a king, probably because he has known me since before I became king.


Well, he is precious to me because the only other person like that is this Aperta.


“Your Majesty.
When this land became a marquisate, this village should have been a normal village.
I don’t doubt the Viscount’s words, but in any case, there is no doubt that it is a fortress that was built at an astonishing speed.”


“What do you mean?”


When I asked this, Aperta lifted the corner of his mouth to reveal a sarcastic look and replied.


“Isn’t it interesting?”


I finally realized my feelings when he said that.


Yes, it is.
Inwardly, I’m very excited and want to go to that fortress right now, acting like a calm and collected king because I’m in front of Pista, but in my heart, I want to go around the fortress right now and ask them how they built the walls and how they defeated the dragons.


Realizing this, I can’t help but laugh.


“Huh, ha ha ha! Indeed! This is getting interesting.
Come on, the fortress is already in front of us.
Let’s ask them right away what they did and how they did it.
Whatever it is, I’m sure it is useful information.”


Aperta laughed lightly and nodded as she said this with a laugh.


“Finally, His Majesty has returned.
I thought you had been so overwhelmed by the majesty of the fortress that you had atrophied.”


“Speak nonsense.
I was just thinking about the unexpected situation.”


Aperta’s lighthearted remark was countered a little more forcefully, and Aperta looked forward with his mouth in the shape of a smile.


The city walls are already in front of us.
As we approached, we could see that although the walls were lower than those of the royal city, they were quite well constructed.
The seams were almost invisible, and the color of the stone was not mottled.


The large double-opening gates were also decorated with detailed ornaments.


With tens of thousands of laborers, it could probably be built in a year or so.


“…It has a curious shape, by the way.
What is the meaning of the part that protrudes this way?”


As I looked up at the towering walls from inside the carriage, a voice echoed from the fortress.


“Open the gates! Open the gates!”


After that voice, the gate was opened from the inside with apparent speed.
The gate was opened to reveal a group of knights in full equipment, with a butler, a maid, and a child in the center of the front.
There are three children, and Baron Van may be the one in the center of the group.


Panamera, whom I knew well, stepped forward alone and exchanged a few words.


No, not just a couple of exchanges.
They are talking a lot.
Viscount Panamera really has some nerve to keep the king waiting,” Aperta said impatiently.


Aperta coughed loudly as if he were impatient.


Hearing this, Panamera dismounted and knelt down on the spot.
The men in the back knelt and bowed as well.


He dismounted from the carriage and, with Aperta and Pista in the rear, stepped forward himself.


I sense a slight stir among the crowd, and I wonder if Panamera has said something.


Well, that’s okay.
Let’s just get the official greeting out of the way.


“…You are Van Nay Fertio, I am Dino En Zola Berlinetta, King of the Kingdom of Scuderia.
I am Dino En Zola Berlinetta, King of the Kingdom of Scuderia.
You are a new baron and the youngest member of the nobility.
Work with diligence and show the country what you can do to benefit it.
With your strength and wisdom, our country will become even more powerful.
I have high hopes for you.”


First, I looked down at the boy who looked like Van Nay Fertio, who had become a baron, and told him of his ordination.
Next, I told him the paragraph reported by the Adventurers’ Guild.


“I also heard that a dungeon has been discovered in the baron’s territory.
A survey team from the guild will be arriving shortly, and when they do, be sure to tell them everything in good faith.
A report to the guild is also a report to the kingdom.
No lies or deceit will be tolerated.”


This was an important statement from the king as well.


But the main issue is yet to come.
I open my mouth again.


“…Finally, the report of the defeat of the Green Forest Dragon Forest Dragon and the auction of our country were truly wonderful achievements.
Normally, an investigator from the knighthood would have been dispatched upon receiving this news, but since the location and content were unusual this time, I have come to confirm it myself.
I will ask you to answer all questions accurately.
You have no objections?”


Baron Van quietly raised his head and opened his mouth.


“Yes, I swear to tell you everything honestly.
But there is one thing you must promise me.”


“What? Promise?”


I asked back, surprised at the firmness of his response, which was hard to believe for a child.


Van looked me squarely in the eye and smiled, as if troubled.


“I will show you everything, but if Your Majesty does not believe me, that means everything would be a lie.
I wish Your Majesty would make the effort to believe me.”


“…You’re a funny guy.
I promise you.”


I replied as I heard Aperta try to hold back his laughter.

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