looked at us while standing, but they were soon forced to sit down by the people around them.

It was no use, but it was no fun.

This is the same in the royal city, where the nobles show various strict attitudes to show their authority and bind the residents by law.
If this is loosened, some residents will have an opportunity to revolt.

This is especially true in a country like Japan, which is expanding its territory rapidly.

As a result, the inhabitants naturally kneel at the sight of the emblems of lords and royalty.

“…I don’t intend to play the politics of fear, but this is how the rest of the country sees us.”

I look out from inside the carriage and mutter quietly.
Aperta nods at my words and then snorts.

“We have no choice but to stabilize the country.
We will firmly distinguish between nobles and commoners and create a clear disparity.
This disparity must be strictly controlled by law, and those who deviate from it must be punished.
This way, the country will be long, strong, stable, and prosperous.”

Aperta said this and suddenly turned his gaze next to me.
There is Pista, his eyes transfixed on the view outside the window.

Compared to the serious and quiet Sergio, Pista, the fifth son, is very active.
He is not fond of studying, and is not interested in politics, although he is interested in swords and horses.

His aptitude for magic is the wind of the four elemental magics, and he thinks that in the future he will be entrusted with a knighthood.

Aperta, however, has a different view.
Apparently, he is planning to make Pista the lord of a large city.

The attempt is interesting, but not suitable by any stretch of the imagination.
Well, the lord of the village we are heading to is also eight years old, so it might be a good stimulus in that sense.

“Your Majesty.”


Aperta points out the window and opens his mouth.

Aperta points out the window and speaks up, “In a little while you will see that remote village.
It’s been a long road, but we’re finally there.”

“I see.
I saw the village on the way, but even with 300 people… no, even with 1,000 people, I don’t think we would have been able to defeat the dragon… hmm? What is that?”

Suddenly, I noticed something at the end of the road and tilted my head.

“Is that… a wall, I don’t think so, a city wall…?”

Aperta couldn’t say for sure, either, as if she wasn’t sure.

But the honest child said exactly what he saw.

“…It’s a great wall.”

A castle wall

Yes, definitely a castle wall.
It was definitely not a small village.

“Should I call Viscount Panamera?”

“No, wait.
No, wait.
There is no reason for it to lie.
He cannot expect us to actually come and see it, so he is not talking about harming us.”

“But there is a big discrepancy between the two stories.
Even if we had started building it before the Viscount came to King’s Landing, there is no way we could have completed it in a couple of months.”

“…That’s right.
Okay, call the Viscount.”

Saying this, Aperta instructed the soldiers, and Panamera immediately appeared.

I call out from inside the carriage to Panamera, who kneels with a troubled look on his face.

Is that the nameless village? That’s a very different story.”

Panamera looks up at me with serious eyes.

“I, too, am very surprised.
I had no idea that they would build another village…or should I say a town on that scale?”

“…one more? You mean you made that one from scratch?”

I asked again, not understanding what he meant.
Panamera nodded as if it were a matter of course.

“That’s right.
The real village is behind there.
I helped build the walls, so I’m sure of it.”

“…I don’t get the story…you mean the Marquis of Fertio is behind it? But I thought the Viscount said that Van Nay Fertio himself was responsible for the development of the village.”

When I confirmed this again, Panamera answered clearly.

There is no doubt about that.
However, that town is new to me as well, so I cannot speak about it.
I am sorry, but I would like to ask you to head to the town with me.”

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