One hundred of the Seat Village Knights, led by Dee and including fifty of the super-strong rapid-firing mechanical bow team, line up.
Then, the 30 Knights of Espada formed a line.

Surprisingly, more than a hundred people look reasonable.

One hundred and thirty people are wearing the equipment I made, and they are all looking at me.
It is quite a spectacle.

The equipment is basically wood block helmets, armor, shields, and swords made of wood block or iron, depending based on the individual.

To be honest, all woodblock equipment would be sufficient for a knighthood, but it is not so easy when dealing with a powerful knighthood, apparently.

So, the current equipment is the standard Equipment.
Other B equipment is the iron shield and Mithril’s sword.
C equipment is a long spear, Tower Shield, and a mechanical bow for long-range use.

I really wanted a cavalry with mobility, but it is still difficult to go that far.

Well then, let’s greet the messenger.”

With that, he turned on his heel and headed for the main gate.

As soon as the main gate was opened, the carriage came close by.
The carriage and four cavalrymen were in the lead, and soldiers in identical armor could be seen in the rear.

It was quite a thing.

“I wonder if they sent a larger force because it’s a frontier where dragons appear? “

As I tilted my head and mouthed something like that, the lead cavalryman ran his horse ahead of us.

Are they trying to make an appointment? No choice, I’ll make time for Baron Van here.

The cavalryman who came right in front of me, waiting with his chest out, dismounted on the spot and took off his helmet.

Then his beautiful long blond hair appears softly.

“Hello, Baron Van Nay Fertio.”

With that, Viscount Panamera Carerra Cayenne appeared.

Panamera smiled wryly and looked down at me.

“Ah, Panamera-san, it’s been a long time.”

Surprised, I couldn’t respond too loudly and returned a curt greeting.
Perhaps displeased by this, Panamera wrinkled his brow.

“What, boy? What’s the matter, boy? Have you found another woman? “

It’s a witty joke.
But I’m more curious about how Panamera’s dynamite body fits into the armor.

“Arte and I are getting along better than before.”

I replied, and Panamera looked behind me.

Then Arte smiles and bows his head.

“It’s been a while, Master Panamera.
How are you?”

Panamera blinked unusually at that carefree smile, then looked at me.

What kind of magic trick is this? Or is it brainwashing magic? How could he change like that in just two or three months? “

Panamera asked in amazement, but I didn’t want to be asked such a question.

“Well…I wonder why.
Well, it seemed that Arte was not confident in his magic, so I taught him how to use magic in my own way, and I even told him how wonderful Arte’s magic was.”

“That would be it, no matter what you think.”

Panamera said with a curious look on his face at my answer.
Then he laughs as he lets out a breath.

“Fu, fufu…you are quite the sexy playboy.
This is something to look forward to in the future.”

As Panamera mouthed this and laughed, shaking his shoulders slightly, he heard a deliberate cough from the carriage.

“Oops, I must have talked too much.”

Panamera muttered at the coughing and knelt down, looking back at the carriage that had stopped just behind him.

“Now, bow your head, Baron.
You are in the presence of His Majesty.”

I reflexively kneel and bow at his words.

What? His Majesty? 

As I was surprised, I heard a low voice echoing solemnly.

You must be Van Nay Fertio.
I am Dino En Zola Berlinetta, King of the Kingdom of Scuderia.
You have newly joined the ranks of the nobility as a baron.
Work with diligence and show the country what you can do to benefit it.
With your strength and wisdom, our country will become even more powerful.
I have high hopes for you.”

I was in a state of confusion as I listened to his sudden appearance.

No, the king should not leave the Royal Capital.
And he would never leave the Royal Capital to join a newly knighted baron.

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