o walked ahead with the villagers and passed through the open gate.
We follow suit, and again shout in surprise.


“…what’s going on? “


Someone else shouted in bewilderment.


After passing through the magnificent gate, we found ourselves in a large area with a few buildings on the other side.
And at the far end, there was a wall, this time smaller in scale.


Still, it looked larger than the town we had first passed through.


When we arrived in the village and the child told us something, the villagers started to move in unison.
Looking at them, I knew that the child was indeed the lord of the village.


“Everyone, we’ve arrived.
Good work.”


Rango told me, and I sat there as if I had been distracted.
It seemed that many of us were similar.


Then, out of nowhere, an old man and a child brought chairs.


“Come on, use it.
You’ll be resting a bit, and dinner will be ready soon.”


“Oh, no, we are slaves…”


I stood up in a rush and changed my attitude, but the old man by my side shook his head from side to side.


“Don’t worry about it.
We have only recently arrived in this village.
When we were sitting in the same way, the people from the original village brought us chairs.”


He puts the chair down, and I sit on it, bowing my head.


Then the old man laughed happily, told me a couple of stories, and went back again.


Looking around, it seemed that everywhere was similar.
The slaves were bewildered, and the villagers were happily conversing and preparing something.


Even if I had to work in the mines, I felt I could do well if this was the village to which I would return.


This is a friendly village.


When the sun began to set, I was told that dinner was ready.


Everyone was puzzled whether we were allowed to sit down even though we were slaves, but it seems that a welcoming party is one in which the star of the show is sitting down.
I was grateful, but troubled.


However, such feelings were blown away when the dinner started to be prepared.


The good smell of roasting meat filled the air.
The children would have run out of the house if they had not been restrained by the adult slaves.


Amidst the crackling sounds, we were called out.


“Come here, come here.”


With these words, we were all made to line up in front of the meat.
Juices overflowed from the thick meat and the fire danced.


If they went this far and told us not to eat meat because we were slaves, not only children but also adults might shed tears.


As I was thinking this, that child lord stood on the platform and opened his mouth.
The villagers, who until then had been buzzing with activity, all quieted down at once.


“Well, everyone.
Thank you for your hard work today.
I would also like to thank Rango and his party, who have just finished their journey from the faraway Royal Capital to here.
Today, we hope that all the hardships, fatigue, and anxiety of the slaves will be wiped away, and that you will enjoy the delicious meat and fruits as well as the alcohol.
Villagers, please also guide the slaves when they need to go to the restroom.
Now, let’s have a barbecue party! “


As soon as the proclamation was made, the villagers erupted in cheers.
Then a skewer with grilled meat on it was presented to us.


“Here, eat it.
It’s delicious.”


The old man who brought me a chair said happily.


“Oh, thank you.”


I manage to say that much and put the meat in my mouth.


The skin on the surface was crispy and burnt, and it tasted of salt and tangy spices.
As I bite into it, I can feel the tender fibers of the meat chew through my mouth, and the strong flavor of the meat fills my mouth.


The meat is freshly cooked and hot, but I can’t stop.
I can’t stop.


The meat is so delicious that it is unlike any other meat I have ever eaten.


“…delicious! “


A child’s happy voice echoed from nearby.


The villagers look at it with kind eyes and smile.




My vision blurred.
While biting into the meat, I wiped my tears with my free hand.


“Ugh…ugh! “


“…Kuh…! “


Mixed in with the sounds of the meat cooking and laughter, I could hear him holding back his tears.


I ate the meat while crying, unable to hold back my tears any longer.
I couldn’t stop crying, remembering the days of slavery I had endured for so long.

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