Finally Arrived


Thanks to Espada, the town’s defense wall is well underway.


Now, let’s build a ballista once the wall is completed.
Just as I was thinking that, he came back.


It was Rango.


“Hey! The caravan is here! “


“Bullshit, here in the middle of nowhere…wow, I’m serious! “


“There are too many guards… no, why are there too many guards! “


And the adventurers start to make noise.


On top of the newly built barrier, I called out to Camsin.


“Can you go get Bell for me? “


“Yes! “


Good answer, and Camsin runs.
Camsin is in good spirits today.
After seeing his back off, I looked back at Till and Arte.


“Okay, let’s go pick him up.
I have many questions I want to ask you.”




Till and Arte replied and followed me.


The town’s defensive wall is connected to a nearby building.
There is a veranda on the third floor, from which a passageway is provided to the top of the wall.


So, when you go back to the ground level, you have to go through the building.


“Oh, Van-sama!”


“I heard there was a caravan coming.”


“Here they come.”


I walk down the stairs with one hand fluttering in the air.
As a young lord, I was always being accosted by people who thought I was funny.


I was approached by many people, and I finally landed on the ground, dealing with them as I saw fit.


When I reached the street, they were just about to come toward me.


But when I saw the people around the approaching carriage, I twisted my head.


The carriage is fine.
There were only two carriages, the one I had left with him and a large carriage that he had purchased in addition to the one I had left with him.


It seems that they have also bought horses, and there seem to be two or three dozen horses.


Surrounding them were nearly a hundred young men and women.


They all had simple armor and spears, but they did not look very familiar.
In the middle of the caravan were about 20 adventurers.


The driver of the large carriage in the center seemed to be Rango.


While I was looking at them, Bell and Camsin came running from the village.
For some reason, Espada and Dee, who were walking a little faster, were also there.


“Rango has returned! “


Bell said, and Rango raised his hand on the other side.


It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other.
The siblings would share the joy of their reunion.


I was expecting this, but Bell’s first words were, “How much did you sell it for? I was expecting that, but Bell’s first words were, “How much did you sell it for?


Rango, on the other hand, was similar.


One hundred and eighty white gold coins.
I brought a hundred and fifty slaves, mainly debt slaves who were sold to human sellers because I will need a carriage, horses, and the rest from now on.”


“I see…! Hmm?  One hundred and fifty slaves…?  And they’re all young… if each one is worth one to two gold coins, then one to three platinum coins…? “


Rango’s bold slave trading made Bell look shocked.


But Rango laughs gruffly and opens his mouth.


“One hundred under twenty and fifty around ten years old, all in good health, without injury or disease, for eight large gold coins.
After the auction was over, I went to the Mary Chamber of Commerce to tell them about my resignation and those three idiots.
For some reason, they apologized to me.
He told me that he couldn’t do business with Van-sama in the future, so he was willing to sell me what I wanted at half price.”


“…The Mary Chamber of Commerce?  Only the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce or the Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce could make such a quick decision…”


While Bell’s brow wrinkles distressed, Rango points to the inside of the wagon and opens his mouth.


“The rest is seasonings, seedlings of crops, and maybe some offerings to Van-sama.”


“Offerings?  Hey, it’s got to be proper, right? “


I looked from side to side as Bell’s eyes narrowed.


“Welcome back.”


“Ah, Van-sama! I’m back! “


I nodded and responded to Rango, who bowed his head.


“Good evening.
You have many people here.”


With that, Rango puts his hands out in front of him and holds out a leather bag.


“Rest assured, I haven’t touched any of what I’m giving to Van-sama.
It is one hundred and thirty white gold coins.
Please give it to me.”


“Oh, thank you.”


Till received it with a gasp and made a strange noise, “Hyaaaaa….” Well, I guess I’m not the only one who shuddered at the thought of having such an unbelievably large amount of money in my hand.


Laughing at Till, Rango offered me an even smaller leather bag.


“And here are two white gold coins, part of our profit.”


“Oh? “


I take it anyway.
As I tilt my head, Rango laughs happily and opens his mouth.


“From now on, I will contribute a portion of my profits to Van-sama every time.
Please, we would appreciate it.”


“Wow, thank you.
Then, I’ll sell the materials for the magical beasts to Bell-san and Rango-san first.”


It’s a win-win situation.
I was delighted.


Then Rango pulls out another small leather bag.


“I know this is very forward of me, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to buy one of the carriages you made for me…five large gold coins per carriage.
The total is two white gold coins and five large gold coins.
May I? “


“I’ll sell them.
Well, I don’t mind if it’s for free? “


When I replied, Bell shook his head from side to side in a panic.


“Thanks, but you shouldn’t offer it for free too often! Some people will come to look for it, and you may be subject to jealousy and backbiting.
Please accept it.”


I was bowed down and given a large sum of money.


Even more lottery winnings don’t stop.
And Till’s trembling doesn’t stop, either.


“After that, I’ll give Van-sama the gem I found at the Royal Capital.”


Saying this reverently, Rango pulls out a large box from inside the carriage.


It was amusing to see Bell in the background, looking on tenterhooks.


I’m curious to see what’s in the box, too.
I’m excited.


“This is the newest and most advanced one at Royal Capital,” he said.


What he took out was a large crossbow with a square box-like object attached to it.


“No way, this is…? “


My voice rose unintentionally.


Laughing at my excitement, Rango held up the crossbow and pointed it toward the forest.


There is a grip on the side of the box, and when I move it up and down, the crossbow makes a clattering sound and the bow part is pulled.


Then he moved the grip under the crossbow to re-grip it, and the arrow was fired.
Further, when Rango re-gripped the grip, another arrow was fired.


There was hardly any interval between one and two shots.


“It’s a serial-firing mechanical bow that can fire a maximum of ten arrows in a row.
Moreover, if you replace the box-like part at the top, it would not take long to load the next arrow.
There were several available, so I bought three of the same type, three of a different shape, and a total of ten arrow loading boxes.”


“Thanks!!! “


I jumped up to Rango with a Hail Mary and accepted the crossbow.


I see.
The lower grip is both a support and a trigger.
It’s more like a modern bow gun than a crossbow.


Rango had just set it up, and when he pulled the trigger, it fired an arrow.


“Oh! “


I shoot the arrow at the forest.
Super fun.


“I’m going to make a Ballista with this! Thank you so much!!! Woo-hoo! “


I literally jumped for joy.


“Van-sama, I’m happier than a hundred and thirty platinum coins…”


“That’s great, Van-sama.”


“Van-sama, give me one too…! “


I hear many voices, but my head is filled with the continuous-fire Ballista.


It’s fun just to imagine many of them lined up in a row.


“Oh, yes.
If we make a knighthood with these as official equipment, it would be like the Seat knighthood.”


I couldn’t stop being excited by this crazy idea.

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