Before the Dungeon


As I swayed, I squinted at the sunlight streaming through the deep forest and trees, and took a deep breath.


“It’s a nice view, isn’t it?”


“Yes, the air is thick and pleasant.”


“The shaking, it’s bothering me…ugh…”


All three of us are enjoying the forest bathing, and we continue on the very side of the cliff.


I wish I could clarify whether it was a forest, a canyon, a cliff, or the Bryde River Canyon.
It’s a view on a grand scale, like a scene from a movie.


No, the scenery changed too much within an hour of entering the forest.


In a few minutes, the smell of blood and the corpse of a magical beast will be a part of the scenery.


“…I never thought this would happen…”


Even Till is smiling, “What the hell is wrong with you?”


“Well, Van-sama told me… that I should go to the dungeon…”


“Are you okay, Camsin-sama…?”


Maybe it was the motion sickness, but Camsin was more strict than ever.
I’m sorry.
So don’t look at me like that.


But it was hard to move around with six strong adventurers carrying me like a portable shrine.


No, it was harder on the adventurers who had to carry us.
The road was rough, and it was very bumpy.


Several times Camsin suggested that they get off and walk, but they were angered that they should get on because they didn’t weigh much, and it would slow them down.


The result was a blue Camsin standing by the window with a somber expression on his face.


Incidentally, the portable shrine I made was quite light, like the box part of a small carriage.
But it is quite light, especially when four people are on it.
In this condition, six adventurers took turns carrying us for 30 minutes.


The vertical shaking was severe, but the horizontal shaking was also severe.
Looking out the window, I felt as if I would be thrown out the moment I let my guard down.


However, the women were strong in this environment.
They are enjoying the scenery outside as if they were on a trip.


“Master Arte, it’s a great cliff.”


“It’s deep.
But it’s a tremendously magnificent view.
The mountains in the distance are beautiful, too.”


“They are bigger than clouds, aren’t they? Oh, the flying monsters…look.”


“Well, it’s wonderful.”


I’m scared.


What if they attack us? We’ll be transformed from a portable shrine into a sacrifice.
Well, I think we’ll be okay because we have a hastily created a bow gun, but you never know if we’ll be caught off guard.


I looked around from the window and saw that some adventurers were circling the area to check for magical beasts.


To my surprise, our escort this time was made up of fifty people on their own, probably because Ortho and the others had talked to them.
I had wanted to go see the dungeon anyway, but it was too big a group to be in a rush.


Ten of them had bought weapons I had made in the village, so they were quite a force to be reckoned with.


“Hyah! It’s the Giant Troll of the Forest!


“I’ll hunt it!”


“Oh my God, that troll just split in half! What’s with the sword?


It was quite noisy, but thanks to that, the women didn’t seem too scared.


We arrived at the dungeon just as Camsin’s complexion turned from blue to white.


On the way, we passed through a part of the dungeon where there was only enough room for one person, but somehow we managed to pass through it in a portable shrine state.


When I looked out the window, I couldn’t see the ground; it was as if I was floating on a cliff.
I decided that I would never let him proceed on his way back home unless he enlarged the road.


“Van-sama! We’re here!”


I heard a voice calling me, and I looked out the window.


The path ahead was a cliff.


“Stop! Stop! Stop here!”


I shouted.


“What? We’re almost there.


The man carrying the portable shrine said with a curious look on his face.


This idiot.


“Let’s get off at a wide place! Quickly!”


The adventurers complained and followed his instructions with dubious looks on their faces.


“Did something happen?”


“What’s wrong?”


Ortho and the others in the front-row came back rushing.


To our right was a forest and to our left was a sheer cliff.
Ahead of us was another steep cliff.
Two unreliable logs were hung at the end of the cliff, serving as a bridge to the other side of the river.


No, you idiot.
You should follow the safety standards.
Even the steeplejacks would have a coup d’état over something like this.


Even after I got off the portable shrine, I was still angry.


Adventurers were coming back from the other side of the river, which was more than 10 meters wide, crossing over the logs like street performers.
Xsara is jumping up and down on the log.


“…Let’s rectify this kind of place where a little mistake can kill you.
Hazard prediction.
Risk management.
Got it?”


The adventurers looked at each other and tilted their heads.


“Is there such a place?”


“Yes, sit down.
Sit there and reflect.”


The skinhead, about 20 years old, made an impossible statement, so I let him sit there.
He was complaining, but the people around him were forcing him to sit upright.


After confirming this, I pointed to the log.


“Xsara-san, try crossing it.”


When I said this, Xsara nodded curiously and started to cross the log.


“Camsin, kick the log.”




“Hey, Van-sama!”


As Camsin ran to kick the log, Xsara struggled across to the other side of the river.


“Are you trying to kill me?”


He turned back to the adventurers, pointing at Xsara, who was expressing his anger as he jumped on the other side of the river.


“Even the lightweight Xsara could fall if the log rolls or breaks.
Understood people!”




Everyone gave good replies.


“Then we should secure the logs or find a safer path, right? You got it?”




Another good answer.


Hmmm, he learned.


“So, what do you think we should do with these logs?”


“I’m going to put a lot of them in a row!”


“Yes, sit down.”




More adventurers sitting on their haunches.


“We’ll build a sturdy bridge! Bring wood!”


And so it was that I was to build a bridge before I reached the dungeon.


Ten minutes later, I built the bridge using wood I had purchased from a nearby place.
It was ten meters wide.
It was sturdy enough to allow a horse-drawn wagon full of luggage to pass through.
I also made sure that it would not move.


“Make sure you cross the bridge after securing your safety like this,” he said.


When he said this, the adventurers all jumped in.


“It’s impossible!”


“If we build a bridge like this, it will take days…”


“We don’t have time for this.”


They were all complaining.


“If you complain, I won’t build you a base.


I said, and the words of apology poured down like rain.


“I’m sorry!”


“I’ll build a bridge!”


“Please forgive me!”


Apologetic adventurers.
Van is a generous man.


“Well, about the base…”


With that, we look at the entrance to the dungeon.


The hole is about three meters long and wide.
The cave is shaped like a downward slanting cave, and the back part of the cave appears to be dimly lit.


The cave is surrounded by rock walls, and there is not much space in front of the entrance.
A short walk in the direction of return leads to a cliff with a nice-looking bridge leading to the other side of the river.


I’m a little worried about making a base in that little space.


“…How can I help you?”


Till asks me, and I look up, replying, “Yeah.”


First of all, I’d like to suggest the equipment we need.
What do you guys want?”


“A whorehouse.”


“No, thanks.
Sit down.”


The base was difficult to set up.

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