o skilled, you know.”


The other adventurers followed up.
The adventurers of the end of the century are a party with a name like White Oath? Why did they name it that?


As I look at the end-of-the-century adventurers with this thought in mind, a thin man in shining silver armor opens his mouth.


“But what are you really doing here? It’s not safe if a magical beast comes.”


He nods as he is told this.


“Thank you.
But don’t worry, I’ll return to the village as soon as I find something.”


The man raises his eyebrows as he looks back at the village and replies.


“…After all, that’s the remote village I was talking about.
I heard from the guild that a rather young baron is the lord.
He’s spending a lot of money and manpower, but I guess that’s how important this village is to the Marquis’ family.”


I tilt my head at the man who says this with a scowl.


Who is this baron? I wonder if there is such a young and capable baron in the Marquise’s faction.


Well, rumors are rumors.
The rumors must have changed drastically by the time we arrived at the royal capital from the marquis’ domain.


“So, what’s your game?”


I was thinking, and the man asked me something like that.


“Waiting for wood?”


“‘What do you mean, waiting for wood?”


He answered my question with a question, which was answered with more questions.
Well, seeing is believing.


“Camsin, give me a wood block.”


With that, Camsin came over to me with only three wood blocks left.


I took them and, with an image in my mind, quickly built a simple fence about 10 meters long on either side.


I made it a lattice fence so that I could use as little material as possible, but it ended up looking like a large dog run.


“It looks a little bad, but well, it’s a temporary fence, so I guess it’s good like this for today.
Meanwhile, we’re planning to surround the whole town eventually with a barrier about five meters high.”


When I turned around after saying that, I saw a group of adventurers with rounded eyes and mouths looking at the fence.


“What, what, what, what…?”


The adventurers were pointing at the fence, uttering words I didn’t understand, but I was frustrated as well.


“You know what I mean? That’s because you look unreliable.
Well, it’s much sturdier than it looks, but we’ll build a proper barrier in a week or so.”


He put his hands on his hips and muttered with a sigh, and some adventurers shook their heads from side to side.


“No, no, no.”


“That’s not what I meant.”


“What the heck is that magic?”


Someone starts a conversation, and the adventurers start screaming as if a dam is about to break.


Just as they were wondering what to do, Dee and the others brought in a log.




The adventurers open their mouths with stunned expressions as the Dee piled up the logs in front of me.


“…You can’t be serious, this kid…Van Nay Fertio…?”


The moment someone mutters this, Dee pulls out his sword and yells.


“Who said those words just now! Step forward! This Marquise Fertio…no, Dee, the Commander of the Seat Knights, will defeat you!”


The adventurers groaned and backed away as Dee shook with rage.
Oh no, he’s really out of it.
It’s terrifying.


If it were me, I would have been incontinent in front of them.


Some of them took offense to Dee’s words and came forward.


“Old man! You’re going to cut us down? Try it, man!”


One of them complained, pulling out a long, thick iron sword and pointing the tip at Dee’s face.


He stared at the sword and swung it at the same time Dee dropped to his haunches.


The next moment, there was a high-pitched metallic clang, and the adventurer’s iron sword was severed about halfway through.
The severed sword flew through the air and pierced the ground.


At the sight of this, the excited adventurers turned pale, took a step or two back, and fell silent.

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