>I decided to create a new order of knights that would be unique to this village and make Espada watch over the other place.


I made up my mind and asked Dee and the others to resume the log gathering.


As I was thinking about the knights, I saw a carriage coming toward us from the other side of the road.


“It’s a carriage, probably.”


It was so far away that he wasn’t sure.
But Camsin nodded clearly.


“It’s a single horse and a medium-sized carriage.
It doesn’t look like it has an escort.”


“…Yeah, thanks.”


I wonder why everyone has such good eyesight.
It’s a great eyesight cheat, isn’t it?


“If there’s no escort, maybe Xsara? Normally, if you’re coming to a remote area like this, you wouldn’t travel alone or with just one or two people.”


Camsin’s eyes widened.


“It’s quite a distance away, but there are other carriages in the back…”


“The carriage in front of us is also very far away, but if we were very far away from it, we wouldn’t be able to see anything, would we?”


I try to complain about my somewhat abnormal eyesight.
But Camsin is not to blame.
The problem is my bad eyesight.


As I’m feeling down, Till and Arte look into my face.


“It’s okay, I can’t see either.”


“Me neither.”


“Thank you.
You are all so kind.”


With their words, I was able to find hope again in this world.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.
I don’t know what I’m talking about.


At any rate, I got myself back on track and started building the house.


After more than an hour, when we had finished building another new residence, the carriage finally came close to us.


There was a familiar figure of a fat adventurer in the driver’s seat, and a beautiful woman peeking out from the back of the wagon.




Till answered when I asked.


“Don’t tell me, you saved that woman from a crisis in Royal Capital and fell in love with her…?”


“That’s lovely, it sounds like a heroic tale.”


Arte bites into Till’s prediction.
The two are excited, but unfortunately, it’s Xsara on the other end.


“I wonder if he’ll do something cool like that…”


I comment negatively, and Camsin tilts his head.


“But, in a humble way, Xsara-san is wonderful.
He moves fast and is the best at detecting signs and finding and disarming traps.
His use of the sword is unique, but he is also good.
He is also good at throwing stones, throwing knives, and bows and arrows.”


“What, you can do everything? Even though you are Xsara-san?”


As Camsin, Till, Arte and I were discussing Xsara’s skills, personality, and whether he was hot or not, he called out to us.


“Hey, Van-sama, I wish you would stop gossiping about me so loudly.”


Xsara says something like that while looking at me with half-lidded eyes.
It’s a complaint.
Let’s go around.


“Hey, Xsara-san, welcome back.
By the way, how are you?”


I asked, while Till and Arte leaned forward to listen.


Xsara answered, perhaps because of the attention, but he seems reluctant to say anything.


“We met by chance.
I had nowhere else to go, so I showed him around.
Are you okay with the number of residents still increasing?”


“Yes, of course.
We’ve added about 300 people, but it’s still not a problem at all.”


“Three hundred people! Are you talking about the residents of the neighboring village? That’s a lot of people!”


With the surprised Xsara at his side, Till speaks to the woman who appears from behind Xsara on behalf of the others.


“Nice to meet you.
My name is Till.
This is Van Nay Fertio-sama, the lord.”


The woman, who had completely lost her timing to introduce herself, answered with a relieved look.


“My name is Flamilia Stratos.
Xsara-sama saved me when I was being attacked by orcs near the royal capital, and I was able to accompany you here.”


When the woman who identified herself as Flamilia said this, Till and Arte looked at Xsara and Flamilia’s faces, their eyes shining.


“Oh really!”


I, on the other hand, looked at Xsara’s face and let out such an honest comment.


“No, I’m not…I’m not even that good-looking.”


“No, Xsara-sama says so, but from my point of view, you were nicer than any hero in any heroic tale.”


Xsara turned away as if embarrassed, but Flamilia replied with a soft ladylike smile, and Till and Arte cheer.


“No way!”


I couldn’t believe it until the very end.

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