to the edge of the world to a place that is even further away…”

I had nothing to say, replying the woman who muttered this in a trembling voice.

Lightly spoken words of comfort would have no effect on someone in despair.

So, I nodded quietly and answered.

“Yes, that’s right.
If it’s travelling from a remote village to another more remote place, it would no doubt felt like that.”

The woman sobs as I told her this.
I rubbed her back and continued.

“However, that frontier village is heaven.
Much better than going to any town.”

“…? I don’t understand…?”

I responded to the confused woman with a light wave of my hand and continued on my way.
Even if I tried to say everything, I could, she would not understand unless she actually saw it.

After a full day of walking, we finally arrived in the village.

I looked at the towering walls in the distance and stretched out my arms.

“…Ah! We’ve finally arrived!”

There were hardly any magical beasts, but the big move was exhausting for a person with slow legs.
The feeling of exhaustion was great.

And the fact that we had to stay in the field for the first time in a long time was also a cause of the fatigue.

After all, it was best to stay at home.
It was hard to believe that I, as an adventurer, would think such a thing, but it was true, so I had no choice.

“Everyone, we’re almost there!”

I turned around as I called out, and to my surprise, everyone had stopped in their tracks.

Those with stunned faces looked toward the village and muttered something.

“Is, is that really the Village we’re going to?”

“No, that’s not a village…”

“Maybe we went the wrong way…”

I hear these words, but of course, there was no way I could be wrong.

“Look, we’re almost there! There’s food and water if you go that way!”

I called out to them, but they didn’t move.

“Hey, everyone! It’s all right, let’s head for the village!”

Pluriel said in a smug voice.
Then the children pulled on the adults’ hands and spoke.

“Let’s get going, shall we?”

“I want to go there.”

The adults looked at each other and nodded at them.

“Now that we have come this far, we must be prepared.”

Someone said this and everyone started walking toward the village.

Then, a slight sound of cheering could be heard coming from the village.
Pluriel then came up to us and muttered quietly.

“We did it! It looks like there’s a barbecue party again today.”

I raised my eyebrows and groaned when she said that.

“Don’t say that.
It makes me feel hungry already.”

I complained half annoyed, and Pluriel burst out laughing and slapped me on the back.

We arrived in the village and the residents joined the barbecue party without so much as a welcome.

They ate meat and bread seasoned with condiments and drank water and liquor.
The adults were crying and patting each other on the shoulder, while the children happily bit into the meat.

We ourselves, by the way, were enjoying our first non-preserved food in a long time, drinking and laughing with each other.

“Hey, good job.
You guys have saved everyone’s lives.”

Van-sama waved one hand and laughed as he brought a bottle of fruit wine.

This is just normal work for an adventurer.
In fact, the reward is too good for this kind of work.”

While I was saying this, Pluriel walked over to us, holding a skewer with meat on it.

“Van-sama, is this meat from another magical beast? It’s quite fresh.”

Pluriel continued to eat the meat, but lately, I think she’s starting to show her true colors.

Van-sama nodded with a wry smile as he looked at Pluriel with half-open eyes.

“Yesterday, a magical beast appeared in the direction of Apkallu Village, and I checked it immediately.”

“Oh, really? What did you find?”

“Three-eyed boars called Evil Boars.
Ten of them.”

“Ah, they were a little more troublesome than armored lizards.
When you approach them, they use their unique magic, and it made things troublesome.
You could get paralyzed and unable to move.”

“That’s nasty.
Well, I was able to finish them off with the ballista, so thank goodness.”

We laughed at each other.

Lately, I felt like my senses were getting strange, but I wondered if it was my imagination.

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