Fun Territory Defense of the Easy-Going Lord – Chapter 55

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I mounted my horse and rode out of the village.

When I saw leader looking at the dagger on my waist as if he were avenging his parents’ death, I snickered at him with all my might.

I guess it was just a matter of habit, you know.

I pulled out the dagger as I walked down the street.
The blade of the sword, which was smoothly emerging from the scabbard, was decorated with elaborate ornaments that seemed to have been handmade by the boy.

That boy knows his stuff, doesn’t he? This dagger, too, was made to be easy to use, although its decoration looked as if it belonged to some royal family.

Since it was a dagger, it was light, easy to swing, and shaped so that it could be used for thrusting.
The fact that it hardly had a protective guard was also a good thing.
For adventurers, daggers were mostly used as spare or hidden weapons.

A dagger of a size between that of a long sword and a short sword would be used as a primary weapon, but a small dagger or knife could not be used as a primary weapon in a fight against a magical beast.

So, it was important to have a small, lightweight dagger that could be used when the need arose.
Without the guard, there would be no chance of it getting jammed, and it could be used for situations such as sticking it in a gap.

With the dagger in my hand and a grin on my face, the journey to the Royal Capital was a mere blink of an eye.

Now, just a few more kilometers and the Royal Capital would be in sight.

As I was slowly advancing my horse with this thought in mind, I suddenly noticed a strange carriage.

The carriage was outside the highway, its wheels were turned sideways, and the carriage doors were facing the sky.

Well, in other words, it was overturned.

Nearby was a crowd of large fellows with dark, greenish skin, which is rarely seen on the highways.

They had bumpy, darkly stained skin and magnificent bald heads.
Their noses were huge, their eyes were crinkled halfway up, and their yellowed eyeballs were horrifying.

The representative of the ugly men are the Orcs.

There were three orcs, two of them holding the legs of the horses that were pulling the carriage in one hand, their faces buried in their bellies as they feasted on the flesh.

They took one look at me with their guts in their mouths, but soon returned their faces to the horses’ bellies.

Apparently, appetite mattered most to them at the moment.
Orcs were always faithful to their desires.
Appetite, desire to sleep, desire for sex.
And the desire to kill.

Every orc followed its own desires at the time.
If those two were appetite, what was that one doing, climbing up to get into the carriage?

It is obvious.
It’s either a sexual desire for those inside or a desire to kill.

“Normally, I’d be a little tough on them, but….”

I muttered to myself and pull out my Mithril dagger.

I approached the orc before he could brace himself and cut off his arm as he climbed onto the wagon.

Frowning at the scream that pierced my ears, I slit the orc’s neck with my blade in return.
With surprising sharpness, the orc’s neck was cut halfway through.

Noticing their companions losing its balance and falling off the wagon, the two orcs roar and turned to face them.

“Are you going to come at me? I think it would be better for your own safety if you don’t.”

I warned them with my dagger at the ready, but the two orcs kicked the ground and charged.


I let out a small, thin breath and run diagonally forward.
This was in the direction of the hand in front of the orcs.

I slice through the hand that was sticking out while side by side, and go out the other side with the same momentum.

The Two of them are now behind me.

“You’re not working well together.”

Saying that, I swing my dagger and quickly cut through the vertebrae of the two bodies.

Oh no.
I’m going to get addicted to this.

While I was laughing and feeling like a heroic adventurer, someone crawled out from inside the collapsed carriage.
At first, I mistook the slender figure for a child.

What appeared was a small, slender woman.
She was a lovely woman with long, deep brown hair and sleepy eyes.

A woman like this traveling alone in a carriage?

As I looked at her, she came out of the carriage, got down on the ground, and looked at me.

“Thank you very much for your help.
My name is Flamilia Stratos.
I am sure you are a well-known person, but would you mind telling me your name?”

I answered, wiping the dirt from my dagger clean with a cloth.

“My name is Xsara.
I’m but a humble adventurer.
I don’t have much of a title or anything to distinguish myself.”

When I laughed and said so honestly, Flamilia shook her head from side to side and smiled.

I can tell from your magnificent sword that you are a man of great honor.
You must be doing something of great importance to the world.
Rest assured.
I will not pry into anything.”

“Eh? No, as I said, I’m just…”

“Fufufu, I understand.
Well, I will walk from here to Royal Capital and I will thank you later.
However, there is nothing I can do for you presently that I could have done a year ago…”

After bowing, Flamilia muttered sadly and turned to leave, but I couldn’t help but call out to her.

“I’m on my way to Royal Capital, too.
Why don’t you get on my horse? The sooner, the better.”

“Oh, but I can’t cause you any more trouble…”

“Look, a horse would be more pleased with a young lady like you than with me”

Flamilia, looking somewhat familiar with the horse, smiled shyly.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been called young lady.
I’m already thirty, you know?”

“Ha ha ha.
You are joking again.
You don’t even look 20 years old.”

“My, you are good at complementing someone, aren’t you?”

And so, with only a few more days to go, the one-man trip became a two-person trip.
We entered the Royal Capital upbeat, exchanging a few friendly chuckles.

“Where do you plan to go, Flamilia?”

“I…I don’t know what to do.
The guide escaped and…”

I nodded my head at Flamilia, who said in wonder.

“…What brings you to the Royal Capital?”

“I…my family had fallen into ruin, so I came to see if there were any noble families looking for maids…I was in trouble… I didn’t mean to imply this…I’m so embarrassed.”

Flamilia’s shoulders droop.

Seeing this, I could not help but say something out of character for me.

“What, are you a free spirit too, Flamilia? You’re just like me.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.
If you like, you can join me.
I will protect you.
You won’t regret it.”

When I encouraged her with these words, Flamilia looked at me for a few seconds, but then she immediately blushed and put her hand over her mouth.
Then she responded with a smile like a blooming flower.

I look forward to working with you.”

I took the beautiful woman to the Adventurers’ Guild and told the receptionist, “I’ve found a dungeon,” which caused a stir in the guild.

The guild master immediately called us upstairs and asked us where the dungeon was and what kind of magical beasts we could expect to find there.

I also reported the defeat of a dragon and armored lizards, and learned that they had recently been sold at an auction.

At this point, the guild master called out in front of the guild’s reception desk to gather adventurers.

“A dungeon has been discovered on the frontier of the Fertio Marquis territory.
Even though it is a frontier, it is a village where the recently reported dragon and armored lizard have been defeated.
The lord is the new Baron Van Nay Fertio, who is the talk of the town.
The guild is now preparing to build a branch there.
As usual, all materials will be purchased at a 20% premium for a while after the branch is established.
Also, there will be a special reward for those who have mapped the dungeon and have been recognized for their achievements.”

When he announced this, the adventurers began to make a fuss.
Well, those who wanted to get rich would be the first to go.

Now that I have reported the results, the dungeon would be open to us, too.
I must hurry back home!

Just as I was thinking this, the adventurers in the guild all swarmed around me at once.

“I heard a Green Forest dragon appeared and was defeated, but who killed it?”

“Did Baron Van really defeated it?”

“Is the dungeon located far from the village?”

I yell back at the stern men approaching me.

“Calm down! I’m busy here! Well, I’ve reported the discovery of the dungeon, so I’m going home!”

With these words, I pulled Flamilia’s hand and left the guild as if to run away.

Then, a group of men came running up behind her.

“Wait! You just wanted to be the first one to dive into the dungeon!”

“I won’t let you! I’m going to follow you!”

I turned around and complained in response to their voices.

“We’re gonna stay at an inn and then leave! There’s nothing for us here!”

Ah, I unintentionally declared that I was going to work with Flamilia.
I looked next to her, but Flamilia smiled kindly at me, so I guess it’s all right.

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