ople from his territory, and it was like claiming that there was something wrong with the count’s territory.

It would definitely not look good.

“Well, I won’t blame you.”

But I chose not to mind.
The only thing that worried me was Father, who was hard to defy, and the king.
I’m sure they wouldn’t invade the marquis’ territory, so I’m just going to be an adult here and keep my mouth shut.

“For now, we’re tax-free until everyone can live properly.
We have food, and if you work hard for the village, we’ll build you a house.”

“Is, Is this an invitation to paradise…?”

The old man was so surprised by my words that he almost fell over.
His reaction was somewhat old-fashioned and quaint.

“So, how many people live in your village?”

I asked, and the old man tearfully answered.

“About three hundred inhabitants”

“…I could prepare each family, a single house, okay? Please don’t expect too much, though.”

“No, that is more than enough.
That would be a big help for us.
Yes, of course.
Would you like my granddaughter to be your servant? She’s three years old now, but she’s going to grow up to be pretty.”

“She is not a dog or a cat, so don’t offer your granddaughter to me so casually.”

I responded with a weak smile to the old man’s idea of a thank-you gift.

No, I know the culture of offering women and children to lords.
But it is usually a donation.

If you learn anecdotes about royalty and nobility in Japan and abroad, there would be many stories that would be unbelievable in modern Japan.
Well, I felt that people come and go among the nobles like a year-end gift, but there would be no end to it if I start to go too deep into it, so I’ll stop thinking about it there.

It’s a little late to be treating people’s lives and treatment so lightly.

If you asked me for more details, I would tell you that it takes two weeks by adult’s legs to get to the next village.
The reason why they came here instead of the town was because they thought that if they stayed in the count’s territory, they would surely be punished for the crime of not paying taxes.

“I will lend you some of my carriages.
I only have two horses, since I only have those that I own currently, is that all right?”

“No, no, no…! Thank you very much for providing us with a carriage! Back in the village, there are about ten head of cattle grazing in the pasture.
If we let them pull the carriages on the way back, the lord’s horses won’t get tired, and we’ll be able to…”

“Cattle? There are cattle? Dairy animals?”

I ask, interrupting the old man.
The old man’s eyes are black and white, but that’s not the point.
Because it’s a cow, a cow.

The old man nods, breaking out in a cold sweat, wondering if he said something wrong.

“Yes, that’s right.
The count’s domain is a grazing area.
That’s why there are cows in the village.
Our village is in the middle of nowhere, but the border guard knights come from the nearby fortress.
We always have at least a dozen cows when we deliver them every year.”

“A cow is born every year? Isn’t that great? How many cows?”

The old man was puzzled, but answered politely.

“We have five or six cows every year.
Cows usually grow up in a year.
The cows born that year are delivered the following year.
I thought all villages were similar…”

The old man said curiously.

I wondered if the cows were different from those on earth.
If the number of cattle could increase so stably and steadily in an environment like this remote village, I would love to see livestock farming in this village as well.

Let’s have everyone move in and have them increase the number of cattle.
I’ll send a request to Ortho-san and the others to escort you.”

Suddenly excited, I continued on with the conversation.

“Village chief.
You must be tired, so you can rest in the village today.
Although you would be staying in the soldiers’ quarters, there is a place for you to rest and there will be food for everyone.”

The old man blinked and spoke.

“I am not the village chief.”

“Wait, you’re not the village chief?”

Apparently not.
I slumped down on the sofa.

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