from a report of another person’s defeat, even if it was their own, regardless of what the other person had done?”

“It is also imaginable that she may be trying to gain her own territory indirectly by handing over the achievement to an easy-to-manipulate child when a completely unrelated person was supposed to have gained it.”

The Prime Minister objected to His Majesty’s speculation, but was denied with a wave of one hand.

“Do not test me.
If I were him, I would ask for the territory to be given to me directly for defeating a dragon.
In a few days, I will send someone to the site for verification.
At that time, it would be easy to confirm everything.”

His Majesty said grimly, and the Prime Minister smiled and looked at me as if he were troubled.

“…His Majesty says he trusts you.
If this is a conspiracy, your title will be relinquished.
In addition, you will be severely punished.
Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.
I would like you to see the scene of the incident.
I would like His Majesty to see firsthand how much the boy Van changed the village in such a short period of time.
If I were to make an appeal again after that, perhaps His Wise Majesty would appoint him as the new Feudal Lord of the vast Domain for the country’s defense.”

Raising one edge of my mouth, I replied confidently.
Then the place erupted in a big clamor, both the Prime Minister and His Majesty looked down at me with smiles on their faces.


I walked out of the castle and went to my men and Rango who were waiting outside the gates.
A crowd had gathered around us, and the soldiers and Rango were giving the people detailed information.

I had more than two hours to spare.

Perhaps word of killing a dragon had spread throughout the Royal Capital.
In addition, the lead wagon was intentionally made to look as if the roof would not close, exposing part of the dragon’s face.

This was sure to cause a commotion.

“Oh, Panamera-sama!”

Rango noticed, and the soldiers stopped talking and turned around.

Then the onlookers noticed my presence and started talking something with someone nearby in a whispering voice.

Whatever they thought of the situation, there was no doubt that a crowd of people was gathered here.
I reported the results to my men in a loud voice, in a way that they would not be aware of my presence.

“The title of Lord Van Nei Fertio has been decided as a baron.
In addition, the rewards for his achievements in defeating the Green Forest Dragon and the Armored Dragons will be decided at a later date.
With this, the Bell and Rango Chamber of Commerce can be established.”

The Marquis of Fertio’s name was so well known among the people that the mere mention of his name would have made Van known as a member of the Marquis of Fertio’s family.

“Today, I’m going to report to the Merchant’s Guild the establishment of a new trading company, what should it be called?”

When I asked this question to emphasize the establishment of the new Chamber of Commerce, Rango opened his mouth somewhat proudly.

“The Rango Chamber of Commerce!”

Rango quipped.

What are you doing leaving your brother’s name out of it?”

Rango simply nodded with a sparkle in his eyes when I confirmed it.

“My brother, you should be proud to see your beloved brother’s name on it.”

Rango said this with unclouded eyes, but there was no doubt that he would be punished for this later.

“…Shall we register with as Bellrango Chamber of Commerce then?”

I replied, and Rango nodded with an obviously displeased look on his face.


Later, as planned, the name of the new Chamber of Commerce had been registered and the rumors of the new Baron Van Nei Fertio became the biggest story in the Royal Capital.

Most of the rumors spread were stories about defeating dragons, and they were spread with heroic content.
The characters were the new Baron Van, his knights, and me.

For some reason, the story ended with the dragon being surrounded in a field battle and a young boy accompanied by a mighty swordsman chopping off the dragon’s head, but rumors always tend to become flashy.

My exploits were also flashily adapted, so I guess it was a good thing.

“Well, boy.
This will make things interesting.
You should be thankful.”

I said to myself with a small laugh.

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