Dragon Slayers of Our Village


From the second floor of the lord’s mansion, I appeared with Till in tow, unfolded the letter and read it out.


Below us were Espada, Dee, and the villagers, as well as Ortho and his party and Bell, Arte, and Panamella’s soldiers.


It was a little over two hundred people, but it felt like a lot more when I actually saw them in front of me.


“Er, the defeat of the Green Forest Dragon, also known as the Lord of the Forest! The person who has done the most important work in defeating it will be awarded! The award will be presented by Viscount Panamella Carrera Cayenne, head of the Viscount Cayenne family, who holds the title of Viscount!”


The award ceremony was to be conducted in an abbreviated style, but when Panamella gallantly appeared from the second floor of the lord’s mansion, the atmosphere in the place changed.


Seeing the tension on the faces of the villagers made Van, the lord, think about his own dignity.


Panamella slowly looked at everyone’s faces for a moment, and then sternly opened his mouth.


“…The Green Forest Dragon that was defeated by all of us here this time is an existence that would normally require the mobilization of court magicians along with the Knights.
A village or a small town would definitely be destroyed, and even a fortified city in that area would suffer considerable damage.”


When I told them that, the villagers made a noise.


“But this small village survived.
Not only that, no one was killed or injured, and the only damage was to a portion of the city wall under construction and two Balistas.
This is an unbelievable accomplishment.”


Panamella’s words were met with an exclamation of admiration from the villagers.
I know how you feel, but you need to be quiet for now.


Panamella’s expression relaxed slightly at everyone’s reaction and she opens her mouth.


“I will call out the names of those who have contributed greatly to this accomplishment.
The first is Dee, vice commander of the Marquis Fertio’s Knights, for cutting off the head of a Green Forest Dragon over fifteen meters long with a single blow, thus deciding the outcome of this battle.
Therefore, the first merit goes to Vice Commander Dee.”


At these words, the village erupted in cheers, and Panamella waited for the cheers to die down before opening her mouth again.


Panamella waits for the cheers to die down and then speaks again, “Next is Espada, an exceptional user of the magic of the four elements, whose magic skills are beyond description, as he has twice saved the day and stopped the dragon from moving.
Therefore, the second merit goes to Espada.”


At these words, a murmur of admiration rose in the village.
They were like, really? Maybe it would be difficult for the villagers to understand the greatness of a magician.


Finally, Panamella took one last look at me before speaking.


“Finally, the fourth son of the Marquis Fertio, Van Nei Fertio, whose knowledge, energy, and resourcefulness are unbelievable for an eight-year-old, and whose unprecedented use of magic has greatly strengthened the defense of the village in a short period of time.
His achievements played an important role in the defeat of the Green Forest Dragon, and as the lord, he took the lead in the battle to defeat it.
Therefore, the third merit shall be given to Van Nei Fertio.”


The moment Panamella said this, a loud cheer erupted like an angry roar.


I waved my hand to the crowd, even though my eyes were wide in shock.
As a result, the cheers were so loud that it reminded me of the cheers of an idol.


Hi, I’m Van, everyone’s idol.
One silver coin for each handshake.


And just like that, the ceremony ended successfully.


After that, the great material-stripping festival was held, but this time, with a hundred strong soldiers under Viscount Panamella, the materials were collected at a great speed.


“Hey! What’s with this sword? Don’t tell me this was all made by that boy?”


Panamella, who had just cut off the dragon’s fangs, shouted as she looked back at us.


“It’s a sword that specializes in sharpness for stripping materials.
Well, it’s a practical one, too.”


“We gave them out to all the soldiers, there were over a hundred of them! I thought it wasn’t a special sword!”


“Five gold coins will make you one sword.”


Panamella looked at me as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


In just two days, the stripping of materials was complete, and once again, the materials warehouse was no longer able to hold them.


So, I built a huge warehouse with a basement behind the new city wall.
It’s enough to house two or three dragons.


Most of the walls were completed, so all that remained was Balitas and the drawbridge.


Bell’s eyes were marked with $ all the time while we were stripping the dragons of their materials, but he finally calmed down and resumed business at the store.


However, when he finally realized that his brother Rango had come back to the village, Bell’s eyes once again turned into $ marks.


Well, I have a lot of things I want to sell and buy, so I understand.


I was also curious about the extent of Rango’s return, so I ran towards the city wall with Bell.


Incidentally, as soon as Rango arrived at the village, he was astonished to see the walls suddenly built.
It seemed that he had asked the chairman of the trading company to lead a caravan back to the village on the condition that he would personally make up for any deficit, but he hadn’t expected that a huge wall would be built while he was away for a few weeks.


When I went to Rango’s place, I was surprised this time.


The caravan consisted of five large carriages, three medium-sized carriages, and twenty adventurers as escorts.
In addition, there were five merchants, including Rango, accompanying the caravan.
There were also five slave helpers.


“Oh, brother! What is this? When did they build such an amazing wall…?”


Rango asked in a loud voice when he noticed Bell.
However, Bell put his hands on Rango’s shoulders as he approached and talked without expression.


“This wall is incredible indeed, but we still have a lot of work to do.”


“Well, something more serious…?”


Bell looks away from Rango, who wrinkled his brow, and looks at me.


“Do you mind if I show him to the new warehouse?”




With a quick reply, Bell led Rango to the warehouse, the caravan Rango had brought with him also following behind, moving beneath the city walls.


The adventurers and other merchants passed by, bowing and greeting each other.


Moments later, a startled voice comes from inside the new warehouse.


“Whoa, whoa, a dragon!”


At the sound of Rango’s voice, the caravan’s merchants and adventurers all disappeared into the warehouse at once.


Then, there were more screams.


This time, it was because there were more people.
The screams were so loud that it sounded like people packed in a roller coaster reaching its peak.


“I wonder how much it will cost.”


I muttered, and Bell smiled like a villain, holding up and snapping his fingers.


“One dragon.
It’s a large green forest dragon.
And to top it all off, I got scales, claws, fangs, eyes, magic stone, and it’s almost intact.
Probably a hundred white gold coins.
From there, it will be auctioned off in the royal capital, and the price will be at least one hundred and fifty white gold coins.”


If a gold coin was a million and a large gold coin was ten million, then a white gold coin was a hundred million?


So you’re telling me that a dragon is worth ten billion yen?


“What’s with the jumbo lottery? And what about the auction afterwards?”


” Then, what’s a jumbo?”


I asked, only to have Bell ask me back.


“I mean the auction?”


When I asked again, Bell regained his composure and showed once more a villainous smile.


“It’s an auction held in the royal capital.
Any merchant association that is a member of the merchant guild can participate.
Whenever there is a national treasure worthy item, it will be auctioned.
If it’s the material of that green forest dragon, it will definitely exceed one hundred and fifty white gold coins.”


“I see.
Then, if you take away the transportation costs, the auction fees, and the profit of the business association, how much is the profit for Bell and Rango?”


Bell rolled his eyes at my line.


“…With all due respect, I thought Van-sama was hardly a child, but I’ve been reassured again.
If you were a foolish son of one of those noblemen, then some of you would probably say that I already splurged offering a large sum of fifty white gold coins.
The net result for us was probably three to five white gold coins.
Still, that is a huge profit, nearly worth betting your life on.”


Bell smiled happily, and I crossed my arms and twisted my neck and said.


“Why don’t you just make a business association? Is it so difficult to make a business association?”


When I said that, Bell froze, his eyes wide in shock.

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