The dragon twisted and avoided most of the mass of the bolts.
Only a few of the bolts hit it in the shoulders, hind legs and the tip of the tail.


But the bolts did indeed damage the dragon.
The dragon crumbled to the ground, slumped diagonally.


After confirming its appearance, I give the order again.


“Ballista! Fire all remaining shots!”


The moment I said that, all the ballistas were fired at once.


The dragon twisted and turned as it fell, but it was barely able to avoid hitting its head.


It was hit by several iron bolts from the markings on its body, piercing the base of its wings and its legs.


It was a clear fatal wound.


With a final scream, the dragon fell over sideways.


“Ballista! Prepare for the next round of bolts and stand by!”


I give the order to prepare to continue the battle.
Perhaps in line with that, Panamella also started chanting her magic.


“Dee, can I check?”


I asked Dee, who was close to the dragon, and she responded by raising her sword.


Everyone watched with bated breath as Dee slowly approached the dragon.


Dee walks right up to it and holds up his sword.


With the tip of his sword, he pokes the bloody dragon in the arm.


Immediately, the dragon’s limp neck moves and its large mouth closes in on Dee, ready to swallow him.




Dee dodged the dragon’s head and brought his greatsword down.


He slashed it with a single swing.
The severed head of the dragon rolled on the ground.


“Kah, I won!”


Roe shouted, confirming that the dragon’s head had fallen.


That one should be okay now.


Confirming it with my own eyes, I looked at the villagers on top of the wall and shouted as loud as I could.


“Our village has won! Raise the battle cry!”


At my declaration, the village erupted in loud cheers.


“Are you okay, Van-sama?”


“Are you hurt?”


When I returned to the village, Till and Arte came running.


“I’m fine.
Rather, keep an eye on Espada, who had a long run, and Dee and the others, who took a hit from the dragon.”


“Wow, I understand! But first, Van-sama.
Come on, this way.”


With that, he made me sit on a chair he pulled out from a nearby house.


Ah, but I was tired, so it was a relief to sit down.


“That was a good command, boy.
And again, congratulations on defeating the dragon.
They are beings that could destroy a medium-sized city.
No doubt word will get around about this fact.”


Panamella walked towards us, looking in a good mood.


The soldiers also looked happy for the moment as they walked towards us, chatting with other soldiers nearby.


The villagers were laughing and rejoicing, as if they had no sense of reality, but I think they were more excited about the Armored Lizard incident.


“Defeating a dragon, huh? It was pretty close, though; if it weren’t for Panamella-san, Espada, and Dee… no, it wouldn’t have been possible without Panamella-san’s men.”


When I implied that I was lucky, Panamella smiled wryly at me.


“…To be honest, if that green forest dragon had attacked in the Count’s homeland, the city would have been half destroyed.
At the very least, part of the city walls would have collapsed and there would have been hundreds of casualties.”


“Is that so? If it’s a city where the Count’s residence is located, it would have been properly defended, though.”


It’s not every day you get a butler named Espada or a master like Dee who can cut off a dragon’s head with a single blow.
Above all, that ridiculously powerful ballista.
I didn’t think it could even penetrate the scales of a dragon.”


I nodded with a grin as she said this in a slightly dumbfounded voice.


“We’re all very proud of our men, you know.
Irv, Roe, and Camsin are going to be just as strong as Dee.
After that, we’ll have to improve the ballista.
We should be able to fire it at least ten times in a row.”


“…I feel like I just heard a horrible statement, but oh well.
First things first, we need to hold a ceremony for defeating a dragon.
The first is Dee-dono, who now has the title of Dragon Slayer.
The second is Van, the commander and lord, and I’ll ask Espada to join the list.”


And that’s what she told me.


What? Dee is going to be a dragon slayer?

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