Chapter 43: An Increase in Manpower! Something is Coming!

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TL: Theredsargeant

Tentative TL: Cooper Schmidt, Stratos780

Panamera’s men were competent and diligent.

 They split up into groups, some inspecting the wall in order to ensure its integrity while others helped the villagers transport construction materials.

 This greatly improved the rate at which the wall was being built.

 Once Espada had built-up part of the wall, I then strengthened it using woodblocks and stone.
Atop finished sections of the wall, I made sure to install ballistas at regular intervals.

 Although I’ve had to work harder than I have had to before, it was enjoyable to see the progress the village was making, day by day.

 I was planning to pave the ground of the village with stones after the barbecue party, but I was intercepted by Espada and Dee, although they should have been exhausted.

“Although I let it slip yesterday, you haven’t forgotten about your studies, have you?”

“The same here, don’t tell me you aren’t willing to make up the swordsmanship lessons?”

“…I’m going to say this now.
Isn’t two lessons at once too much?”

 My resolve crumbled and I was unceremoniously taken away.

 Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye, and to my surprise, the inner hexagon of the city wall and two triangular sections near the road were completed.
If I could build four of the remaining triangular sections, I would be able to complete the star fortress.
It should be noted that the home lake of the Apcarles could not be contained within the walls of the city.

 Now, there are a total of 50 double-barreled ballistae installed upon the walls.

 When the full defensive array is completed, there will be at least three hundred of those powerful weapons in all directions.
Sadly, it will take another week to complete since we don’t have enough materials.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been amazed…”

 Panamera crossed her arms and let out a sigh, looking up at the finished city wall from the incoming road.

 With her arms crossed, Panamera’s chest rose even more than usual, but I was not foolish enough to touch them.

Note: Well then, hmmmm.)

”Brea- cough.
I mean, thanks to your help, the main section of the wall is completed.
All that is left is for us to develop the residential sector once more residents, merchants and adventurers move in.”

“Honestly, I’m extremely jealous.
It’s my personal dream to have a fief.
But they eat so much money and time, and there is no way I can ask the Earl, who just had his domain cut down, to accommodate me.
Well… when the Earl next sends me to battle, I guess I’ll just have to use my military achievements as leverage.
At that time, help me, even if it’s just a little bit.”

 Shaking her shoulders while chuckling, she openly confessed her grievances.

 Suddenly, Orto’s voice came to us, from some place in the distance.

“Hel, H, help me!”

 Strangely, I saw Orto fleeing towards us.

 This was the first time I had ever seen him running towards us for help.
Especially since I sold him my weapons, he should have been able to hunt even the largest game with ease.

 But I could see no trace of competence in the figure who was sprinting towards us from the other side of the road.

”There’s a dragon coming at us from behind!”

 Orto shouted again, his words audible this time, pointing behind him as he ran.


 Was it another Armoured Dragon?

 Just as I was about to squint and look for one, a giant winged dragon appeared, destroying the tall trees next to the street.

“It’s a dragon!”

“Nonsense! Even if we are close to the road, we are on the frontier! How could one appear here?”

 The voices of the villagers and soldiers could be heard from behind us.
So what if we are the frontier? Do dragons just casually stroll around the frontier?

 No, I can’t be lumping boars and dragons together.
Cool your head, Van.

 Dragons are huge, at least fifteen meters in length from head to tail.
I haven’t ever seen a creature that large, it was even larger than the whale shark that I saw in an aquarium one time.
On top of that, the dragon is very thick, and if it spread its wings out, it could be just as wide as it was long.

 Looking at its green scales and well-developed limbs, it must be a Forest Dragon.
Most likely, it is the lord of a nearby forest.

 Forest dragons make their homes deep in the forest and hunt their prey mainly with their fangs, claws and tails.
Thankfully, they aren’t advanced dragons.
We shouldn’t have to worry about breath attacks.

 Well, anyway, in the case of a flying hexenbiest attack, you can’t counter it with swords or spears.
They must be fought with bows, arrows, and magic.

”Everyone retreat into the city walls! Once Orto’s group is through the gate, close it! Those who are free, move to the top of the ramparts!”

I calmly came up with countermeasures to fend off the dragons and decisively gave instructions.

 The villagers moved swiftly despite the suddenness of the attack.

”You guys do as he said! I’m heading up the ramparts as well!”

 As Panamera rushed to the battlements, the soldiers responded vigorously and moved quickly.

”Van-sama …”

 Arte, whose face had turned pale, stopped me and I wondered for a moment as to how I could reassure her.

 But in the face of a dragon attack, it’s not going to be easy to dispel her fears.

 So I decided to explain the situation in a calm, reassuring voice.

“This dragon, although it looks intimidating, is not an advanced dragon.
In other words, it cannot use breath attacks.
It will have to face the ballistae, my teachers, and Panamera using only its claws and fangs.
So don’t worry.”

 As I reassured her, I looked over the top of the ramparts and saw Panamera, who had just run up the stairs, standing on the edge of the ramparts and about to begin chanting.

“We may not be able to defeat them, but we won’t lose.”

 When I told her gently and smiled, Arte intertwined her fingers in front of her chest as if she were praying, and nodded.

Good luck… Please don’t die!”

“Don’t worry.
I won’t be allowed up on the walls, so I’m fine.
You can take Miss Arte back to the mansion.”

“Yes, sir! I’ll be right back! Now, Master Arte, over here.”

 My heart calmed as I saw Till safely escorting Arte to the Lord’s mansion. 

 At the same time as the evacuation was nearing completion, Orto and his group also reached the vicinity of the city walls.

”D- don’t close it! I’ll be right there!”

 They look panicked and out of breath.
The dragon was right behind them, and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to close the gate after Orto and the others make it through.

“Prepare your ballista! Don’t let a stray shot hit Orto! Our priority is to ensure that it can’t fly, aim for the wings!”

 As I shouted that, the ballistae adjusted their angle in unison.

 And then one small figure from among the five members of Orto’s group tripped and fell over, twisting her legs.

 It was Pluriel.

Note: Of course it was Pluriel.
Who else would fall at this extremely inopportune moment.)

“……! G-go! Don’t worry about me!”

 Orto and the others paused for a moment as their companion fell, but Pluriel’s shout woke them up.

 Orto hesitated slightly, but quickly rallied himself and raised his sword.

“Get up, Pluriel! Hey dragon! Look over here you ugly green bastard!”

 With that shout, Orto veered off the street, his sword and shield clattering.

 The Forest Dragon turned his gaze to Orto as it ran, but its body was still headed towards Pluriel.

”Tch! I guess it won’t be that easy.”

 A moment later, Ksala threw a knife.
The knife flew towards the Forest Dragon’s face with the force of an arrow shot from a bow, but its trajectory changed due to a flap of the dragon’s wings, causing the knife to hit its wings.

 The knife was bounced off without inflicting a scratch, but the dragon’s body then fully turned towards Ksala.

 It opened its mouth, and made a roar that seemed to echo in its gut, its twin eyes filled with rage.

“Yikes, I got its full attention now.
Everyone, go! Don’t worry about me!”

“All right, everybody run for the wall!”

“Hey, Orto! Aren’t you treating me too differently!”

 Ksala complained as the dragons chased her off the road, but Orto nodded emphatically.

Note: Welcome again to what’s that gender pronoun! I am your unwilling host, and today I will be suffering over what Ksala’s gender is! Are they a he or she, I dunno! If someone knows, please tell me.)

“You’re the fastest member of our crew! I know you’ll make it out alive! When Pluriel makes it to the front of the city walls, turn back and get over here.”

“Is that true, my husband? But, the lizard’s tail clipping…!”

Note: The google translation says husband, but the DeepL says sir… husband sounded funnier so I went with that.)

“Everybody! Don’t forget Ksala’s sacrifice!”

“I knew it you evil bastard!”

 It was an exchange that could only be considered a joke, but the faces of the people themselves were serious.
No, well, it’s no surprise considering that they’re being attacked by a dragon.

”Ballista! Shoot after you aim! Mrs.
Ksala will be delicious! Quickly, before they taste it!”

Note: At the request of one of the tentative translators, this line was kept unedited.)

“Is that kid a psychopath?!”

 A surprisingly energetic Ksala raised her hands and yelled at me.

 Then Panamera’s voice broke in.

”If you want to stop it from moving, I’m the one for the job! Let me take a shot at its cheek!”

Note: For clarification, she is talking about the dragon, not Ksala.
At least… I think.)

 Panamera shouted, and then activated her magic.

Note: Hi, it’s been a while.
I have a break from college right now because of Thanksgiving break, so I had the time to finish the chapter.
I found two other novels that I might be interested in TLing.
I will post the first chapter from each sometime soon.
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