Chapter 41: Surprised by the Ballista

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After finishing the sewer work, we headed over to the outer wall’s construction site.

 Espada had been working hard.
Looking out towards the road, a huge wall spanning a large stretch of land had already taken shape.

“You’ve worked hard, the wall must have expanded by at least 30 meters already.”

 Espada nodded at my words.

“Building a straight wall has been quite simple.
The construction will begin to slow down once we start to work with angling the walls into a geometric shape.”

“I’ll help make the corners when the time comes.
But first, let’s focus on laying down the general outline for the wall.
Espada, if you will.”

“Of course, Lord Van.”

 True to his reputation, Espada promptly responded to my order.

 Although I am bad at drawing lines, I will have to become better at it.

Note: So you can draw complex patterns on your gates and swords, but you can’t make a freaking star?)

I learned trigonometry and the like, but I don’t remember much about it… Well, since the village is at the center, I’ll use it as a reference for the distance.

 As I was planning out the construction, Panamera called out to me.

“Are you thinking about the angles of the walls? How are you going to create an outline?”

“Well, we are planning to first make a hexagonal shape around the village.
Can you help with the outline?”

 When she heard that, Panamera put a hand to her chin and nodded at her surroundings.

“We’ll help you.
If we can measure the length with a rope and tie a few of them together, we can make a fairly accurate outline.
First, I’ll measure the length of one side…”

 Just like that, Panamera became involved with the project, going off with her soldiers to discuss matters with Espada.

 Because she went off, Arte was left by herself.

 I was surprised that Panamera didn’t think to leave any escorts with Arte.

“…Are you sure you want to stay behind by yourself?”

 When I called out to her, her cheeks colored slightly and she nodded her head slightly.
Well, I guess it’s just a gesture of trust.

Note: Ah, Panamera.
The subtle wing-women.)

“Well, I guess I should also get to work.
I am the only one capable of strengthening the walls, after all.”

 I climbed to the top of the newly built wall and set up a ballista.

“Master Van, what is that thing?”

“It’s a ballista.
It’s like a big bow and arrow.
It’s what we use to defend the village.”

 Arte’s eyes were fixed on the device.

“It’s very big and long.
And very…”

“Scary, right? Its large size is necessary in order for it to have the power to defend the village.”

“Master Van why do I feel like you are being a bit distant… no, no, I mean, it’s nothing…”

 I felt a little awkward because Arte talked about the ballistas in a way that was easy to… misunderstand.
Till, who interpreted Arte’s words in an erotic way, looked incredibly embarrassed and was blushing.

 Well, Till is 18 years old.
It can’t be helped if she indulges in a few erotic fantasies.

Note: Van…)


Please show Arte how one operates this device.”

 After Kamsin agreed, he maneuvered the ballista and aimed for a tree in the distance.

 I made the upper part of the new village wall wider than its predecessor’s so that it could fit a larger ballista.
That gave me room to add another layer to the ballista, allowing it to fire two consecutive shots with a single device.

 I wanted to make a repeating crossbow, but I ran into some engineering problems and was forced to give up on putting one atop the wall.
At least, for now.

 I am a boy after all.
I don’t want to show a failed product to the two lovely ladies beside me.

Note: RIP Kamsin, literally air to Van.
Also, as a reincarnator, what is your mental age supposed to be?)

 I’d rather be praised.
Note: Raw MTL was: “Rather, I want to be called Cass Goy.” What does that even mean?)

 As I was thinking this with a serious face, Kamsin made the ballista fire.

 A terrible and powerful sound radiated out as the ballista fired the arrow with great force.
The arrow, the size of an adult male’s arm, ended up snapping the tree in half, piercing through several more before coming to a stop.

The power has increased dramatically.
It will function very well against any would-be assailant.

“That arrow carried impressive power.
If we array many of these ballistae side-by-side we could create an incredible defense.”

 When I turned around to say that, I saw Arte blinking her eyes.

”How can a bow be this powerful?”

“It’s a ballista.
It’s much stronger than a normal bow and arrow.”

 When I gave such an explanation to a surprised Arte, Till and Kamsin turned around with complicated faces.

”I think it’s just Van-sama’s ballista which is so ridiculously powerful”

“This is just an impossible amount of power…”

 A few objections were raised, but I just shelved them in the back of my head.

 While I was busily inspecting the ballista, I suddenly felt a harsh breath heaving on my neck.
When I turned around, I found Panamera staring at me.

”Hey, what the hell was that attack? Are we under attack by a large hexenbiest?”

 Hearing the sound of a tree falling, Panamera and the others hurried over to the top of the ramparts, vigilantly looking in the direction of the felled tree.

‘No, that was just a trial run for our newly installed ballista.
I should have told you in advance.”

 As I answered with a bitter smile, Panamera suddenly became aware of the ballista.

”This one… it’s quite large.
But can it really reach from here to that forest? I still think we should be on guard for a hexenbiest…”

 Panamera didn’t seem to believe my words.

Try firing the second shot”

“Of course! Please observe, Lady Panamera!”

 Kamsin sets up his ballista with enthusiasm and called out to Panamera.
As I thought, Kamsin held feelings of admiration for Panamera.

 Amused at finding a new side to him, I watched as he re-positioned the ballista with movement that was sharper than the first.
He quickly fired the second arrow.

 The vibration echoed through the air.

 The sound of the arrow was harsh as plowed through several trees.

That shot carried a lot of power.

 Looking around, I could see several stunned faces.
Even Kamsin had a stunned face, for some reason.

”…Wait a minute.
A ballista of this power is also on the inner wall?”

 I nodded lightly to Panamera, confirming it.

”There’s about a hundred ballistae in total on the defensive wall.
We’ll have more on top of the village walls in the future.”

“A hundred?! All of this was made by a single boy! How much time and money would it take to build one of these? What’s is it made out of anyway? The same stuff as the house?”

 Panamera drew closer to me, asking a lot of questions in a fit of excitement.

”Forgive me.
It’s a military secret…”

 When I said that and smiled wryly, Panamera took a step back with a shocked face.

”Ku…! I guess it would be.
But this technology… all right.
I’m not going to ask for the details.
I’ll ballistae off of you at a premium price, just name your offer!”

”I’m sorry.
I simply am against selling any… though I would not be so opposed if you could assure me that you are on my side.
Who knows, I might even give you some for free.”

 When I said that and smiled with an angelic smile (self-proclaimed), Panamera held her head in her hands and began to make calculations in her head.

”Mmmm… should I acquiesce? But I, I… mmm… Ballistae…”

 After a lot of trouble, Panamera looked up and looked back at me with a powerful look in her eyes.

”Alright, you win.
I, Viscount Panamera Carrera Cayenne, promise to form an equal alliance with Lord Van.
I will send this letter to the capital.
Although alliances between nobles of such different statuses, such as the one between you and me, are usually made in order to shelter weaker nobles, I will emphasize that we are equal partners.
With this, I will be known as your ally by all the nobles within the kingdom.
If I betray you, my reputation will be destroyed and I will lose my place in the kingdom.”

 Then Panamera said this while putting a hand over her chest and giving a bow.
It was a declaration and an oath.
As the Kingdom of Scuderia expanded its land, a number of emerging nobles were born.
Some of the emerging nobles were originally hostile, but were protected by alliances with powerful nobles by offering money, goods, and their allegiance.

Note: It’s been such a long time since the Kingdom’s name has been mentioned, I forgot what I originally translated it to be.
So… if the name is incorrect please say so.)

 Panamera has asked to form such an alliance.

 If I approved of this, it would be assumed that I, who was assumed to be powerless, was under the protection of Panamera.
The situation in which Panamera, an emerging nobleman with no fiefdoms, promises to protect me is a situation that many nobles would surely be inclined to shake their heads at.

 Nevertheless, this is a unique opportunity for me, who has few connections with the nobility.

 So, I nodded broadly and put one hand on my chest.

“Thank you very much, I accept.”

Note: I have found a novel that looks promising, will try out translating it for a bit.
I will still TL TD.)

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