Note: I have no clue which deal she went with.)

 When we meet tomorrow, I want to try talking to him again.
I hope that Lord Van will listen to me.

 For the first time in a long time, I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Note: Awww.)

 I promptly washed myself and then got into bed.
The bed was surprisingly comfortable and the blanket was lusciously soft.

[Panamera’s POV]

 The quality of the village was much higher than I had originally anticipated.

 When I first saw the village from a distance, I was delighted to see it.

 It was because the atmosphere of the village was completely different from the rumours.
Its new walls made it clear that the village was leaps ahead of its neighbors in terms of its defensive capabilities.

 I didn’t know what material was being used, but it looked abnormally sturdy.
I suppose the Marquis acquired them using his connections.

 Undoubtedly, the Marquis was laying the foundations for a great fortress to be made here.

 The Count is wary of the Marquis’ power and has sent me to blunt any possible aggressions by the Marquis by marrying off his daughter.
Right now, time is of the essence.

 I’m hoping that the Marquis sent his prized youngest son.
If that’s the case, as long as Arte likes him, I will force the engagement through.

 Although, personally, I would have rathered this not happen.

 Although the Count is wary of the Marquis’ momentum, the Marquis does not fear the Count in the slightest.
I’m sure that he is planning to expand into the Count’s territory.

 That being the case, if Arte is married off, she would become simple political leverage and lose her freedom.

 She would be forced into a living hell.
At best, we could justify it as a sort of sacrificial peacekeeping measure to ensure the prosperity of the Count’s house.
But, if events follow my predictions, then it will likely be a meaningless sacrifice in the end.

”I don’t like it.”

 I let out a shout of anger as I looked at the robust-looking village walls.

 I would rather fight on a bloody battlefield than flatter the Marquis like a dog.
But I need to swallow my pride in order to gain recognition from the Count as a military commander so that I can get the opportunity to gain achievements and rise through the ranks.

 It is something that needs to be done.

 At least, that’s what I told myself as I walked through the village’s gates.

 When I met Van in person, he looked like an unassuming boy with no ambition, and to be honest, I felt a little disappointed.

 But the more I talked to him, the more incredible I found him to be.
Although his language was child-like, his insights and responses showed incredible maturity.

 His declarations and his shows of power made me very interested in him.

 This boy definitely possesses the potential to surpass his father.

 The world is always in a state of constant warfare.
This boy’s power is rare and valuable… he will become the target of various countries if he is not careful.

 By the time half a day had passed, I had completely changed my mind about Arte’s engagement.

 I must get Arte engaged to this boy, by any means.
He seems to be a perfect match for Arte.
Not only that, but the increase in status from marrying the Count’s daughter will also be highly beneficial for him.

 People would think that he was a promising person, warranting even the Count to marry his daughter to him.
Then there would be rumors about his fiefdom, causing people to gather to his land.

 And so, since I’m the one to broker a deal, I will take this opportunity to make a strong connection with this promising young man.

 A new wind is coming, one that I haven’t felt for a long time.

 Three, maybe two weeks from now, I’ll make him make a decision.

 I quietly smiled as I watched Arte blush while talking about Van.

Note: So three things(sorry).
First, I am about to get hit by the college train so expect to see a lot less of me than you already do.
Second, I am doing this as a hobby and have not made a cent off of it, and since I have been only translating this novel, it’s gotten a little stale.
Therefore, I was looking to try translating another novel for a few chapters and see if I like it.
If you have recommendations, please submit them.
Third, please God someone help me fix my crap TL’ing by posting mistakes or suggestions for improvement in the comments.
Thanks for listening to my TED talk.)

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