This is a time sensitive case, and this is the most efficient method.
You will obey my command, even if you have to out yourself into danger.”

“I understand.
Well, if the boy is unsuitable, I will make sure to bring your daughter back.”

 After the women said this, I could no longer hear my father’s gravelly tone.
Soon, I heard the sound of harsh footsteps approaching.

“Hello, Miss Arte on Ferdinand.
I am Viscount Panamera Carrera Cayenne.
Your marriage, have you heard of it?”

Note: To hear, “Your marriage, have you heard of it?”… I can’t even think of a way to describe it.)

 Although she looked like a strong woman on the outside, Viscount Cayenne looked at me with kind eyes.

”Oh, well, I didn’t, I didn’t hear…”

 I didn’t know how to answer her, and I fumbled my words.
However, the Viscount was not angry.

“If he’s incompetent, I will refuse him, so don’t worry yourself”

“Are you getting rid of me?”

“No, nothing of the sort.
As you know, Miss Arte’s brother and sister already have a fiancée.
You are the only only who has not yet found a match.
I hope you find a good match.”

 Laughing with a rather masculine, vivacious laugh, the Viscount stroked my head.
Looking at her musculature, I thought that her stroking would have hurt my head, but her movements were surprisingly gentle.

 The back of my nose tingled and I hurriedly held back my tears.

 For the first time in two years, I finally met someone who properly looked at me.

 The next three weeks on the carriage ride were the best days of my life.
Although Panamera had a short temper, she was a kind person.

 She was especially upset after I called myself useless, but after reprimanding me, she gave me a hug.

 She patted me on the head repeatedly and said many reassuring words.

 I even cried, to my surprise.
I was just incredibly happy.

 Even after such a shameful, selfish display, Panamera didn’t get angry.
In fact, the only thing she did was continue to pat my head.
I grew to adore Panamera’s warm touch.

 They were gentle and warm.
I wondered whether she had a magical aptitude that gave her such a soothing touch.

 I asked her, but Panamera just laughed, saying her hands were covered in scars and blisters.

 By the time we reached our destination, a remote village, I already knew that I did not want to get engaged.

 Instead, I wanted to stay with Lady Panamera forever.

 So when I first met the child village lord, I didn’t think I was going to get too close to him.

 I guess that was his intention as well, seeing as he only talked to Panamera.

 I met someone who didn’t put me in his eyes.
Although I realized such a thing, it didn’t bother me at all.
Because I had Panamera by my side.

 With that in mind, I observed him as if he were some distant acquaintance rather than my husband-to-be.

 This guy was clearly a very special person.
Even Panamera was impressed when she saw the outer wall.
Even more so after she met Van and talked with him.

 Although I’ve never heard of him, this little village lord brought this village out of poverty and made it strong and rich.

 It was an amazing feat.

 I vaguely had that impression.

 He’s the complete opposite of me.
He even has many subordinates who diligently stand next to him, no doubt caring for their lord in every way they can.

 I am sure he can do everything and has lived up to the expectations of his father and mother.
He is talented, competent, and absolutely exudes confidence.

 I can’t help but feel some jealousy.

 Why is he so different from me?

 Why is he the only one to be so blessed?

 I was sinking into some dark thoughts, but I looked up when he suddenly burst out laughing and denied Panamera’s words.

“The only two subordinates that were given to me by my father were a child and a maid.
I also didn’t receive any financial aid.”

 I was confused to hear that.

 I spoke as if I had been treated coldly, but now I see that that couldn’t have been true.
If he had been secretly excluding me from the conversation, I don’t think he could have made such an open and hearty confession.

 He also said that he had been kicked out of his own house.

 There seemed to be no lie in those words, and the self-deprecating profile of the boy, Van Ney Fertio, made me intensely interested in him.

Note: This is the first time she calls him by name.
On a side-note, I got so absorbed by Arte’s story that I ended up translating this whole chapter in just a few hours.
So you get a chapter really fast courtesy of Arte’s Suffering! Wait.)

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