Chapter 37: My Relationship With Arte

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“…I didn’t think you’d actually build an entire inn.”

 Panamera muttered this with a shocked expression, to which I simply shrugged.
I then looked to the building and began an explanation.”

”Please forgive the cramped accommodations for your soldiers, but I didn’t have many materials to work with.
Rest assured that you and Miss Arte will have private rooms.
There are private toilets in your rooms, but the soldiery will have to use shared ones.”

“It’s more than enough.
This is a lot better than the camping sets that the soldiers had expected to sleep in.”

 Panamera then ordered her soldiers to enter the inn and prepare for their stay.
I made lockers for their luggage, but I’m not sure if they could hold a huge quantity of luggage.

 Panamera then went into the inn, while I was thinking about some useless things.

 Although most of the rooms were small, the inn still took up a considerable portion of the defensible area within the village wall.
It seems that I need to accelerate the building of the outer wall.

 Whether or not the native population increases, it seems that there is still a need for more space.

 As I was thinking about the future remodeling of the village, Till opened her mouth.

”Um, how will you take care of their meals?”

”How about some hexenbiest meat?”

 When she heard that, Till made a difficult face.

 Immediately after the Apcarles took up residence in the lake, hexenbiests began to appear near the eastern side of the village.

 They were forest monsters that hunted in packs, the Scaled Wolves.
They can grow up to 3 meters long and are covered in hard scales.
Their fangs and claws are extremely powerful, and with their hard scales seeming to not impact their mobility in the slightest.
They are considered to be very dangerous due to their pack-hunting tactics.

 The most recent arrival was a relatively small pack of fifteen Scaled Wolves, but for some reason, they were all large three-meter monsters.

 Needless to say, the merchant Bell was in a frenzy.

”Scaled wolf scale armor, scaled wolf scale shield, scaled wolf scale helmet..!”

Note: Capitalism ho!)

 It seems that a single wold carcass can only provide enough material for a single set of equipment, making any Scaled Wolf equipment very expensive.
I tried a set of this 30-gold-a-set armor on, at Bell’s request.
It was very nice.

 However, I didn’t have the money required to purchase a set, so I set aside its purchase for a future date.

 Going back to the topic of food, the Scaled Wolf meat was delicious.

 The meat from one would have pleased even the likes of Panamera and Arte, but Till still had a conflicted look on her face.

”What’s wrong?”

 When she heard that, Till spoke with a serious look on her face.

”Van-sama, I would really like for your marriage with Arte to be a success.
With that in mind… isn’t underwhelming if the only thing we prepare for the occasion is meat?”

“What? Do you truly think so?”

 When I asked her back, Till nodded briskly.

”She’s pretty, and since she’s a modest person, she won’t object to any of the rash things Van-sama does.
No matter what, she feels like the type to stay by your side.”

“…This certainly came out of the blue.”

“Besides, Van-sama, it would make my job much easier if someone with a gentle personality was by your side.”

 Kamsin nodded his head in agreement as he replied.

”Me too, I think Arte-sama would be good.
However, if possible, I feel as though a strong person would be good as well.
Someone like Panamera-sama.”

 Oh, so Kamsin likes strong women.
I’ll use this as a reference for finding Kamsin’s wife.

 As I was making mental notes for the future, Espada opened his mouth.

”In my opinion, to be terribly frank, the Count’s house should not see much benefit from marrying their daughter to you.
However, considering they were intent on marrying her off despite the lack of benefits, I feel that it is highly likely that Arte-sama does not have a magical aptitude within the four-elements.”

 Espada’s words were unusually blunt.
It looked like Arte was also someone destined to be pushed aside by her house.

 While I made a wry smile, Espada coughed and continued to speak.

”…That being said, it’s highly likely that Viscount Panamera has recognized Van-sama’s power.
Therefore, her words are likely sincere.
However, we cannot ignore the ramifications of marriage with Arte.”

“I agree.
When Count Ferdinand and Viscount Panamera visit, they’ll be able to enter the village without any restrictions.
During the marriage ceremony, I will be asked a lot of questions about the construction of the ballista and fort, weapons, and armor.
Ah, now that the Apcarles are here they would likely ask about them as well.”

 Espada nodded in reply.

”You must speak with your father as well.
Our family has never had a good relationship with the Count’s family.
Although it is only a possibility, he might try to attack the count in the future.”

”An attack? But, in this day and age, it’s impossible, isn’t it?”

 Our Scuderia Kingdom has been expanding its territory for over a decade.
Its aggressive expansion has caused it to be hated and feared by its neighboring countries.

 Therefore, the King, Dino en Zola Berlinate, despised infighting among his vassals.

 But Espada shook his head in disagreement.

“There are still many ways to incite it.
You can play an active role in the war to increase your territory and put pressure on the enemy, you can impoverish their people to make it difficult for your enemy, or you can defame them and cause their demotion.”

”Such scary things… why would anyone go to such lengths to increase their territory.”

 I exhaled briefly and narrowed my eyes.

 That evening, I invited Panamera and Arte to the lord’s mansion to entertain them.

 Although I was able to make pleasant conversation with Panamera, Arte seldom spoke.
So, I tried to converse with her during dinner.

 I don’t know if she enjoyed it, but she seemed to be satisfied with the food.

 When she commented on how good it was, Till, who was behind me, pumped a petite clenched fist into the air.

 After the meal ended, I took them back to the inn.
Accomopaning us were Till and Kamsin.

 And although their captain and mistress were out in the village, I did not see any of Panamera’s soldiers.
Should I consider this to be a gesture of trust from Panamera?

”It’s safe and peaceful in the village.
The food is surprisingly good, and there is an abundance of ingredients and spices.
Everyone in this village seems to have a high oppinion of their lord.”

 Panamera noted as she looked around the village.

 Although I was used to the compliments by now, I couldn’t help but notice Arte sneaking some glances at me.

”Till is a good cook, you know.
She contributes greatly to the quality of the food.
All the villagers love her.”

 As I replied, Panamera lifted the corners of his mouth.

You are very humble.
If I were you, I would boast about my achievements.
After all, a good public image never hurt anyone.”

“My subordinates made the foundations of the wall and the materials for the homes.
I just managed them.
If my village ever gains a thousand residents, I will be sure to send you a letter about that momentous occasion!”

“Hahaha! We’ll look forward to it.
I’ll see you tomorrow!”

 Panamera then disappeared into the inn.

 Although, for some reason, Arte remained outside.

”What’s up, Miss Arte?”

 Arte looked downcast, but eventually opened her mouth.

”…..Erm about today, well, uh… thank you! I would really like to, um, erm, well, well I’d like to thank you! Please keep in touch! Good night!”

Note: For anyone wondering, yes, it was hell to translate.
Thank you for asking.)

 Arte spoke in hurried bursts before her face lit up beet red and she ran for the inn.

”…Well, at least it wasn’t a bad assessment.”

 I muttered, before turning around and heading towards the mansion.

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