Chapter 3: Is Being an Aristocrat in Another World Wonderful?

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 This world is made up of three continents and countless islands, and this country is located on the western continent.
There are ports in the particularly narrow straits between continents by which ships pass through, connecting the landmasses to each other.
By the way, the central continent and the eastern continent are said to have an island between them.

 In addition, although they should have a civilization as advanced as medieval or early modern times, there are monsters in this world.
They are called demon beasts.
Due to some particularly large beasts lurking in the ocean, it seems that the Age of Discovery has not yet come for this world.

 When I brought up the topic of race, I was informed that there was a multitude of distinct species.
There are elves, dwarves, and beastmen, which I didn’t expect.
It is said that they isolate themselves within ethnically homogeneous communities and cultures, and do not often interact with other races outside of their own.

 Incidentally, because of the incredible usefulness of magic, the prevalence and development of gunpowder has been remarkably poor.
Weapons are basically limited to swords, spears, bows, and magic.
The bow and arrow has crossbows and the like, but because everyone can use the magic, the most important facet of combat is still magical warfare.

 Some are developing guns, but due to lack of attention and funding, they fail to even fire properly.
Little progress has been made.

 The most common modes of transportation are walking or horseback riding, though there are some two-legged Komodo dragon-like creatures.
There is no such thing as a steam engine, of course.
However, it seems that magic tools are being applied for use as transportation devices in some foreign countries.

 ”What is a magic tool?”

 When I asked her that, Till gave a vague answer.

 Magic crystals and some gems, stones, and minerals have the ability to store magic power.
When they are provided enough magical power, they transform into magical tools, according to the magical aptitude of the maker.(T.L.
Note: This makes production magic seem even more useless, the tool making thing isn’t even an exclusive ability.)

 By the way, the country I’m currently in is the Kingdom of Scuderia, a large country in the south of the Grant(Western) Continent.
The king’s name is Dino En Zola Berlinate.
The Berlinate royal family, which has continued for 300 years, has gradually expanded its land, due to the king’s militaristic and expansionist policies.
He leads groups of nobles to invade small countries in order to annex new territory.
During these invasions, my father was elevated to the rank of marquis for his outstanding service.

 In other words, we are an aristocracy that specializes in military force.
We are valued as protectors of the state, which is why nobles with weak strength are shunned by their subordinates and society.

 Not to worry, however, I am a member of a strong, military house.
As marquis, we hold a high-ranking position in the court and are given a large say in matters of the state.

 My future must be bright.

 I went on to ask Till a lot of questions to improve my understanding of magic.
As a side-effect, rumors began to circulate throughout the house.

 The maids were claiming that I was a child prodigy, until it finally reached the ears of Espada, the head butler.

 It was then that Espada forced his way into becoming my instructor.

“Master Van is two years old.
I am aware that you are learning letters and simple numbers now, but how to what degree of mastery?”

 Espada uttered this as he looked down at me.
Her eyes were sharply narrowed and his mouth was pulled into in a horizontal line.
His hair was white and slicked back.
His tall and slender form was covered in a black butler’s uniform.
He was around fifty years old.

 Espada is a capable butler who has supported my father for many years.
I’ve never spoken to him before, but from the looks of it, he seems to be very good at his job.
However, I am admittedly quite afraid of him.

“How can I assist you? Can I inquire as to the your progress so far?”

 That’s not the way to talk to a two-year-old, Espada.

 I shudder inwardly, but I open my mouth.

“I can talk and listen just fine.
But I am still working on my letters…”

“Well then, how are your numbers?”

“You mean like a simple additions and subtractions?”

 As I replied, Espada often stopped moving.

 There was a quiet moment that made me want to run away before Espada put his hands in front of him and held up his fingers.

“Two fingers over on this hand here.
This other hand has three.
Together, how many are they?”


“…So, seven in each hand.
Two less?

“Yeah, so five.”

 When I answered, Espada stopped moving again, making a seven with his fingers.(T.L.
Note: For the life of me, I can’t understand where the seven came from.
Also Seven in each hand? What kind of human has seven fingered hands? I guess it might be a Japanese addition method that was lost in translation.)

 That was the end of the day, but apparently Espada had said something to my father, causing me to have to attend his classes twice a week.

 It was hell.

The grueling content was certainly not what I would have given to a two-year-old.
In addition to the cruel training, he did it in a matter-of-fact manner, with that unsympathetic, machine-like face he has.

 What, is this guy an android or something? If he were a demonic beast, he might be a golem or an undead.

 I continued the class with that grudge in mind, but thanks to it, I can now read and write.
It was this that enabled me to learn about the rules of warfare, the system of the aristocracy, and even about the governance of the realm.

 Not that I’m not doing any of that as a two-year-old.

 I spent two years of my life studying, and by the age of four, I was imitating swordsmanship with a small stick.

 Well, it was fun.
I did judo in school and karate in middle school, so I love martial arts.

 I’d take my stick and hit a pole stuck in the ground, or one lightly waved by a cute maid.

Over here, Master Van!”

“Wow, you’re fast! You have good reflexes!”

“There’s our Master Van!”

 The maids move around laughing and waving their own sticks, and I am praised for tapping them.

 Playing in the parlor, huh? Am I just playing around with a maiko? (T.L.
Note: A maiko is a traditional Japanese entertainer, I will link a Wikipedia article if you are interested.)

 I’d give you 50,000 yen.

 When I turned around with a satisfied smile, I saw that Till had joined the game.

“I’m not going to be able to wave it right,” she said, holding the stick with an expectant look in her eyes while deliberately sticking it out where I could easily hit it.


 I swung the stick with force, but Till quickly dodged to the side and her stick slide away.

”Mufu! I win, Master Van!”

 You’re a child.

 I swing my stick around in anger, but I’m just a four-year-old.
I’m not a match for an active girl who just turned 14.

 The two older maids caught Till, who was running away laughing as I swung the stick around in a fit of pique.(T.L.
Note: Pique is resentment caused by wounded pride.)


“You don’t want to risk your life mocking Master Van, do you?”

 The two maids had serious eyes.
They emanated a somber and frightening air due to their crooked smiles.
Till was so frightened, it was as if her good mood from earlier was a lie.

“Come on, Van-sama.
We’ll hold her down.
Punish this fool.”

 Till became completely teary-eyed.

 I felt a spark of sympathy for Till.

“Okay, punishment.
I’ll take care of it.”

 I lightly spanked Till’s bottom and she let out a cute little “hiya”.
I was gentle with her, but she was pretty scared.

 Till was half-crying and half-apologizing, which made me feel a little guilty.

 Ah, swordsmanship is the best.
I’d like to do it every day.

 This is how I began to enjoy learning swordsmanship.

 Well, I only played with the maids for half a year, but after that, I was still dubbed a boy soldier.
It was then that I moved onto sparing with apprentice soldiers.

 Well, it’s less like a traditional spar and more like a chambara, each person gets a shield and a soft pole.
It’s gentler in that it only lasts until the first strike, where the striker is the winner.
Note: A chambara is a sword fighting movie.
Maybe he means that it feels more like play fighting than real fighting.)

 However, it’s surprisingly deep and interesting.

 In judo, it’s important to break your opponent’s balance, but it’s also important to secure a favorable balance for oneself.
Karate is all about timing.
You have to anticipate your opponent’s reach and make sure that your attacks are effective than theirs.

 In my opinion, those two things can be applied to swordsmanship as well.

 Even though I am dealing with an older boy, my opponent is only around ten years old.
He is tall and has long arms and legs.
When he holds a stick and swings it, the distance between us feels even vaster.

 But that disadvantage is nothing.

 He is a child, so his attacks are inevitably straightforward.
Children have their own specialties and habits, and if they do it over and over again, you’ll be able to grasp them and then counter them.

 At the age of five, I was able to fight on an equal footing with the apprentice soldiers.

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