Chapter 36: Important Future Relationships

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All sorts of questions were flung at me before we reached the Lord’s manor.

”Did you build all of these homes by yourself?”

“What about that sturdy drawbridge?”

“Are there any other production magicians like you?”

“What was that brown stuff? How strong is it?”

 I returned to the lord’s mansion while half-heartedly answering a load of such questions.

 Sitting back on the sofa in a comfortable position, I opened my mouth.

”Well, now do you understand that the Marquis Fertio did not entrust me with this land for the sake of some malicious conspiracy?”

 In answer, Panamera put a hand to her chin with a serious face and snorted.

”Mm … I’m not completely convinced, but I’m willing to go along with your story.
Lord Ferdinand gave me an order.
If I had deemed you to not be a threat, then I was to offer you Arte’s hand in marriage.”

 Saying this, Panamera looked at Arte’s face.

 I see.
In other words, since he judged me to be a significant power which he did not want to aggravate, Ferdinand sent the viscount and Arte in order to ensure that we would not become enemies.

 Well, I expected as much.

”This is an area where powerful hexenbiests are likely to appear.
I intend to continue to strengthen the city walls and develop the village.
However, rest assured, I do not wish to fight anyone.
Please, remember that.”

 When Panamera heard this, a deep wrinkle formed between her eyebrows.

”…Indeed, this village will continue to grow in the future.
But I believe that the village is not the only thing which will grow.
You’ve caught my interest.”

 Then she smiled with the ferocity of a wolf who had found her prey.

“Arte is a child that I am concerned about.
When I heard that Sir Ferdinand intended to betroth Miss Arte, I was greatly opposed to it.
After all, it was unthinkable to send her off with some hostile Marquis’ son.
Whether he was capable or not, Miss Arte would be damned to a life of misery.”

Well, I suppose so.
Either she’d be treated coldly, she’d live in the middle of nowhere with no supplies or money, or she’d be destroyed along with the village by bandits and hexenbiests.

 As I agreed with Panamera’s lines which painted a dark future, Arte’s complexion grew worse and worse.

 When I think about it, maybe the reason why Arte looked so depressed in the beginning was that she was not yet prepared to live a miserable life.
Was she mourning her future and wallowing in depressive feelings?”

 Well, I can sympathize with her.
I am in a similar situation to her, after all.

 Panamera then crossed her arms.

“So that’s my piece.
I came for various reasons, but mainly I just tagged along to make that Arte wasn’t married into some horrible fate.”

 After saying this, Panamera continued,

“But my view on the matter has changed greatly.
I am in favor of the marriage now.
Other than being a little young, you are almost perfect in every way.
You have have a deep insight, a calm persona, and a consideration for the people of your realm.
You demonstrate competence far beyond your age.
Not only that, you have a magnetic persona that motivates your subordinates to follow you unconditionally.
It doesn’t hurt that you also have shown great mental and physical fortitude.
Adding your incredible magic… I definitely would have married had I been a bit younger.”
Note: By god, the author just made a paragraph-long love letter to his MC.)

 Her last words held a distinctly teasing tone.

 Her compliments made me extremely happy.
Hey Panamera-nee, I wouldn’t mind if you gave me more.

 I was so happy that I was inwardly screaming, but I tried not to show it on my face.

 Panamera shifted her gave over to Arte.

“What do you think, Arte? I am willing to support a marriage.
All that remains is the consent of Lord Van and yourself.”

 After being told that, Arte began to tightly grip the hems of her skirt.

“Although Lord Van seems to be a good person, I… I am not ready to decide yet.”

 I then made a wry smile and turned to Panamera.

“Well, it’s not something that she has to decide today.
Besides, I don’t think I’m ready to get married either.”

Panamera scoffed at my light-hearted response.

”…You’ve certainly developed the village well in such a short period of time.
You have made a great achievement, one which will resound throughout the region.
There will be no shortage of people who will begin to look at you in a new light, and your village will undoubtedly prosper.
But… don’t you want to achieve even greater things?”

“So you’re saying that I could achieve those “greater things” by marrying Arte?”

“Of course.
You must be hesitating because you haven’t experienced the boons related to being an ally of the Count.
Let me tell you that, if you marry Arte, Count Ferdinand and I will give you our full support.
And, most crucially, Count Ferdinand will promise to not launch an expedition to reconquer the lands which your father took from him.”

 Panamera spread her hands out and told me this with a flippant attitude.

 This smells of a scam.

 It’s true that the things she lists are benefits, but the more that I hear from her, the faker it all seems.

 Indeed, this is truly a textbook political marriage, one which ensures that a ruler limits the number of his enemies will increasing the number of his allies.
Adding on my economic profitability, Count Ferdinand would have a lot to gain from me marrying his daughter.

 But there is one thing that worries me.
This seemed to be for the Count’s benefit rather than mine.

 It is obvious that he had originally intended to marry off Arte in order to ensure he wouldn’t be targeted by a hostile neighbor.
But, now that such a threat had been proven to be unsubstantiated, why was his matchmaker still so ardent about marrying her off.

 As I looked at her suspiciously, Panamera suddenly burst out laughing.

”It seems that our positions have been reversed, doesn’t it?”

 Panamera muttered this and leaned her weight gracefully against her chair, giving me an arrogant look.

“Get us some rooms, we are going to stay here overnight.
Think hard about my offer.
If you need help deciding, you can always talk with me or Miss Arte.
Well, it’s what I would do.”

“What? Did you say you were staying overnight?”

 I couldn’t help but retort without thinking.
Although my outburst was rude to the Viscount, her tone was just unbearable.

”Hey! Finally, I get to see what’s underneath that adult persona.”

 My smile twitched violently while watching Panamera making an overbearing smile.

”So… are those soldiers are staying today as well?”

 When I ask her that, Panamera nodded.

“Well you see, this area is still technically hostile territory.
Being a frail, helpless girl, can’t you have pity on me? All I’m asking is that you let me sleep in safety.”

 Who’s the hell is frail? If anything, you are the most powerful person in this entire village!

 Many insults were brewing inside me.
It was then that Panamera turned to look at Arte.

“Now, Miss Arte, where would you like to sleep tonight.
If it is your wish, I could have Van arrange for you to be given a room in the mansion.”

“…No! I mean, I can’t be in the bed with a man before… you know.”

 Who said that I was going to share a bed with you?

 I inwardly retorted at Arte’s statement.
I wonder if it’s because her mind was full of ideas of marriage and, um… consummation.

 Looking at the way she turned bright red and looked down, she must have imagined quite a thing for a ten-year-old.

Note: I’m not sure I like where this is going.
Also, RIP Tillship.)

 It’s easy to tell when she blushes, perhaps because her skin was such a pure white.

“Ah, such a pity.
Then, if Arte does not wish to sleep in your room, then I would like it if you arranged it so that I could instead, after all, such a room must be very comfortable.
Where do you usually sleep?”

 I let out a deep sigh at her nasty grin.

”Don’t worry, that won’t be necessary.
I’ll make an inn for you to sleep in tonight.”

 When I told her this, Panamera laughed out loud, thinking my statement to be a joke.

It wasn’t.

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